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Any Airline Which Isn’t Screening All Its Pilots for Cardiac Issues Is Risking a Disaster That Will Cost Hundreds of Innocent Lives

Any Airline Which Isn’t Screening All Its Pilots for Cardiac Issues Is Risking a Disaster That Will Cost Hundreds of Innocent Lives

By Steve Kirsch

It couldn’t be more clear: the vaccine shots cause heart problems. It’s so obvious that even the CDC admits it. So why aren’t airlines screening all their pilots? The answer will surprise you.

Consider the following story of a pilot who became incapacitated flying the plane. This is yet another “close call” similar to what happened to American Airlines Captain Bob Snow:

An EasyJet spokesperson said, “The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is always easyJet’s highest priority.”

That’s a lie.

It couldn’t be more clear: the vaccine shots cause heart problems. It’s so obvious that even the CDC admits it.

So why aren’t airlines screening all their pilots?

After all, if safety and wellbeing was their highest priority, they’d be screening every pilot with a cardiac MRI, troponin, and d-dimer tests.

But they aren’t going to ever do that, because they’d find too many issues and would have to ground too many pilots which would hurt their revenue. So they are going to put the lives of their flight crew and passengers at risk instead. You will pay for it.

So that’s why they won’t do even basic screening with d-dimer and troponin levels. Because they want you to think they care, but they really don’t. None of the airlines do. Not a single one anywhere in the world. Because if one airline breaks ranks and publicizes the number of injured pilots it found when it screened pilots, it’s lights out for the airline industry everywhere because they will have to screen and could potentially lose too many pilots.

Just ask American Airlines Captain Snow (or watch my interview with Captain Snow that has over 50,000 views).

Only after there is a serious crash, will public pressure force the screenings to happen. Not before.

Politicians will claim, “Nobody could have predicted this.”

Yup. Just call me nobody.

And I’m not the only nobody. Read this press release regarding pilot safety and check out the signatories at the end.

We warned the FAA on December 15, 2021 and they took no action

The FAA has been warned as well. See my earlier Substack article on this which includes the Dec 15, 2021 letter to the FAA and all the airlines.

Don’t say we didn’t warn everyone. Officially.

You never see these stories about injured pilots in the mainstream media for some reason

Pilots speak out about vaccine-induced injuries and deaths (Jun 21, 2022)

Health|Steve Kirsch

If Vaxxines Are Safe, How Will They Explain These Google Results?

If Vaxxines Are Safe, How Will They Explain These Google Results?

By Steve Kirsch

Don’t you love it when you can harness the high-tech companies themselves to destroy the false narrative that they are defending?

All searches are from Google Trends. You can replicate this yourself.

A more in-depth analysis of this article can be found here: new Google search analysis done by AMD.

It shows that since Google started tracking search data for all vaccines in history, nobody had any interest in vaccine side effects for any of the 70+ approved vaccines.

But suddenly, in December 2020 when the COVID vaccines roll out, everyone is now interested in vaccine side effects and it is happening simultaneously in EVERY STATE OF THE UNION and it peaks in April 2020 which is when I first learned about vaccine side effects from my friends.

What an amazing coincidence!!!!

“Vaccine side effects”

“Vaccine side effects” started becoming popular in all states simultaneously in December, 2020. I wonder what could have caused that?

“Vaccine side effects” query results


If myocarditis from the vaccine is less than that from COVID, how come we couldn’t find a single cardiologist who was getting fewer cases?

And why did the searches for myocarditis start to rise in March 2021 when vaccines became available for 18-year-olds and really went ballistic right before the May 1 deadline set by Biden for availability for 18-year-olds and older in all states.

Myocarditis query results

“Died suddenly”

Isn’t this interesting? “Died suddenly” was never a thing until November 2021 well into the vaccine rollout, probably when people were getting their boosters which pushed people “over the edge.”

COVID doesn’t kill like this. Wonder what might have caused it?

Sudden adult death syndrome

Why is it suddenly popular all of a sudden? It wasn’t popular before. Something must be causing it… it isn’t COVID.

Hopefully, the CDC will figure it out. They are the best.

Perhaps they can put Dr. Nath on the case? Dr. Nath couldn’t connect the dots between the vaccine and the vaccine injured, and he’s camera shy, turning down our interview requests. He’d be the perfect guy to lead the investigation. If you can’t trust Dr. Nath, who can you trust?

Menstrual issues

It became really popular after the vaccines rolled out.

Headache after vaccine

For some odd reason, “headache after vaccine” was just never a thing, but it started spiking after the COVID vaccines, not after any other vaccines.

