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COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions: Families Describe Adverse Responses to Shot

COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions: Families Describe Adverse Responses to Shot

By NewsNOW from FOX

Sen. Ron Johnson holds a news conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with families from across the country who share their experiences regarding adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines. The state’s governor, Tony Evers, called Johnson’s roundtable “reckless and irresponsible.”


Here’s what others had to say: 

Marguerite Monka
I’m surprised YouTube haven’t removed this. Since anyone who speaks up against covid-19 gets banned or removed.

BestBuds Our Channel
But they want to force every American worker to get this? No one will ever do this to my kids!!!

Unique Drawings
When you’re offered free lottery tickets and cruise vacations just to get the vaccine you know something’s wrong period!!!!

LaPrell W
Anytime you have to get a free shot to participate in activities any normal human being should have access to, there is no more normal.

This is what happens when people blindly and ignorantly trust their “government”.

Irina Sullivan
Moral of the story, never ever volunteer for any clinical trials unless your only other option is death! Poor people, as always were taken advantage of by we all know who.

Rosie Black
Absolutely heartbreaking listening to their testimonies.

Forgive My Laughter
I love how ppl think u are an “anti-vaccer” if you didn’t get a sketchy experimental drug to protect against a disease that even if you got has an insanely low chance to kill you unless you are old, super unhealthy with underlying health risks or just old. I think the vaccine is a personal choice. Like anything else that’s personal. I don’t judge ppl who get it, everyone is different and has different views however there is no reason according to all the data out there that you need a vaccine if you are a normal healthy human being. You have more of a chance of dying getting into a car everyday but ppl all still drive.

I love when they call everything “anxiety”… I’m sorry, but we need an entire overhaul of our “medical community”. Those of us who have lived with chronic illnesses all our lives will tell you, they do this to EVERYONE and they help very few. Those of us who get better, seek alternative care, don’t trust many doctors and end up spending big bucks because standard insurance doesn’t cover anything that the FDA/CDC labels “quackery”.

Ken Polson
My concern is that these folks will be treated like war wounded, rather than reasons to end the vaccine program. That is the message will be: “the war is good but let’s make sure we take care of the injured.”

Robert Lindsey
If everyone knew exactly what is in these vaccines, and what they can do, I guarantee that 99% would not want anything to do with it.

fthprod photo-video
To the ones who still decide to get vaccinated: imagine playing the Russian roulette over and over by adding a bullet in your gun every time : this is what you will do to yourself/your body with every “Pfizer/Moderna update”.

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