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Naomi Wolf: Autopsies Revealed Catastrophic Lesions on Many Organs Likely Caused by Covid Vaccine

Naomi Wolf: Autopsies Revealed Catastrophic Lesions on Many Organs Likely Caused by Covid Vaccine

By Bannons War Room


Naomi Wolf: Autopsies Revealed Catastrophic Lesions On Many Organs Likely Caused By The Covid Vaccine

Here’s what others had to say:

Naomi Wolf speaks the truth. Has been for a long while now. Well Done Ms Wolf.

I got the death certificates of both my brothers Jim and Pat and the police report about Patrick’s “Sudden Death” on the one year memorial of Patrick’s death on February 6 2022. No autopsies were done, my sisiter who works for HUSH MONEY PAYING FEMA handled the arrangements and they were cremated before I made it to Texas for their wakes in both cases. I already knew from my other sister Pat had the shot but she went to the cemetery with Pat’s son and she asked him which shot and Pat’s son confirmed it was Pfizer on the 1 year memorial of Pat’s death in front of his tombstone. On both death certificates it says “Natural Causes” Jim died November of 2021 right after I was called a murderer by the pedophile in chief for not taking the shots that killed both my brothers, and ARE KILLING the sister who works for FEMA with kidney failure and her husband with stroke, they will not stop taking the shots. My sister who works for FEMA’s son is a doctor, he told me the night before Jim’s funeral when I asked him his medical opinion of the pedophile in chief’s murder accusation levelled at everyone too smart to take the death shots that I was guilty of manslaughter as he looked at the ground. That doctor nephew has now seen the abnormal clots and examined them for himself right before his Dad had a stroke. I have informed him of so much I informed him of the ebola study where remdesivir was halted over mortality, I informed him of the clot shots causing sudden death and that the protocol is overdosing people to death with midazolam I informed him of so much, I continue to inform him he is silent. He is not responsible for what he did not know but he knows now and he has to speak out. I will forgive him if he speaks out and I will testify against him at his trial for crimes against humanity if he does not. The gravity of this worldwide genocmecide is beyond human comprehension. We must think the unthinkable and get past the denial of the horror if any of us are to survive this.

God Help Us All!!
These Criminals need to be brought to Justice, including ANY Nation that pulled this off INCLUDING China!!!

This report should scare the living CRAP out of everyone that got this “vaccination” !!!

It’s horrifying. Now I want a study being done for people whose loved ones husbands and wives who’ve been murdered by the hospitals with Remdesivir!!! They killed my husband they killed my brother they killed my best friends husband and almost killed my girlfriends husband.

We all knew at the time Covid had somewhere near 99% survival rate, that was really all you needed to know you didn’t need the vaccine.

I want an autopsy done on my husband but they told me at the time they do not do autopsies on Covid patients he was not a Covid patient he was a “shed up” on patient. !!! they brutalized him!!! I was not allowed to see him again after I brought him to the hospital!!!

MURDER! On a scale not even imaginable in Europe in the 1940’s MURDER!!! MURDER NEVER before seen in the history of humanity! MURDER – let us not sugar coat this.

Even conservatives are still telling the elderly to take these boosters!!!! They don’t want the young people to take these but it’s “ok” fOR the elderly??? I got severe shingles from the 2nd shot. My “doctor” said it’s not from that. So I reluctantly took the booster. WRONG!!!! 2 days later had a huge black spot blinding my left eye. Blood vessel broke. Thank God it was in my eye!! Do not give these shots to your babies PLEASE.

Why use the term likely caused by w he en we know it was the cause are we that afraid of telling the truth?

Sadly, so many are not capable of understanding this and refusing to believe it! SMH


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