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Businesses that Endorsed BLM Now Closing Their Stores in San Francisco as Rampant Violence and Crime Overwhelms

Businesses that Endorsed BLM Now Closing Their Stores in San Francisco as Rampant Violence and Crime Overwhelms

By Ramon Tomey

Several businesses that endorsed Black Lives Matter (BLM) are now closing their stores in San Francisco, another proof that the adage “go woke, get broke” is undeniably true.

Chris Menahan of Information Liberation pointed this out in a May 4 piece. He noted that several companies, “all of whom endorsed the BLM movement amid widespread rioting and looting during the Summer of Floyd [in 2020], have closed or are closing their stores in San Francisco.” According to Menahan, these stores are departing the City by the Bay “due to rampant crime and theft brought on by the liberal policies they supported in the name of ‘fighting racism’ and ‘white supremacy.’”

He named Nordstrom, Whole Foods and Target as three such companies that paid a heavy price for supporting BLM.

Back in January 2021, Nordstrom expressed support for the movement by means of a press release. The January 2021 release reaffirmed Nordstrom’s “commitment to advance diversity, inclusion [and] belonging” during Black History Month. It also emphasized how the department store chain is “supporting the important work of nonprofit organizations,” which includes the BLM Global Network Foundation.

In August 2020, the Guardian reported that Whole Foods managers were advised to talk about the company’s donations to BLM. The advice came in the form of an internal script relayed to store managers, a copy of which was obtained by the newspaper. It urged managers to emphasize what Whole Foods and its parent company Amazon “have done in support of social justice.”

Target CEO Brian Cornell, meanwhile, called BLM riots in Minneapolis as “pent-up pain of years” that was unleashed by the murder of George Floyd. The big-box store also promised to send first-aid supplies to areas affected by the riots. It also promised to rebuild a looted company store in the city.

Wokism leads to rampant crime that spells doom to these companies

The same companies’ pivot toward wokism came back to bite them years later, when they were forced to either close down or secure their San Francisco locations due to rampant crime. San Francisco served as an example of the leftist utopia BLM wanted. With the San Francisco Police Department being de-funded, crimes in the City by the Bay spiked as a result.

Nordstrom announced on May 2 that it will close down its branch at the Westfield San Francisco Centre after 35 years of operations. “The dynamics of the downtown San Francisco market have changed dramatically over the past several years,” Nordstrom’s Chief Stores Officer Jamie Nordstrom wrote in a letter to employees. The main Westfield branch of Nordstrom will close at the end of August, Breitbart reported.

The previous month, Whole Foods closed its flagship Trinity Place location after only 13 months in business. It permanently shuttered its doors at the end of the April 10 business day due to “safety concerns.” Affected employees would be transferred to a nearby location, a spokesperson for Whole Foods confirmed.

While Target has not yet closed its San Francisco location, it took extra measures by locking products behind security glass. A spokesperson for the retailer confirmed the move, saying it was part of “proactive measures to keep our teams and guests safe while deterring and preventing theft.” They added: “Like other retailers, organized retail crime is a concern across our business.”

“I do feel bad for the employees and store managers who lost their jobs, thanks to their libtard CEOs putting virtue signaling before common sense,” Menahan concluded.

“I hate the idea that the libtard morons who created this nightmare can simply flee to safety rather than be forced to live in the hellholes their policies created. Every politician and business leader who endorsed this lunacy should be forced to pay their victims reparations.” has more stories about BLM and the companies that support them.

Watch this Fox Business report about the closure of Nordstrom and other stores in San Francisco.

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