Hmmm… wonder if the vaccine is affecting your brain??? Nah… just a coincidence. A vaccine causing headaches… boy, that would be REALLY bad. That suggests neurological harm.

But that cannot happen with these vaccines because the FDA says they are safe. They were tested in humans for months! This is because when they were tested in animals, the animals died. Testing in animals would thus be too cruel.

Severe headache after vaccine

The headaches caused by these vaccines aren’t normal. They are severe. And they only happened after the COVID vaccines for some reason.

Affecting your brain seems bad to me. Severely affecting your brain I think is worse, but I’m not a doctor.

Ask your doctor to explain why COVID vaccines cause severe headaches if they are perfectly safe.

And after he gives you a bullshit answer, then ask him how he KNOWS that and have him explain the mechanism of action. He won’t like that question. I guarantee it. He will suddenly become too busy to talk to you. Try it.

Miscarriage after vaccine

I wonder why this only became interesting to people right after the vaccines rolled out in December 2020? This was 5 months before misinformation spreaders like me pointed out the problem to the public. How did people know back then it was a problem? Could it be that it was happening to them?

Bell’s Palsy

Isn’t it odd that there was a huge interest in Bell’s Palsy right when the vaccines rolled out in Dec 2020? It wasn’t even flagged as a side effect of the vaccine. How did everyone know as soon as the vaccine rolled out that the vaccine causes Bell’s Palsy?? The press wasn’t writing about it.

Guillain–Barré syndrome

This became popular only after the vaccines rolled out in July 2021. But Gavin Newsom didn’t develop GBS until the end of October 2021. Strange, isn’t it? See that second peak to the right of the main peak? That’s Gavin’s peak.


Super popular search term in April 2021 throughout the US. I wonder why? It’s the technical term for blood clots. Weird that people would suddenly take an interest in blood clots. This is before the misinformation spreaders started talking about it, so that wasn’t it. I wonder if people were looking at what was happening to them?

Blood clots

Why are blood clots suddenly popular throughout the US in Feb 2021? This is way before any misinformation spreader is talking about any of this. Something must be causing a lot of blood clots in Feb… look at the spike. Wonder what it might be?

Exercise care in interpreting this data

This data can be used as additional evidence to confirm hypotheses.

However, search terms are heavily influenced by current events, so they must be interpreted carefully. For example, if you look for aphasia, there is a huge spike when Bruce Willis announced he has aphasia at the end of March 2022.

See the follow up article

A more in-depth analysis of this article can be found here: new Google search analysis done by AMD. That article shows the event timelines graphically so you can more easily see the cause and effect.


The point of this article is to raise awareness that:

  1. All of these search results are consistent with the hypothesis that the vaccines are not safe
  2. All of these search results are not consistent with the “false narrative” that the vaccines are safe

So all I’m saying is that all these searches are consistent with our claim that the vaccines aren’t safe at all.

Someone has a lot of explaining to do. That’s why they will ignore this. Even the fact-checkers won’t touch it.

Health|Steve Kirsch

Watch This New Informative Video From the CDC on the Vaxxines for Kids Under 5

Watch This New Informative Video From the CDC on the Vaxxines for Kids Under 5

By Steve Kirsch

Here’s the latest video from the CDC that, for the very first time, acknowledges that you might not want to vaccinate your kids. Jessica Rose viewed it and wrote me an email with two words: “<expletive> brilliant.” Check it out:


Here’s the vaccine safety video from Ron DeSantis

In stark contrast to what the CDC Director is saying, check this out. “The risks outweigh the benefit” says Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in this video:

Wow. YouTube didn’t censor it (yet) as misinformation. Can you believe that? That’s incredible!!!! This video has survived for 5 days on YouTube without being removed. That should be front page news!

You gotta give DeSantis credit for this. On the other hand, he’s still recommending the vax for 5 and older for kids who are not healthy. Come on Ron. Show me the data on that one! He can’t because there isn’t any.

Have you ever wondered… How can the Governor of Florida figure out that the COVID vaccines might be dangerous and unnecessary and nobody at the CDC, FDA, or NIH has a clue about this despite overwhelming evidence?

Not a single person from these agencies agrees with Ron DeSantis, even though he’s right.

Clearly, the corruption runs deep at the HHS agencies: not a SINGLE intellectually honest person. That’s an impressive amount of corruption.

Is it safe to fly?

I try to avoid flying until they test the pilots like they should be doing.

Here’s another video on how “safe” it is to fly nowadays, produced by the Global Aviation Coalition. One of my British Airways pilot friends sent it to me. It must be good… I’m in it!

Health|Steve Kirsch

Are There Any Mainstream Journalists Who Are Qualified To Write Articles on Medicine?

