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Mr. Bill Scott: 53-Years-Old, Syracuse Teachers Union President Dead in Another Near-Term Experimental Shot of Pfizer BioNtech

Mr. Bill Scott: 53-Years-Old, Syracuse Teachers Union President Dead in Another Near-Term Experimental Shot of Pfizer BioNtech

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Bill Scott

FAYETTEVILLE, NEW YORK — As the Centers for Disease Control manipulates testing procedures to lower and/or eliminate their so-called breakthrough” COVID-19 cases, The COVID Blog continues tracking near-term deaths after experimental shots.

Mr. William “Bill” Scott announced on January 11 that he would receive the experimental Pfizer mRNA shot later that week at the Syracuse Exposition Center.  He posted his COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card on January 17. A bizarre lot of comments follow the post. Mr. Scott received the second dose on February 7.

Mr. Scott, 53, like a lot of experimental mRNA and viral vector recipients, apparently suffered no immediate side effects. But it seems everyone who receives these shots become walking, talking advertisements for pharmaceutical companies and the COVID agenda as a whole.

Mr. Scott posted about his opposition to schools changing social distancing guidelines from six feet to three feet on February 25. He also posted about his concern for long-term effects of COVID-infected children.

Mr. Scott’s last Facebook post came on April 20. He congratulated his wife of 20 years, Carolyn Lavin Scott, for her nomination for a teacher’s union president position.

Mr. Scott “died suddenly” on April 24, a little over 10 weeks after the second Pfizer shot. Mr. Scott is survived by his wife and four children.

More near-term deaths likely

We’ve covered at least three near-term deaths, all being very similar. Dr. Joshimar Henry was a healthy, happy 27-year-old. He received his second Pfizer experimental shot on January 6, 2021. He apparently suffered no ill-effects. But he suddenly died about 12 weeks later. Dr. Thomas Flanagan, 48, died suddenly 11 weeks after his second experimental Moderna mRNA shot. He also experienced no apparent side effects or adverse reaction up until his death. Near-term deaths from these shots occur around the 11 to 12 week mark, based on this small sample. If that’s the case, it’s going to be a scary summer.

Some people’s bodies cannot adjust quickly enough to the synthetic genes and die within hours or days. But the good Dr. Sherri Tenpenny said the real damage begins “42 days or later” after the shots. She specifically mentioned antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), a dangerous immune system phenomenon brought on after “vaccines.” ADE can lead to dengue shock syndrome, which kills upwards of 30% of people who get it.

We’ll likely never know exactly what happened with these near-term deaths. Mainstream media, big tech and the medical industry at-large protect the reputations of these experimental shots at all costs. Thus all we can do is track the deaths and draw conclusions based on similarities.

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