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Dr ‘Sucharit Bhakdi’ COVID-19 Vaccine Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People

Dr ‘Sucharit Bhakdi’ COVID-19 Vaccine Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People

By AndreCorbeil


Dr ‘Sucharit Bhakdi’ The COVID-19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People

October 30, 2022



Germany Sees HUGE Spike In Excess Deaths After Vaccine Rollout as the German Death Rate rises in the vaccinated!

Big Pharma’s ‘mRNA’ Technology
Big Pharma & The CDC Are A CHILD DEATH CULT.

Covid-19 News October 27, 2022.

Big Pharma’s Secret Plan EXPOSED: All Vaccines To Soon Use LETHAL mRNA Technology

CDC stands for “Child Death Cult” … nationwide child sacrifice ritual disguised as “immunization”.

Here’s what others had to say:

Dr B came out very early saying there was no pandemic. He has been outspoken about this crime since day one. I can feel his pain and sadness.

GOD help us survive the damage inflicted by Satan via Biden along with Bill Gates, Fauci, and Claus Schwalb of the WEF, Big Pharma, WHO, FDA. My gut said don’t get the vaccine but everyone around me was getting it including my 25 year old daughter because her doctors recommended she get it, so I folded. Should have listened to my gut. God was speaking to me and I ignored him.

I don’t understand how people don’t see this. I can smell the toxicity in the people that have been jabbed. the unhealthier they ate and the more boosters they have the worse they smell. it is a putrid , rotting smell. I also feel being around so many jabbed people where I work has made me sick. I take supplements to keep my immune system safe and healthy.

Thank you for your courage and incredible knowledge you share with us Dr. Bhakdi. May God bless you and protect you and your family always.

So can this explains why after the second vax my sister suddenly now has what we think is early onset dementia? I put this down to the vax but as my entire family think I’m some crazy conspiracy theorist when I have connecting the 2. They just keep going for every jab going without even looking into it. So the brain once the damage is done with the dead capillaries will this get worse with the more jabs she gets?

I read this gentleman’s book early on “Covid False Alarm” and I cannot thank him enough for all his work on this issue. A brave and dedicated doctor.

I am going for infiltrative amyloidosis investigation after 18 months of dealing with myocarditis/heart issues, viral reactivations, pots, and lyme reactivation. I can relate to Dr Bahkdi’s shame over America. I am so disillusioned and alarmed at the level of evil.

I took two of the pfizer clot shot when I was ignorant, I haven’t felt any changes yet, but just in case, what are the best prevention methods/removal for spike proteins? PS: You are a hero for speaking the truth and being completely serious about it, so many others are either too scared or paid off.

I am waiting for the hammer to drop. Most of my family has gotten jabbed multiple times including 2 of my 3 children. My wife , my daughter and myself are the only ones who never believed the narrative. I am praying for a miracle that my kids and brothers and sister remain free of harm. I can’t take the thought that something bad is going to happen.

Thank you for the truth and the selflessness of Dr Bhakdi for his compassion to Humanity to explain the evil of these vaccines! The forceful coercion of mandates and fear mongering duped billions! The “true blood” rhetoric needs to cease as those who now realise the unknown, will leave you to face the evil that exempted themselves from the jab and you may survive to face further horrific future. Please be united, have empathy to others some are still unaware will need support! God bless all May you find peace light and protection.

It’s not the “Americans” or the “Chinese” – it’s the EVIL CABAL that’s been installed in mostly EVERY country of the world. They don’t respect borders. They don’t respect race, or gender, or political affiliation – they want ALL HUMANS DEAD, and the survivors enslaved or zombies – reference the Georgia Guidestones now toppled. This EVIL CABAL has taken over yes the USA DC government, a foreign enemy on US soil that has deceived the American public who for the most part can’t think for themselves and are controlled largely by FEAR and exploited because of their IGNORANCE. In China you have the CCP which is where the CABAL resides there. The Europeans are not angels either – the central european EU has been issuing tyrannical edicts too – although some leaders there have recognized the scam. Almost all countries around the world implemented the same tyrannical scripts – masks, lock downs, fear, fear, fear, vax mandates and passports, etc. This is a global issue not just in the US.

There were without doubt a large number of placebo shots.Most Health workers got the placebo or lower dose shot.There were however a lot of people who got a higher loaded shot of Mrna which is what can be seen.
This was done deliberately becuse they didnt want everyone dying all at once as this would have put an end to the whole program.This is the reason they want to continue with the jabs even though they know that they are useless at protecting people.Watch out folks because this tecnology will be in every jab from now on and it will be a lottery as to who gets ill or dies as a consequence.

A very humble and honorable man. I wish we had more like him. I believe he will be instrumental in bringing down Pfizer in Thailand with the King’s daughter (princess) damaged by the vaccine. The king has spoken about cancelling the Pfizer contract which would be a world precedent.


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