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Attorney Thomas Renz Unloads Horrifying Audio Recording Evidence of Nurses Ordered to MURDER COVID PATIENTS for Hospital Profits

Attorney Thomas Renz Unloads Horrifying Audio Recording Evidence of Nurses Ordered to MURDER COVID PATIENTS for Hospital Profits

By Health Ranger Report

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They released it on purpose, the average medical establishment knew about it as early as Sept 2019 and were told to not talk about it to patients. I know someone who was told this when their kid became ill . If it was so dangerous why were the Dr.’s offices told not to say anything about it the year prior….. I have also spoke to someone from Liberia, a very Americanized country in Africa, if you know the history of what people like Gates and Fauci have done to people in Africa experimenting on them with “vaccines” and other drugs killing and maiming people there, the people in Africa are aware of what they have done and she told me this plandemic was known about since 2006 and she also knew about Hiv/aids being lab created and tested in Africa first before they brought here. They have done so much damage that some of the countries in aAfrica has banned Gates from their country. This globalists / eugenicist / satanist cult has been trying to kill off the populations for many decades already.

Yes, make this go viral! These sell outs should be held accountable. So good to see an honest attorney who actually cares about his fellow humans. Maybe this can wake up some of these “doctors” who’ve been ignoring their conscience, too. Better late than never.

Soros confiscated the property of holocaust victims for the Nazis during the war. He’s said that it was “the best time of his life.” I believe that he’s trying to recreate that scenario now by staging the holocaust part 2 on a world-wide basis. Sick.

These military age men crossing the border, might be recruited to roundup Americans.

Phil Evans
Why should the taxpayers feed someone like that for the rest of their life?
Execute them. It costs just one bullet each.

Everyone involved with this do not deserve life in prison. They deserve the death penalty. And let’s just start telling the truth about the jabs. They know what they were designed to do. They were designed to kill and that’s exactly what they’re doing. The companies know this, the people who passed laws to shield those doing it know this. They should get the death penalty as well.

Hello Mike Adams, and the hospitals are continuing to further sicken and murder people, as I will explain below as per my own experience. I also posted my following comment under Alex Jones interview with Dr. Reba Laibow in April 2023.
From my own personal experience, the US HCA St. Pete General Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida is also covertly carrying out Eugenics against Seniors. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance in February of this year, 2023, for mid right quadrant abdominal pain (on the right side, above the belly button). The hospital did a CT Scan revealing diverticulitis & put me on intravenous antibiotics on the 1st day which was a helpful med. BUT, at the same time, they gave me detrimental meds like morphine & other unnecessary meds that made my symptoms worse.
Morphine side effects lowers blood oxygen levels and causes a slower intestinal flow therefore causing further compression of the intestine and worsening diverticulitis.
My condition got worse in the hospital on the 2nd day. I started having low oxygen and was put on an oxygen canula and started having lower abdomen diverticulum pain in an area I did not have before. I got so bad in the hospital that I could not even properly walk to the bathroom. I instinctually sensed something was wrong the way they were treating me. So, I told them STOP the pain medication morphine. Also on the 2nd day, the nurses and doctors let my Type 1 insulin dependent diabetes blood glucose stay at 300 for 6 hours without giving me insulin further stressing my kidneys. So, after 6 hours, I went to my purse and got my glucose test kit and insulin pens. I tested my sugar, still being high and gave myself both Humalog and Lantus insulin.


The medical community, pharmacist, rehab centers and especially hospitals were appalling during the height of the orchestrated hoopla. Regular people were too, We (I) are forever changed by this assault, I will never forget or get over what I personally witnessed. Shocking, horrifying and tragic.


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