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Disheartening Health Update From Bruce Springsteen

Disheartening Health Update From Bruce Springsteen

We don’t need to ask if he was vaccinated? He banned the unvaccinated from his concerts Is it Karma?

In a disheartening announcement for fans, iconic rock musician Bruce Springsteen has had to put off all his remaining concerts for the year 2023. The reason cited is a persistent illness that has been affecting the singer’s health.

Springsteen, known for his energetic performances and timeless hits, has been grappling with a lingering health condition that has made it impossible for him to continue with his planned concert schedule. The news was confirmed through an official statement released by his management team.

The statement read, “Due to ongoing health concerns, Bruce Springsteen will be postponing all scheduled performances for the remainder of 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to fans who have been looking forward to these shows.”

The postponement has led to a wave of disappointment among Springsteen’s global fan base, many of whom had purchased tickets well in advance. Ticket holders are advised to keep their tickets, as new dates will be announced once the singer is back in good health.

While the exact nature of Springsteen’s illness has not been disclosed, the situation is serious enough to warrant a complete halt in his professional commitments. Fans and fellow musicians have taken to social media to express their concern and well wishes for the rock legend’s speedy recovery.

The postponement comes as a significant setback for Springsteen, who had a series of high-profile gigs lined up, including some international dates.

Springsteen ends the statement with the following:

“Thanks to all my friends and fans for your good wishes, encouragement, and support. I’m on the mend and can’t wait to see you all next year.”



Elon Musk Drops Vaccine Bombshell Personal Story | Facts Matter

Elon Musk Drops Vaccine Bombshell Personal Story | Facts Matter

By Facts Matter

2 days ago, the Vice President of the European Commission singled out Twitter as the largest platform hosting dis/misinformation — and added that they “will be watching” what Elon is doing.

This statement of hers came on the heels of an EU law recently implemented (the Digital Services Act) which—among many other things—forces social media companies to censor so-called “disinformation”.

However, as a rebuttable, Elon Musk took to his platform and started a thread wherein he exposed the hypocrisy of the government’s push to censor so-called disinformation, as well as his own experience with taking 3 doses of the mRNA vaccine.

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Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak is Highly Recommended

Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak is Highly Recommended


The book is available now. It summarizes the findings of over 100 papers published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. There wasn’t a single study where the vaccinated did better..

Vax-Unvax: Let the science speak is a new book written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brian Hooker.

The book goes through all the key papers that examine clinical outcomes of vaxxed vs. unvaxxed patients.

Can you guess which group does better?

The book also covers the stonewalling by the US government agencies to do the required studies that would expose the truth. The fact that the CDC, FDA, and NIH resist doing these studies to this day pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

Most of the chapters have a summary table at the end summarizing the studies and what they found. It was interesting, but not surprising, that they never had to define a symbol for “vaccinated did better than the unvaccinated” in these tables.

However, in all fairness, it’s important to acknowledge that there are papers published in the peer-reviewed literature which claim that vaccinated people are better off, e.g., papers claiming a 10X lower COVID death rate from people who took the COVID vaccine. Perhaps there will be a sequel where all of those papers are debunked.

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Former Major City Police Detective Reveals 50% of SIDS Cases Happened Within 48 Hours Post Vaccine

Former Major City Police Detective Reveals 50% of SIDS Cases Happened Within 48 Hours Post Vaccine


My 16-minute interview of Jennifer, a former police detective in a major US city who handled over 250 SIDS investigations over 7 years implicates the childhood vaccines as the major cause of SIDS.

Executive summary

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) happens to babies, from 1 month to 1 year in age, but most frequently between 2 and 4 months of age.

Recently I interviewed a former police detective who handled over 250 SIDS cases for a major US city. She revealed her full name and I was able to independently verify her employment at the police department.

In the interview, she revealed that 50% of the SIDS cases happened within 48 hours after a vaccine was given and about 70% of the cases happened within one week of a vaccine.

