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Fully Vaxxinated Brazilian Model Dies Aged 18

Fully Vaxxinated Brazilian Model Dies Aged 18

By Matthew Roscoe

Valentina Boscardin

FULLY vaccinated Brazilian model, Valentina Boscardin, tragically dies aged 18 after suffering Covid complications, according to her mother.
Valentina, who her mum said was in good health after receiving two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, died on Sunday, January 9, after being hospitalised in São Paulo. Boscardin was part of the Ford Model Brasil São Paulo agency and had taken part in some international modelling tours.
Her mother, Marcia Boscardin, said: “It is with great pain that I say goodbye to the love of my life. Goodbye, Valentina Boscardin Mendes. May God receive you with open arms. My daughter, I will love you forever. An angel rises to heaven.”

Fully vaccinated Brazilian model dies aged 18
Valentina Boscardin died of Covid complications

Friends told Infobae reporters that the teen model suffered a thrombosis and pneumonia when she fell ill with coronavirus. They stated that it has worsened on January 6 until she sadly lost her life.
Journalist and family friend, Felipeh Campos, wrote on Instagram: “The daughter of the beloved model and businesswoman Marcia Boscardin, died this weekend, at the age of 18, a victim of a thrombosis after catching coronavirus.”
“Valentina was on the rise and ready to embark on an international career, what a sadness. She was immunised with both doses of Pfizer. Just rest Valentina,” he added.

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