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By The Prisoner

Dr. Rashid Buttar was murdered by poisoning on May 18, 2023, after airing this video. He died in hospital.
Tens of millions will die this year after being injected with the COVID-19 Vaccine.
5G will initiate the Deaths by way of 1-minute intervals over the coming months.

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c dento
In the Fog of war the first fatality is the truth. The WHO-CIA has injected so much vaccine crap on the internet, people are forced to ignore it due to BS overload. But there is a truth that can be measured, PEOPLE ARE DYING AFTER THE JAB.

EK Lippenmeyer
Thanks for bringing us this ominous foreshadowing of worse to come, from Dr Buttar.

Sali K
Finally someone is talking about Dr. Buttar. I am deeply saddened by his murder. This information he so wisely left us must be shared! The perpetrators of this need to be repaid w same medicine.

Dr. Ryan Ardis discovered from the vaccine patents that they contain venom toxins. Venom genetic sequences are made into synthetic peptides using venom enzyme phosphodiesterase in e coli bacteria. The pharmaceutical industry makes blood pressure drugs for clotting and thinning using venom peptides. Marburg may actually be a venom peptide. If it is, Ryan Ardis found a couple of alternative remedies for venom toxins. Melatonin and nicotine gum. Nicotine gum blocks the nicotinic receptors in your brain from the venom toxins.
I have a GQ EMF detector. It measures frequencies, electric fields and electromagnetic fields. It records the data and the data can be transferred to a computer.
If someone can make a smaller version of this device with an alarm that can be set for pulsed frequencies in a given range and over a period of time, this can serve as a warning system and a recording of evidence to be used against the entities controlling the release of the pulsed frequencies from 5G towers.
It could be a profitable business venture and one that may help save humanity.
re how Dr. Rashid Buttar died, he said he was poisoned from the water in a break room following a CBS interview. The nanotech in the shots can transfect humans via air or water because of how they are stored in LNP’s. Hospitals tend to have 5G services at or near them. They could have put a specific frequency activated pathogen that was targeted to him alone. I believe the technology exists for this.

The Late Singer song writer Leonard Cohen ‘ When Speaking to a former Girlfriend ‘ Chris Diamond used ofen ask her to Convert to Judaism ✡
Because he said that a great Cull of the Gentiles would be soon to come to pass. These conversations took place in late 70s or early 80s
Mark my word this great CULL has taken place ‘ C (see) OVID. bks 1-9


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