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Mrs. Zelia Guzzo: 37-year-old A Young Professor is Dead After Experimental AstraZeneca Shot

Mrs. Zelia Guzzo: 37-year-old A Young Professor is Dead After Experimental AstraZeneca Shot

By The Covid Blog

Mrs. Zelia Guzzo

GELA, CALTANISSETTA, ITALY — Last week it was 31-year-old professor Ilaria Pappa who died 20 days after the experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot. The week before, it was 57-year-old music teacher Sandro Tognatti who died 17 hours after the AstraZeneca experimental shot. Now a 37-year-old is dead after suffering for several days.

Mrs. Zelia Guzzo received the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot on March 1, according to online newspaper Quotidiano di Gela. She fell gravely ill by March 12. The 37-year-old was airlifted to Presidio Ospedaliero Sant’Elia Hospital in Caltanissetta that day. Doctors said she was likely suffering from cerebral hemmorhage.

Her condition worsened as the days passed. Doctors administered several drugs to try and stop the bleeding. reported that she was brain dead on March 16. A ventilator kept her “artificially alive” until last week when the family decided to let go. She is survived by her husband, who is also a teacher, and their son.

Real number of deaths unknown

Navy officer Stefano Paternò and police officer Davide Villa also died after AstraZeneca shots earlier this month in Italy. Health Impact News reported the deaths of three Italian healthcare workers last month. They all received the experiment Pfizer mRNA shot and died within days.

Dr. Mauro Valeriano D’Auria (L), Surgical Equipment Technician Luigi Buttazzo, and nurse Elisabeth Durazzo.

But most of these death go unreported.

At least three criminal investigations are underway related to the deaths. Two doctors and a nurse who administered the shot to Stefano Paternò are being investigated for manslaughter by Syracuse, Sicily prosecutors. Biella town prosecutors are investigating Sandro Tognatti’s death. Catalina, Sicily prosecutors closed their investigation into Davide Villa‘s after several days. Now Gela prosecutors are investigating Mrs. Guzzo’s death.

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