This can only mean one thing: that the childhood vaccines are the leading cause of SIDS deaths.

There is no other explanation.

Even her pediatrician acknowledged this, but they aren’t allowed to talk about it. She said that the American Academy of Pediatrics trains the pediatricians in how to gaslight parents who seek to blame the vaccine.

This is the first time these statistics have ever been revealed publicly.

All the information is independently verifiable in the police records for any health authority who has any doubts.

Also, I am working with the police department to make these statistics public directly from the police department itself (I cannot compel the production of these records because the FOIA laws in the state exempt these records).

My 16-minute interview

Jennifer, a former police detective in a major US city, handled over 250 SIDS death investigations. 50% of those deaths happened within 48 hours after a vaccine shot and over 70% happened within a week of a vaccine appointment. That is “statistically impossible” if the vaccines are safe. The probability of that happening by chance is less than 1.23e-64. That means that something caused these deaths to be proximate the vaccines. The only viable hypothesis is childhood vaccines are causing these deaths. Her data implies that over 86% of the SIDS deaths within the first 48 hours after a vaccine were caused by the vaccine.

The key points

  1. 3 to 4 cases per month, so over 250 cases total during her tenure
  2. 50% of SIDS cases happened within 48 hours of a vaccine administration. Assuming kids are vaccinated every month (which is the most conservative assumption), the chance of this happening by chance is 1.23e-64. This means the cases were caused by the vaccine since there is no other viable hypothesis that can explain the evidence.
  3. 70% of SIDS cases happened within 1 week of a vaccination.
  4. Her pediatrician acknowledged this and didn’t argue with the data.
  5. The American Academy of Pediatrics trains doctors on how to gaslight patients who suspect the vaccine caused their child’s death.
  6. Jennifer declined to publicly reveal her name or the police department she worked for, but revealed this to me so I could verify everything using independent sources.
  7. The police department declined to respond to my records count request because it is outside the scope of the state’s FOIA laws since it cannot be accomplished with a straightforward query and “research” would be required. I agree with their interpretation, but I’ve requested they comply anyway as a matter of public benefit. I will update this article when I hear back from them.

Jennifer’s SIDS statistics are validated in the peer-reviewed medical literature!

Of all reported SIDS cases post-vaccination, 75 % occurred within 7 days (p < 0.00001).

This almost exactly matches what Jennifer said in my interview (70% within one week). Neither of us was aware of this article at the time we made the video.

This is impossible if the vaccines aren’t causing SIDS. There is simply no other viable explanation for the association. But of course, you won’t get your paper published if you say that. You have to say that the association is interesting.

Jennifer is not the only police detective to figure out the connection; Helen Grus in Ottawa found the same thing

In Canada, if you are a police officer and suspect that vaccines cause SIDS, they will prosecute you. It seems that is illegal in Ottawa to question the safety of the vaccines:

Helen Grus is a Forensic Police Detective in Canada who was looking into the sudden infant deaths that appeared to be connected to mothers being vaccinated.

For the last 2 years she was stoned walled by her own police force. Her court case resumes Oct 2023 and will drag into 2024.

She is being persecuted for seeking the truth. I hope that Detective Helen Grus will be exonerated and continue to investigate the “baffling mystery” of dead babies.

She was suspended without pay for not taking the COVID vaccine and she doesn’t think masks are effective either.

In short, they are trying to get rid of critical thinkers that are trying to get to the truth in the Ottawa police department.

See also these articles which cast Grus as the problem, rather than the vaccines:

  1. Detective tried to uncover vaccine status of dead children’s parents, sources say
  2. Grieving mother not told nature of misconduct in probe of baby’s death: lawyer

Here’s a story casting Grus in a favorable light, pointing out that she didn’t violate any policy of the department and that the police department illegally provided documents to CBC Ottawa reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam which is a criminal offense, yet nobody in the police department is being charged with a crime. Former Toronto police detective Donald Best is baffled that Grus was charged at all, given the investigative discretion bestowed to all police officers. He pointed out that “a fourth-class constable on his or her first day on the job has all the authority to initiate any investigation they want to from parking tickets to homicide.”

