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Are Hospital Administrators’ C0VID Protocols Killing Patients?

Are Hospital Administrators’ C0VID Protocols Killing Patients?

By Dr. Lee Vliet


Hospital administrators are in lockstep across America forcing medical professionals to use COVID protocols that bring incentive bonus payments to the hospitals but end up causing staggering death rates for patients. The data has been clear since the Ebola trials that remdesivir – better known as rem death severe – has a death rate over 50%, and causes toxicity to the liver, kidneys, and lungs. Yet this is the only drug hospitals force on patients while denying access to safer drugs such as ivermectin (also on the NIH-approved list for COVID-19), hydroxychloroquine, and even corticosteroids and adequate anticoagulants. Find out from DrLee4America what YOU need to know and do to help stay out of the hospital and save your life if you get COVID.

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