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BRICS Countries have Officially Overtaken G7 in Share of World Purchasing Power Parity GDP; Mexico Officialy Applies to Join BRICS Alliance

BRICS Countries have Officially Overtaken G7 in Share of World Purchasing Power Parity GDP; Mexico Officialy Applies to Join BRICS Alliance

BRICS countries have officially overtaken G7 in share of world purchasing power parity GDP; Mexico officialy applies to join BRICS alliance.

Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) now contribute 31.5% of global GDP, with further projected growth.

Meanwhile, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States (G7) falls.

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Former CDC Head Dr. Redfield Warns NEXT Plandemic Will be far WORSE than Covid

Former CDC Head Dr. Redfield Warns NEXT Plandemic Will be far WORSE than Covid

By Health Ranger Report

Here’s what others had to say:

Just because we listen to you, and I have been for years, does not mean we have the funds or resources to “make it” through this. Many of us will not, no matter how much we prepare, because of the nature of and how serious this situation is. I seriously doubt that it is only the “mindless masses” who will not make it. It is going to be an extremely hard struggle for ALL of us, and “preparing” is not a guarantee of survival.

Grant Shepherd
Maybe he knows something like the fact the USA has plenty of bioweapon labs to destroy peace, prosperity, life and freedoms just like former NIAID Director Fauci the sickle.

The Chinese Virus was a fraud and a hoax. It was nothing more than a different strain of the Common Ordinary Flu that occurs every year. The Ordinary Flu disappeared for the last two years. Ask yourselves why??? The death rate for the Chinese Virus was LOWER than the Ordinary Flu!!! Don’t be fooled when the next fraud/hoax/scam Virus is foisted upon the World. We were all hoodwinked by Government and the Medical Establishment.

And the MRNA tech that they are now adding to our food supply with no mention of it on food labels…. and the MRAN TECH they are spraying in our atmosphere as to make no produce safe because it falls to the Earth gets on your plants gets in the soil gets in your plants and not to mention our water and it leeches into the aquifers so no real water supply is safe.
These fokes that are trying to whip us off this planet need to … (fill in the blank)… as much as I would love to fill it myself, it’s not my decision, but they need to come forth and admit what they have done and provide to all they have hurt the sick and the families that lost their family members due to a bioweapon they created and forcefully required the mass public to take ! SHAME UPON YOU FOR YOU ARE NOT GOD ! only God should have the power to decide when it’s somebody’s time not evil men and women that serve Satan/God’s fallen angel… cast out because he thought he was bigger and better and greater than God.

You never mention iodine ( kelp.) to protect your glands against radiation 5G or nuclear fallout. It is not produced naturally by the body but taken from vegies like spinach and dark green vegies or via supplements. I have been taking it for years but only twice a week or if I don’t have enough dark green vegies in my diet.Still a very important supplement in these days and times.

I thought that Mullis stated that HIV was a disease of people who were already compromised immune wise. I think that this is more for motivating FEAR than anything, but you are correct that the jabbed and those who will continue to be jabbed will definitely get AIDS or die.

Bead Happy
THANKS for not getting hooked in the semantics of terrain, virus, not virus which while the scientist in me is interested in clarifying and exploring these issues, the practical part of me has been couching it as you have here: identifying the sides people take, unifying us where we can agree (as in “YUP something ***something*** is happening) and moving past it for now to explore and solve the immediacy of this situation.

After everything I personally have been through the last 5 years, I’m starting to agree with the elites. Way too many useless eaters all over the place. Time to cull the human race. I won’t mind being one of the 500,000,000 servants left. I’ll bet its a better life than what 90% of us have today.


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Situation Update, Mar 20, 2023 – Global Finance SHOCKWAVES as Credit Suisse BAIL IN Wipes Out Billions in Bonds

Situation Update, Mar 20, 2023 – Global Finance SHOCKWAVES as Credit Suisse BAIL IN Wipes Out Billions in Bonds

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Credit Suisse Crisis

32:40 Where to hide your gold

45:15 Trump

– The Credit Suisse BAIL IN wipes out $17 billion in bond value

– Swiss government liquidity adds BAIL OUT factor to UBS acquisition

– Global financial crisis began in crypto, moved to Silicon Valley and spread to Europe

– The entire western financial system is headed for catastrophe

– Janet Yellen says the government will CHOOSE which banks survive and which ones fail

– Only the WOKE banks will be bailed out in order to keep WOKE startups alive

– Most SVB startups were focused on WOKE topics like climate change

– All deposits and financial instruments have counter party risk

– Only things you physically control have no counter party risk:

– Gold, silver, land, food, ammo, etc.