  1. Detective who investigated safety of Covid shot continues to fight to clear her name

That article points out that the investigating official, Chris Renwick, is denying discovery requests and refusing to investigate the source of the leak even though it is a criminal offense.

Here are more excellent articles and videos:

  1. Ottawa Detective was singled out by police leadership for her opposition to Covid mandates
  2. Political meddling suspected in Ottawa police investigation of Constable Helen Grus
  3. Articles on Helen Grus from The Epoch Times

In short, this isn’t justice. They are stacking the deck against Grus, rather than following the law. CBC is ghosting requests for comment from True North.

Please check out Helen Grus on X

I agree with most of the commenters that Helen Grus is a hero who should be recognized as such.

There is a wealth of information on X here and here.

Here’s one that sticks out for me. Basically, the Ottawa police are instructed never to investigate the vaccine as a cause of harm:

How do they explain a 2X to 3X rise in SIDS in 2021 vs. 2020?

Watch this video starting at 0:56 which points out that there was a 2X to 3X increase in SIDS cases after the vaccines rolled out. Are you surprised? This is what got Helen’s attention.

Still skeptical? Here’s unambiguous proof vaccines cause SIDS and that the medical examiners are gaslighting parents

Read this article. It describes how Sawyer, just 8 weeks old, died just 34 hours after a series of vaccines. The police suspected the parents were at fault and the medical examiner said the death was caused by improper sleeping position and refused to do any tests that might implicate the vaccine. The psychiatrist also told the mom she had an “adjustment disorder.” Four months later, a pathologist ordered the requested tests be done, and it clearly implicated the vaccines as the cause of the SIDS death.

Peer-reviewed literature says the more vaccines, the higher infant deaths

The peer reviewed medical literature says this: “The mean IMRs of all nations within each group were then calculated. Linear regression analysis of unweighted mean IMRs showed a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates, with r = 0.992 (p = 0.0009).”

In plain English, yes, the more vaccine doses, the higher the infant mortality rates.

A real world experiment in Japan

I will post a reference when I get it, but in the meantime:

A real world experiment in New Zealand

Thirty years ago in New Zealand the vaccine schedule was changed from the first being at 3 months down to 6 weeks. SIDS moved with it.

Hilary Butler in New Zealand compiled a gold mine of information as she ran the “Immunisation Awareness Society” at that time and published a monthly newsletter.

A real world experiment in the US

From the comments:

In 2020 when we were locked down at least through June, Nicole DeGraf, the former executive director of Oregonians for Medical Freedom, and myself, looked at the infant deaths under the age of 1 through the first six months of that year. All medical procedures, including well baby visits were cancelled through the end of June. The number of infant deaths during that period of time dropped to 42% of the ten year annual average of infant deaths in the state.

Seven more studies showing vaccines cause SIDS compiled here

See Vitamin D wiki which was instantly updated to add a link to this article as well.


The childhood vaccines are causing most of the SIDS deaths.

It will take decades for the medical community to acknowledge this.

But the evidence is now in plain sight. The statistics don’t lie.

I’m working with the police department to release the actual statistics for all to see. Once that happens, we’ll publish a paper in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

But in the meantime, I thought you all should know the truth about the dangers of the childhood vaccines. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the harms caused by the childhood vaccines that the CDC will never acknowledge.

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Taxpayers Face £10billion Bill for Rising Number of Pensioners Claiming Around £70,000 of Disability Benefits Each for the Rest of Their Lives Despite no Longer Working

Taxpayers Face £10billion Bill for Rising Number of Pensioners Claiming Around £70,000 of Disability Benefits Each for the Rest of Their Lives Despite no Longer Working

Disability Benefits Cost Could Rocket, Report Says

The cost of some disability benefits could “soar” unless action is taken to improve the health of people about to retire, research suggests.

