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Germany Jab Injury – Frances, From Germany

Germany Jab Injury – Frances, From Germany

By Jab Injuries Global

Frances, Germany

I was quiet long enough, now it’s over!!

Such a case belongs to the public, because nobody should close their eyes to the side effects of a corona vaccination. It’s sad that nobody wants to be associated with it, on the contrary, that after all this you should also get boosters is a cheek!

One hears from the Bund für Gesundheit: “It’s nice that you decided to have the vaccination anyway and thus protect yourself and others!”

I myself come from the medical field and it is clear to me that I am against the obligation that everyone should be allowed to make their own decisions. Being able to make a decision about what is right for you. Nobody has the right to make this decision for you! Then where is 1 “Human dignity is inviolable. To respect and protect them is the obligation of all state power.” Remained?

I had 2 vaccinations and have been on sick leave ever since. Now more than 28 weeks. A number of different doctor’s appointments and costs are behind me. Weekly check-ups, bandage changes, way too many medications. But not only that, no one can imagine what kind of pain that is, not just physical! The mental pain is also in the foreground, from sleepless nights, nightmares to existential fears. A roller coaster of emotions between tears and hope.

Take care of yourselves, only you know what is good for you!

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