– Where to hide your gold with certainty that no one will mess with it

– As the collapse accelerates, people will become even MORE desperate

– As the banks fail, chaos will prevail

Here’s what others had to say:

Jarumir Khan
In Germany (a U.S. occupation zone that is managed with the use of nuclear weapons if necessary), we now pay double the energy costs for electricity and gas. In general the Germans are fat up with the deep state of the US. They knw that the dark forces are bombing our Gas Pipeline. But we love the American people!

Lawrence Rayburn
Mike, storage rental places go out of business all the time and they AUCTION the contents of the storage lockers. I bought one in Lubbock, Texas that had the memorabilia of a family that moved overseas with Texas Instruments to Singapore. TI was supposed to keep up the rental payments while they were overseas…..Guess what….they DIDN’T and the contents were sold to me. A year later the family returned and came looking for their stuff. I gave them what I had left, but the rest of the stuff they had to collect damages for from Texas Instruments.
THAT’s how that works. Never put gold, silver bullion or gemstones and jewelry in rental storage places. Rental VAULTS are just as risky….had one fail in Arizona and the FBI is STILL working on that.

I’ll register Democrat to vote for RFK II.
Greg Hunter just did a show with Karen Kingston saying that Pfizer violated the contract they had with the government and Trump is not to blame. He is not the credit for protecting us from the fraud either.

Mike now you did it! The Woke ruler banksters will outlaw all septic tanks and come to your property and haul all your crap away. They know crap will be worth more than their woke bank accounts.

The banking system is so convoluted, just like the legal system, like the medical system, or any bureaucracy, as if it was designed to confuse and mislead. I like my stuff in my hands, where it’s simple and real, unless the actual force majeure has a different idea. I think, we have to at least make an effort to preserve what’s real and human, before it’s gone for good.

Big Dad
I think the Prosecutor of New York had to rethink his arresting of President DJ Trump because of 18 US Code 3056 & 18 US Code 1752. He Cannot arrest, attempt to arrest or even get near the Presidents Secret Service detail as listed By Law in the mentioned above codes…….They never think things out because of Trump Hate Syndrome, along with a lack of frigging Brains!

Tad Moto
The Khazarian Mafia run major banks and the Fed Reserve manipulating bank bailouts and bail in’s stealing from taxpayers again while prepping for the inevitable CBDC with complete control over our financial system. Replay of 2008, repeat and rinse.

C Taylor
Apparently, $42 billion was pulled out of SV Bank by Israel companies 48 hours before they announced the problem.

Klaus Barbie
Maybe there will be a new form of black market currency in the future. Just as the international banking bloodlines use pedophilia as a form of currency because they do not care what happens to anyone outside of their family, perhaps the masses can do something similar. I think information might become quite valuable during a collapse. Like, hey you know that great grand daughter of that one Rothschild guy that was one of the people that caused this crash? You mean Greta? Yea, that’s the name. I know where she lives and I will trade you that information for some food. That Soros boy, he travels down this one winding road from their hilltop mansion. And I remember the IRA once took out this guy with the flying copper plate design. Cut that armored car right in half. I’ll sell you the plans for some food. Want to know how to process wood ashes and rust to make cyanide. Well, let’s trade.

rachel goodkind
The banking system as a whole is mostly globalists who launder money in nasty ways.
Not at all surprising that many have and will go under. Its’ time to change the financial system to support citizens of all nations. Drain the swamp of the monsters. cheers.

With all the lies and obfuscation our governments and “leaders” use to control the masses, I think Mike should rename “Situation Update” to “Simulation Update”

so when the banks collapse in the US (which they will) how long before the electrical grid collapses? If companies or people cannot pay for services the business cannot function. Therefore, the bank collapse will cascade into the infrastructure of the country.


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Karen Kingston – Russian MoD Confirms mRNA Injections Are Bioweapons!!! Globalist Plan for Nanotech Revealed!

Karen Kingston – Russian MoD Confirms mRNA Injections Are Bioweapons!!! Globalist Plan for Nanotech Revealed!

By Zeee Media


In the past week, we saw a HUGE announcement by the Russian MoD confirming mRNA injections are a bioweapon. The Russian MoD confirmed their intelligence coincides with the findings of Karen Kingston and Project Veritas, implicating the U.S. government, Pfizer, Ukraine, and governments worldwide!!!

Karen Kingston joins us with more evidence to back these claims, as well as never before seen research confirming the globalist plans to control the world through nanotechnology.

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US Banking Crisis Poses Global Threat, Former Treasury Official Tells RT

US Banking Crisis Poses Global Threat, Former Treasury Official Tells RT

By RT News

Contagion could spread to Europe and beyond, Paul Craig Roberts warns.