The annual bill for pensioners claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefits could jump by 75% to £10.5bn by 2033, say pension consultants LCP.

A rise would be driven by increases in heart disease, back pain, mental illness and other health problems.

Ministers say extra funding will better support those with long-term illness.

The report authors say early interventions such as an expansion of the NHS Health Check programme, targeted mental health treatment and low-cost devices to monitor conditions such as type 2 diabetes, are needed to reduce the future welfare bill.

“The prospect of large numbers of people going into retirement on long-term disability benefits is not in the interests of the individuals concerned or the taxpayer,” says Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, head of health analytics at LCP.

The number of people in the UK not in work because of a long-term health problem has increased sharply since the pandemic and is continuing to rise each month, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

The data shows a jump in musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain and arthritis among older individuals, and a spike in mental health problems, particularly in those under 50 years old.

What is PIP?

In total, 3.3 million adults in Britain now receive PIP to help with the extra cost of living with a health condition or disability.

The number has increased by about one million over the last decade and is forecast by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to rise by another million over the next three years.

PIP is designed as a working-age benefit and most people cannot make a new claim after they reach the state pension age of 66 years old.

But those already receiving it at that point can continue to get the monthly support payments after they retire.

The research from LCP, a firm of business consultants which specialises in the pension and health sectors, forecasts the total number of pensioners claiming PIP will rise from about one million today to 1.6 million by 2033.

On average, those individuals are likely to draw the benefit for another 11 years at a total cost of about £70,000 per person over that time.

It says the rise in those living with a long-term health problem now – in their 50s and early 60s – risks a “soaring” welfare bill in the future as that group reaches retirement age and continues to claim benefits.

Dr Pearson-Stuttard, the report’s co-author, says more needs to be done to prevent a “disability benefit timebomb” from emerging.

“More targeted interventions, particularly focused on areas of greatest deprivation and highest health needs, could pay off many times over in terms of benefit savings and gains to the wider economy,” he said.

“If just one less person needs to claim PIP through retirement the saving is likely to be around £70,000 and that money could be better spent keeping people well.”

Ministers say a new major conditions strategy, published in August, is designed to better prevent conditions, like cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disorders, responsible for the highest levels of ill health in England.

“We’re also investing an extra £2bn to help more people with disabilities and health conditions into work and grow the economy,” said a government spokeswoman.




Fox News Just Casually Reported that Marvin Hagler Died From the Vaccine!

Fox News Just Casually Reported that Marvin Hagler Died From the Vaccine!

By LauraAboli

Wow! Fox News just casually reported that Marvin Hagler died from the vaccine!

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Here We Go Again, More ABC Propaganda for a Virus That Doesn’t Exist

Here We Go Again, More ABC Propaganda for a Virus That Doesn’t Exist

By Cairns News

From WHO mouthpieces the ABC and television channels setting the scene for more lockdowns, masks and enforced, deadly jabs

A new COVID variant nicknamed “Pirola” has been detected in Australia after sparking a sped-up vaccination program in the United Kingdom.

A new variant in itself is not unusual — viruses evolve and change over time, and new mutated versions pop up frequently.

However, this one caught the attention of scientists.

What is BA.2.86, aka the Pirola variant?

According to the British Medical Journal, Pirola appears to have evolved from the Omicron subvariant BA.2, which was widely circulating in early 2022.

One case has been detected in Australia, in a laboratory in Western Australia, genomic sequencing data shows.

However, there could be more out there because only a fraction of all COVID-19 infections get submitted to for testing.

WA’s health department said the case in Australia was “closely related – without significant differences – to those BA.2.86 strains reported from other countries”.

The World Health Organization labelled BA.2.86 a “variant under monitoring” — which means they’re keeping a close eye on it — in mid-August.

