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Francis Perron: 25-year-old University of Ottawa Football Player Dies Shortly After Football Game, Mandatory “Cov Vaxxines” Required at the School

Francis Perron: 25-year-old University of Ottawa Football Player Dies Shortly After Football Game, Mandatory “Cov Vaxxines” Required at the School

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Francis Perron

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — A 25-year-old University of Ottawa football player is dead, in what is likely to be a disturbing trend in amateur and professional athletics in 2021.

The University of Ottawa issued a “public health mandate” on August 10. All students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to receive mRNA or viral vector DNA injections to participate in on-campus activities. The first injection is required by September 7. The second injection is required by October 15. 

All Gee-Gees (school mascot) athletes were required to receive their first mRNA or viral vector DNA injections by August 1. Non-compliance results in “[removal] from the team’s roster and lose access to all the privileges afforded to student-athletes including team or individual training, competition or any Varsity Integrated Support systems,” according to the university website.

Of course the university offers “accommodations for medical conditions or other grounds protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code.” But as we’ve seen here in the United States and elsewhere, students, employees, and others must take their respective university or employer to court to force compliance with exemptions.

Francis Perron death

Mr. Francis Perron was a 6’1, 240 pound defensive lineman for the Ottawa Gee-Gees. All fall sports were cancelled in 2020 due to “coronavirus safety concerns.” The Gee Gee’s continued the football team training programs last year to keep athletes sharp and in-shape. But even that was cancelled in October 2020 after five players tested positive for COVID-19. The players were itching to get back on the field in 2021 after the long layoff.

The Gee-Gees played their season opener at the University of Toronto Varsity Blues on Saturday, September 18. It resulted in an uneventful 11-10 loss for Ottawa.

Mr. Perron recorded one solo tackle in the game. It was the last tackle he’d ever record.

CTV News reported that Mr. Perron died “shortly after the Gee-Gee’s first game.” The National Post, a Toronto-based Canadian daily newspaper, reported Mr. Perron died “without warning.” Neither newspaper reported a cause of death. A staff member for the team, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Mr. Perron collapsed in the locker room after the game.

“Vaccines” are of course the leading cause of coincidences in 2021. But some are comparing Mr. Perron’s death to that of Loic Kayembe. The 24-year-old Gee Gee’s defensive lineman “died in his sleep” on September 24, 2017. A cause of death was ever released. The circumstances of the deaths are completely different. However, the outcomes are the same as we’ll likely never know the true cause of Mr. Perron’s death.

Mr. Perron loved football. He only posted to his Instagram account 18 times since 2013. Seventeen of them were about football, including video of his first sack in high school. His final Instagram post was on September 17, one day before he died.

Mr. Perron majored in mechanical engineering and worked at Canadian Tire, according to his Facebook page.

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