The policies of the US Federal Reserve are responsible for the unfolding banking crisis and could lead to more failures in the sector, Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy Paul Craig Roberts believes.

The official, who served in the US Treasury in the 1980s, talked to RT about the recent high-profile bank failures that have rattled the US financial system and the potential fallout of those events.

“For many years, the Federal Reserve kept the rates very low, so the interest on the financial assets that the banks have on their balance sheet is low. When the rates start rising, the values of their portfolios fall, but their liabilities don’t,” Roberts explained.

“The Fed’s policy of high interest rates pushes the banks into insolvency. And this is the cause of the problem,” he said, warning that “if the Fed continues raising interest rates, there will be more failures.”

The economist pointed out that the five large US banks – the three giant New York banks and the two giant California banks – have trillions of dollars of derivatives that they are currently holding. Yet, their capital base is only in billions. “So, they are exposed to risk in the trillions of dollars and they do not have the capital base to support that risk. So, if something happens again in these derivatives as it did earlier this century when we had the big crisis, those banks will be in jeopardy.”

Roberts proceeded to warn that, if those banks get in trouble from their derivatives, it will spread into Europe. He noted that those banks were simply too large and there’s much interrelatedness.

“I doubt if Biden or anyone in his administration, or even the Federal Reserve, has any idea of the extent of risk. To put it very [clearly], the five large US banks hold derivatives, the value of which is twice the size of the GDP of the entire world. They hold $188 trillion in derivatives. So, what is the risk of this? No one knows.” 

According to Roberts, the troubles date back to 1999 when US authorities dramatically changed banking regulations. Prior to that, commercial banks couldn’t engage in investment banking, he explained, while investment banks took risk on their own money. However, when the commercial banks were let in, they started to gamble with the savings of depositors. That has allowed tremendous risk-taking, which was previously not part of the system, the expert stated.

He pointed out that the so-called Glass-Steagall Act had prevented panic buying and buying crises for 66 years until it was largely repealed in 1999. “When they took that away, they initiated a pattern of behavior that leads to crises.”

The former White House official suggested that the current crisis in the US banking sector could impact the rest of the world, noting that some European banks, like Credit Suisse, are already in jeopardy.

“So, we don’t really know the full extent of the trouble in the banks… It’s just like the derivatives that blew up in 2007/2008, and we lost banks, we lost Wall Street firms,” Roberts said, emphasizing that this was the reason for very low interest rates for the next 12 years, which led to the current crisis.

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Independent Media Isn’t Going Away – But Corrupted Politicians Will Be

Independent Media Isn’t Going Away – But Corrupted Politicians Will Be

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Independent Media isn’t going away – but corrupted politicians will be. Mainstream media may try to protect you, but we won’t. Weak men are traitors to their country. Being weak has consequences that you can’t escape. Independent Media is coming for you. #australia #politicians #albanese #bs19 #COVID19 #media #pfizerexposed #PfizerFiles #elonmusk #australiannationalreview

Click Here To Play the Video

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Pfizer, Bioweapons and US Pathogen Experiments Exposed by the Russian Military

Pfizer, Bioweapons, and US Pathogen Experiments Exposed by the Russian Military

By Zeee Media

Pfizer, Bioweapons, and US pathogen experiments were exposed by the Russian military.

Russian General credits Project Veritas, Karen Kingston, and the Stew Peters Show for their work on exposing Pfizer.

Click Here To Play the Video

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Interview With Jamie McIntyre on All Things Biz, Opportunities and Geo Politics

Interview With Jamie McIntyre on All Things Biz, Opportunities, and Geo Politics

By Craig Schulze

Interview with Jamie McIntyre on all things biz, opportunities, and geopolitics.

Two parts:

Click Here To Play the Video – Part 1


Click Here To Play the Video – Part 2

Jamie McIntyre is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to discussing business, entrepreneurship, disruption, and geopolitics.

Jamie and I sit down to discuss what is happening in the world right now, what you should and need to know, and what opportunities are going to move into hypergrowth.

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Doctors Around the World Say It’s Time to Stop the Shots

Doctors Around the World Say It’s Time to Stop the Shots

By Jennifer Margulis | Joe Wang

Recently “COVID-19” and “Fauci” have been trending on Twitter. And when you click on those hashtags, you don’t get regurgitated government messaging.

Instead, you get declarations like this one from Dr. Eli David, which has been viewed 1.2 million times: “Fauci was wrong about lockdowns, masks, double-masks, Remdesivir, vaccine, boosters, and virus origin.

“Was Fauci right about anything? Give me a single thing about Covid which Fauci got right …”

Tired of Half-Truths

It’s becoming increasingly clear from social media and real life that people are tired of being lied to by government health authorities. They’re beginning to realize that these agencies don’t have their best interests in mind.