It has not been formally called a “variant of concern” yet or given a Greek name like Omicron or Delta.

Pirola is an informal nickname the variant received on social media from a community who track COVID variants.

Where did this new variant come from?

While new variants emerge all the time, scientists became interested in this one because of how mutated it was compared to its predecessor.

It has 33 changes to its spike proteins — the pointy part of the virus that infects human cells — compared to BA.2, analysis from China found.

To put that into context, that’s the same magnitude of changes that made Omicron so distinct from the Delta variant which dominated the world in late 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control said.

An illustration of a SARS-CoV-2 virus particle showing the protruding spike proteins on the virus's surface.

BA.2.86 has 33 spike protein mutations compared to its predecessor, BA.2

It’s also a degree of change you’d normally see over several generations of a virus, rather than in one fell swoop, Kirby Institute virologist Stuart Turville said.

“I call them [variants like BA.2.86] ‘parachutes’ — they kind of land and appear out of the middle of nowhere,”

Professor Turville said.

There are a few theories for where it came from, but most scientists agree that it likely evolved over several months in someone with a chronic infection, University of New South Wales applied mathematician James Wood said.

What are the symptoms of the new COVID strain Pirola?

Despite all the mutations, scientists say BA.2.86 so far does not appear to be behaving too differently to other variants.

There have been no reports that it causes different symptoms to previous variants, Africa’s Centre for Disease Control said.

There has also been no evidence that BA.2.86 causes increased transmission or a greater risk of severe disease and hospitalisation, it said.

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Government Tries to Force 12-yr Old Boy to Get Chemo & Radiation Against Will of Parents. Kid Didn’t Even Have Cancer!

Government Tries to Force 12-yr Old Boy to Get Chemo & Radiation Against Will of Parents. Kid Didn’t Even Have Cancer!

By Citizen Watch Report

Have you heard of the case of Parker Jensen? It’s a horrific story of where the government tried to forced a 12 year old boy to get chemo and radiation against the will of the parents, and even worse, he never even had cancer in the first place.

Luckily Parker had strong and determined parents who refused to accept the diagnosis and barbaric “treatment”, wanting to find a second opinion and talk to other doctors first.

After they refused and before any bloodwork was done, the diagnosing doctors reported to the state that Parker had 2 weeks to live and needed chemo/radiation immediately, which led to a court order and then the parents refusing to honor it.

They then charged his father with Kidnapping his own son because they fled the state to prevent them from taking their kid, and then eventually caught and arrested him in Idaho, but not the mother and son.

Parker and his mom remained on the run for weeks, before eventually proving he had no cancer in the first place and a judge eventually dismissing the charges.

This started Aug 20th, 2003, and the judge finally dismissed the charges on Oct 25th 2003.

The Jensen family sued the state and lost. No justice was delivered and they could have killed Parker with the chemo on a false diagnosis.

This is still happening to this day.

Ohio Hospital Can Force Chemo on Amish Girl, Court Says

The parents of five-year-old Ashya King, who were detained after taking him abroad for brain tumour treatment, say their son is now free of cancer.

Brett and Naghemeh King were held in prison in Madrid last summer after taking their son from hospital in Southampton against medical advice.

They took him to receive treatment in Prague that was unavailable in the UK.

The NHS Trust that treated Ashya has declined to comment on his current condition.

Mr King has told the Sun newspaper a recent scan showed “no evidence” of the tumour.

Mr and Mrs King took Ashya out of Southampton General Hospital last August, after disagreeing with doctors about his treatment and deciding to seek proton beam treatment abroad.

They took him to Spain but were arrested at the request of the British authorities and held in Madrid’s Soto Del Real prison.

The Doctor was about to have his clinical trial shut down and needed 12 year old white males to continue his clinical trials on this form of cancer. Fucking evil ghoul.