Are There Any Mainstream Journalists Who Are Qualified To Write Articles on Medicine?

By Steve Kirsch

The answer is no, and I will prove it in this article.

Robert Malone just wrote a Substack, “Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified.”

He was being polite. Way too polite.

No mainstream journalist in America is qualified to write about medical issues. If they were qualified, they’d immediately realize the COVID vaccines are unsafe and tell the world the truth. They’d also be singing the praises of people like Dr. Malone, Peter McCullough, George Fareed, Brian Tyson, Richard Urso, Ryan Cole, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Aaron Kheriaty, Joe Mercola, and more and including quotes from them in their articles so as to provide balanced coverage which is what journalists are supposed to do.

Can you name such a journalist?

I didn’t think so.


Health|Steve Kirsch

Is It Safe To Vaxxinate Your Pet?

Is It Safe To Vaxxinate Your Pet?

By Steve Kirsch

We seriously need El Gato Malo to weigh in on this one: should you vaccinate your pet?

Or, since everyone’s favorite cat recently wrote a Substack on do vaccine rollouts correlate to disabled americans?, perhaps it is time to ask the question, “do vaccine rollouts correlate to disabled cats?”

The answer is “NO, do not vaccinate.” What the vet industry is doing to pets is really unconscionable. I’ll be interviewing Dr. Mary Goldstein in a few days who will explain this in more detail. If you are a pet owner, you don’t want to miss this.


I was livid when my wife told me today she is taking in our new cat tomorrow to be vaccinated.

I said, “What!?!? Do you seriously think cat vaccines are safe when none of the ones for humans have ever had any risk-benefit studies? Where are the studies on the cat vaccines?”

Surely there is an Andrew Wakefield for cats! There is and I have a call into her.

She said that is ridiculous to even ask for such studies that she’s never heard of a cat dying from a vaccination or being injured from a vaccination.

I told my wife, funny thing, I hear the same thing about the COVID vaccines from people which is why I got the human shots. Now I regret it. Can’t we learn from our mistakes and not subject our young pets to vaccines which do not have the needed studies to show they are beneficial?

Then I called my friend Alix Mayer who works at CHD to ask her what she thought. To my surprise, she told me the story of her dog who was perfectly normal until he was vaccinated and she could immediately notice the degradation.

My wife heard the conversation. She wasn’t convinced.

Anyway, it’s her cat and she says she doesn’t need to see any data and she’s going have her cat vaccinated to protect her (the cat) from disease.

And that’s just the way it is. Data doesn’t matter. The vet recommends it. Who needs data? Sound familiar?


30 minutes after our conversation my wife comes in and says she’s not getting our cat vaccinated. I think I got to her with my insistence that there was no data. How could there be?

Turns out I was right…

Here’s the data from a vet

Hi Steve, I’m a vet and asked the farmaceutical companies for the safety and efficacy studies. They wouldn’t give it to me because it’s classified and trade secret. I doubt that. The study which I got was done with 12 puppies and they didn’t look at the long term. So no there is no data.

A book on Amazon

Be careful with books because the writers don’t want to have their reputations trashed if they totally trash the vaccines (which they should). I haven’t read this book.

Dr. Marty Goldstein

RFK Jr. connected me to Marty Goldstein. He has a movie out: and you can order very healthy dog and cat food from his website at:

I’ll be interviewing Dr. Goldstein in an upcoming video. In the meantime: do not vaccinate your pet please!

Health|Steve Kirsch

This 4 Min Video Should Be Mandatory Viewing for All Parents Considering Vaxxinating Their Kids

This 4-Min Video Should Be Mandatory Viewing for All Parents Considering Vaxxinating Their Kids

By Steve Kirsch

Dr. Clare Craig from the HART group explains the clinical trial used to justify vaccinating kids.

The HART group is a group of highly respected independent doctors and scientists. My friend, Professor Norman Fenton, is a member of this group.

In this 4-minute video, Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of the HART group, explains the clinical trial that was used to justify vaccinating our kids. She was appalled.

The only conclusion you can draw after watching this video is that the people running the FDA, CDC and the members of the outside committees approving these vaccines are either completely incompetent or totally bought off.

Everyone should watch this video. It should be required viewing for any parent who is considering vaccinating their child.

Here is the report Pfizer submitted to the FDA referenced in her video. You can see the numbers on page 39 (look in the column headings for the N= numbers).


Here is the original tweet:

My favorite comment on Twitter is this:

Alex Berenson wrote this noting that the confidence intervals included NEGATIVE efficacy in all endpoints. In the final endpoint, the negative efficacy range included -370 which means instead of a 75% reduction, it may well cause a 370% increased rate of infection instead. We just don’t know based on the data.

