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More Vaccines – Higher Infant Mortality

More Vaccines – Higher Infant Mortality

By Steve Kirsch

This has now been confirmed and published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. The medical community will ignore it because that’s how science works: they ignore everything counter-narrative.

Executive summary

Following a critique published on pre-print server by the Bailey Lab at BYU, whistleblower Gary Goldman and Neil Miller did a re-analysis of their original 2011 paper and find that their original conclusion was correct: “A positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses and infant mortality rates (IMRs) is detectable in the most highly developed nations.”

Whoops! Perhaps it is now time to re-think all those childhood vaccines?

The original, critique, reaffirmation papers

Original 2011 paper that showed higher numbers of vaccinations are associated with higher infant mortality: Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? (peer-reviewed)

Critique written by members of the Miller Lab at BYU: Infant Vaccination Does Not Predict Increased Infant Mortality Rate: Correcting Past Misinformation (NOT peer-reviewed and is now misinformation)

Reaffirmation of the original result: Reaffirming a Positive Correlation Between Number of Vaccine Doses and Infant Mortality Rates: A Response to Critics (peer-reviewed)

More evidence connecting vaccines and infant death

There is a century of evidence linking vaccines to sudden infant death (this has most clearly been shown with the DPT vaccine) and numerous activists have tried to force the federal government to investigate it for decades. It appears that the vaccines (especially TDP) cause micro strokes in the brain in the region that controls automatic respiration, so infants start having interrupted breath cycles, and unless they are at an ICU or somewhere else where they are monitored and can be resuscitated, once the breathing stops it is fatal.

A lot of vaccine activists immediately prior to the lockdowns predicted that the decline in infant vaccinations during the lockdowns would result in a decrease in SIDS and that ended up being exactly what happened.

For more on this:

About Gary Goldman

Gary Goldman was in charge of the CDCs largest vaccine monitoring program, but when he started reporting problems, they literally locked him out of his office. He was not fired, just not allowed in the building! He would come to work, sit on the bench outside, and do his work from a bench!

Because that’s how science works at the CDC. If you go against the narrative, you are punished. That’s how they keep people in line with the narrative, no matter how absurd it is.

Watch this talk about the chickenpox vaccine:

Wouldn’t it be great if issues like this were unambiguous?

The reason we have debates on vaccines and deaths is because the health officials keep the association between vaccines and mortality a secret, hidden in databases few people have access to (and rarely look for counter-narrative hypotheses).

Wouldn’t it be great if public data were actually “public” as el gato malo has suggested in this excellent Substack article:

Washington State to make it illegal to question vaccines?

It might soon be illegal to question “vaccines” in WA state.

Check out this new proposed legislation.

During the January 24, 2023 working session and public hearing on HB 1333, the ADL representative defined “extremist views” as including those that challenge whether masks and vaccines work. However, this interpretation is NOT codified in the bill which does NOT define what is covered.

PBS Newshour already aired a 6 1/2 minute segment on this bill (when it hadn’t even gone through committee in the House yet) calling it “Model Legislation for the Nation.


So now we know: higher childhood vaccination is associated with higher infant mortality. Do you think that will cause anyone to re-think their views?

Do you think the same association might be true for the COVID vaccines? Is it possible that the more vaccines, the more deaths? That’s what the data says.

Isn’t it time we stop hiding the record-level data on mortality and vaccines for the COVID vaccines and release it publicly?

The CDC is keeping these vaccine-death records under wraps because they don’t want to create vaccine hesitancy. It makes sense; when everyone finds out that they were duped they are going to be pissed.

But sooner or later, one country is going to release the data and the cat will be out of the bag.

Any state in the US could publicly release their vax/death records. It could even be released in any county as well.

Why is every county, state, and world government HIDING this data? It’s even hidden in Florida. It’s public information. It doesn’t benefit the public when it is kept under lock and key.

Release the data! What is everyone afraid of? The truth?

Note that the “privacy” excuse is just that; an excuse. I point out that the data can be easily adjusted so that nobody can find even their own record without affecting any analysis.

Original source:

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