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Australian Liberal Senator Exposes Excess Deaths & Vaccine Injury Coverup

Australian Liberal Senator Exposes Excess Deaths & Vaccine Injury Coverup

By Vaccine Safety Research Foundation


Gerard Rennick, a Liberal Senator from the State of Queensland exposes the corruption of the Covid-19 vaccines, the Covid-19 vaccine trials, the lockdowns, and the Government’s collusion with Big Pharma.

Here’s what others had to say:

++++Can we clone him and get him into our government?

Possibly one of the best assessments I’ve heard in a while.

I’m always amazed how this Senator can speak so powerfully without notes or a teleprompter. His colleagues would do well to listen more & mock less.

They all need to be thrown in prison. Then we’ll see how they slide down in their chair and mock the sullied people.

WOW. Our congressional gerbils would have done better shutting him up. Must be some freedom left down under.

Every government official who isn’t standing up and telling it like it is like Senator Rennick should be thrown out of office!

People are seriously injured, losing their jobs, and dying, and the best that the opposition can do is roll their eyes and call it tedious — how pathetic !

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