But the FDA and CDC committees unanimously decided to experiment on your kids so we can narrow the confidence range!!

Selected viewer comments on Rumble

  1. Dr. Zelenko said: vaccinate your children only if you believe in child sacrifice
  2. Sweden does not even recommend the jabs for kids, for obvious reasons. Here is a Reuters headline from Jan 2022: Sweden decides against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-11
  3. It’s amazing humans just let this happen.
  4. The twisting of clinical data for children is not too much different from the original trials for adults.
  5. I wonder if these evil people are as shocked as we are about how ASLEEP people are.
  6. Thank you so much, clare. The world is insane.
  7. Gosh – this is even worse than I imagined. Dr. Clare explains it all so clearly. How could any parent even contemplate this for their kids is beyond comprehension. But the bigger question is ; How have we got to this point ? It’s so obviously and completely criminal and good doctors like her around the world are screaming it out, but they are just ploughing ahead. For the love of god, someone stops this madness NOW.
Health|Steve Kirsch

Please Ask Your Doctor Today Whether They Will Speak Out or Remain Silent

Please Ask Your Doctor Today Whether They Will Speak Out or Remain Silent

By Steve Kirsch

The HART video is devastating because it sums up what the FDA did in just 4 minutes that anyone can understand, including your doctor. It’s time to hold YOUR doctor accountable.

Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of the HART group, created a superb 4 minute video that everyone should see.

Please refer your doctor to this article and ask your doctor one simple question:

“Will you speak out? Or remain silent?”

Let me know in the comments what your doctor said in response.

For extra credit

If you are on social media, please retweet/repost one or all of these posts. Just click the image based on the platform(s) you are on.






Health|Steve Kirsch

They Are Trying To Revoke Dr. Pierre Kory’s License To Practice Medicine

They Are Trying To Revoke Dr. Pierre Kory’s License To Practice Medicine

By Steve Kirsch

He just got the notification. Any doctor who uses early treatment to save lives is going to have their license to practice medicine revoked. That’s just the way it goes.

ABIM is trying to take away Dr. Pierre Kory’s license to practice medicine for spreading “misinformation”

I wrote earlier about the efforts of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) to take Peter McCullough’s license away.

Now they’re doing the same thing to Dr. Pierre Kory as well!

The mainstream medical community of course isn’t saying a word to support either doctor. Just silence.

Note that ABIM cannot unlicense a physician. They can list the physician as “no longer board certified” but licensing is done by each state independently. However, once one Board decertifies you, it can have a ripple effect and this is clearly their intent. In many states, decertification by ABIM has no practical consequence.

“That’s just the way it goes,” as Dr. Eric Rubin would say.

Exclusive FBI evidence

Pierre was lucky enough to find evidence that the FBI is now tracking his tweets. Here’s the exclusive photo he was able to obtain, complete with a helpful captions that explains what the agent is thinking:


Health|Steve Kirsch

Toby Rogers on the VRBPAC Meeting Jun 14, 2022

Toby Rogers on the VRBPAC Meeting Jun 14, 2022

By Steve Kirsch

Toby was not impressed. The FDA outside committee is a rubber stamp on really bad science. Efficacy data is non-existent, safety data is unexplored, but the EUA for Moderna is approved unanimously.

Come spend 90 minutes hearing from our expert commentator Dr. Toby Rogers what he thought of the VRBPAC meeting of Jun 14, 2022. He was not impressed with the drug (which is a dud) or the diligence of the panel. The panel is basically there to make it “look” like scientific review is happening when it isn’t really. None of my colleagues were impressed with the panel.

The panel didn’t ask about the serious adverse events or how Moderna could determine these were not caused by the vaccine. The panel is basically a cheerleader for the vaccine rather than protecting the public.

Here’s the interview. You’ll learn a lot about how “science” is done today by watching it.


Health|Steve Kirsch

Pfizer Admits to C0VID Vaxxine Clinical Trial Fraud in Federal Court

Pfizer Admits to C0VID Vaxxine Clinical Trial Fraud in Federal Court

By Steve Kirsch

Their defense to the fraud claims against them is that because the government was in on it, it isn’t fraud. Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson’s attorney, Robert Barnes, isn’t buying the argument.

You really can’t make this stuff up. You gotta watch this video… it’s only 2 minutes. And it will be a key piece of evidence in my next move which you’ll learn about shortly.

In a nutshell, Pfizer admits in court to fraud, but says it isn’t fraud because the government was in on it. I bet you never heard that defense before.


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