Dr. Wagner was a “co- investigator” of a clinical trial for which Parker might have been eligible and he didn’t disclose this to the Jensens. He also discouraged the Jensens from seeking a 2nd medical opinion.

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“Now is the Time to Get Your Mask Ready,” Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Says, Not Just For COVID But All Respiratory Viruses This Fall

“Now is the Time to Get Your Mask Ready,” Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Says, Not Just For COVID But All Respiratory Viruses This Fall

By Zeee Media

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer says he hopes “people have developed a habit” when it comes to masking.

“Now is the time to get your mask ready,” Dr. Tam says, not just for COVID but all respiratory viruses this fall.

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New York Supreme Court Reinstates All Employees Fired for Being Unvaccinated, Orders Backpay

New York Supreme Court Reinstates All Employees Fired for Being Unvaccinated, Orders Backpay

“Supreme Court ruling: Covid vaccines are not vaccines.

Hardly anyone noticed that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. won the case against all the pharmaceutical lobbyists. Covid vaccines are not vaccines. In its ruling, the Supreme Court confirms that the damage caused by Covid’s mRNA gene therapies is irreparable. Since the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States, there are no further appeals and the appeal possibilities have been exhausted.  Robert F. Kennedy emphasised in a first statement that this was a success that was only possible thanks to the international cooperation of a large number of lawyers and scientists. Of course, this judgement opens something internationally, especially here in Switzerland this judgement should make waves, because Switzerland has a special position here with its federal constitution.  For one thing, the Nuremberg Code is in the constitution with Article 118b, and the misuse of genetic engineering on humans is prohibited in Switzerland under Article 119 of the Federal Constitution.  This is supplemented by Article 230bis of the Criminal Code, … The perpetrators thus face up to 10 years in prison.  However, this ruling should also make the rest of the world sit up and take notice, because the Nuremberg Code has international validity and is also included in Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. In the case of criminal charges, reference must be made in the declaration to the thalidomide scandal in order to lend special weight to the significance of this charge. So politics is in for a hot autumn. One should also know that the German lawyer Dr. Rainer Füllmich and more than 100 other German lawyers were involved in these trials.

No media is talking about it, neither in Switzerland nor in Europe.
Unfortunately, this only comes with a time delay again.

So forward the resolution to your family members, friends & acquaintances.”

A New York state Supreme Court ordered all New York City employees who were fired for not being vaccinated to be reinstated with back pay.

The court found Monday that “being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19.” New York City Mayor Eric Adams claimed earlier this year that his administration would not rehire employees who had been fired over their vaccination status.

NYC fired roughly 1,700 employees for being unvaccinated earlier this year after the city adopted a vaccine mandate under former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Many of those fired were police officers and firefighters.

NY Supreme Court

The New York state Supreme Court has reinstated all employees who were fired for not being vaccinated, ordering back pay and saying their rights had been violated.

FDNY-Uniformed Firefighters Association President Andrew Ansbro and FDNY-Uniformed Fire Officers Association President Lt. James McCarthy condemned Adams earlier this year after the mayor allowed an exception to the vaccine mandate for athletes and performers, even as firefighters were still being fired over their status. The pair called on the city to expand the exception to all New Yorkers.

“We’re here to say that we support the revocation of the vaccine mandate that the mayor announced on Thursday,” McCarthy said. “We think that it should be extended as well. We support the revocation of the mandate for the athletes and performers that work in New York City. We think that the people that work for New York City should also have the mandate relocated for them.”

police masked at protest

Police officers stand guard as people gather to protest vaccine mandates for city workers at City Hall Park on Nov. 3, 2021, in New York City.

“If you’re going to remove the vaccine mandate for certain people in the city, you need to remove it for everybody in the city,” Ansbro said. “If you’re going to follow the science, science is going to tell you there isn’t any danger right now, and putting hundreds of firefighters, police officers and other emergency workers out of work is not in the best interest of the city. It’s not safe.”



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