I (Jennifer) stopped to chat with an older couple enjoying the sun last week. They had set up two folding chairs by the water so they could watch the passersby and look at the shimmering Atlantic Ocean.

“You just have to enjoy every second,” the wife said. “My husband has dementia. It’s been hard. You don’t know when you’re going to go. My best friend called me sobbing two weeks ago. They found her 46-year-old son dead in his bed. No one knows why.”

“Do you know if he was vaccinated?” I asked in the gentlest tone I could muster. “I know that may sound like a strange question but … we are seeing myocarditis and pericarditis in young men post-vaccination; the Florida surgeon general no longer recommends mRNA vaccines for young men; and at least some of these sudden unexplained deaths may be due to that.”

“I didn’t know that,” she said. “But I’m sure he was vaccinated. I’ve done so many at this point, I’m radioactive!”

“We’ve had, what, five?!” she said, turning to her husband. “It’s getting ridiculous. We still got COVID, twice. We’re not doing anymore.”

Deaths Continue

There has been an upsurge in sudden, unexplained, and age-inappropriate deaths in at least 30 countries in the industrialized world.

In Ireland, so many people died in January that funerals had to be postponed, according to local news.

Ed Dowd, in his new book, “‘Cause Unknown’: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” argues that the sudden deaths in young people in industrialized countries is because of mRNA vaccines.

Dowd shows how the number of excess deaths in America that were attributed to COVID-19 in 2020 was actually much lower than the huge spike in sudden deaths that began in 2021 after the COVID-19 vaccines started being widely distributed.

Importantly, most of the 2021 deaths, which occurred mostly in people ages 18 to 64, were not attributed to COVID.

More Have Died After COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Outs Than During the Vietnam War

“From February 2021 to March 2022, millennials experienced the equivalent of a Vietnam war, with more than 60,000 excess deaths,” wrote Dowd, who is an expert in following and anticipating trends and a founding partner in a global investment company called Phinance Technologies.

“The Vietnam war took 12 years to kill the same number of healthy young people we’ve just seen die in 12 months.”

Swine Flu Vaccine Program Halted After 3 Deaths

On Oct. 13, 1976, the New York Times ran a story about the swine flu vaccine.


Epoch Times Photo
All deaths from all vaccines reported to VAERS by year from 1990 to 2023. (screenshot/

As of Feb. 24, 34,576 deaths have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), which is known for its under-reporting (pdf), after COVID-19 shots.

With deaths reported for all vaccines combined, the number jumped from 420 deaths in 2020 (before COVID vaccination) to 22,278 deaths in 2021 (with COVID vaccination), a 5,304 percent increase.

Brave Doctors Around the World Speaking Out

With the mounting evidence that the COVID-19 jab is doing more harm than good, medical doctors and health experts around the world, many of who are risking losing their jobs, are now speaking out against continuing to give mRNA injections.

Especially problematic, they say, is giving mRNA vaccines to young people for whom COVID-19 is usually a mild, easily overcome viral infection.

In May of 2020, we wrote our first article on evidence-based science-forward researchers and clinicians who have spoken out against propaganda posing as science: “May the Force Be with Them: Scientists Fight Back.”

Since then, we have continued to document and report on a global phenomenon: conscientious doctors and medical scientists who follow the facts say that mRNA vaccinations do more harm than good, and that it’s time to stop the harm.

Japanese Cardiovascular Surgeon Says Halt the Boosters

Dr. Kenji Yamamoto, a cardiovascular surgeon in Japan, argued that giving any further COVID-19 vaccines is simply too dangerous.

“As a safety measure, further booster vaccinations should be discontinued,” Yamamoto insisted in a peer-reviewed letter published in the journal Virology. He has seen lethal cases of vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia.

He and his colleagues have found that the vaccines have led some patients to such marked immune dysfunction. Some have died from difficult-to-control antibiotic-resistant infections, the underlying cause of which Yamamoto attributed to vaccine-induced immune problems.

“To date, when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of mRNA vaccines, vaccination has been commonly recommended. As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes better controlled, vaccine sequelae are likely to become more apparent,” he wrote.

“It has been hypothesized that there will be an increase in cardiovascular diseases, especially acute coronary syndromes, caused by the spike proteins in genetic vaccines. Besides the risk of infections owing to lowered immune functions, there is a possible risk of unknown organ damage caused by the vaccine that has remained hidden without apparent clinical presentations, mainly in the circulatory system.”

British Cardiologist Speaks Out

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a British cardiologist who has been staunchly in favor of vaccines for his entire medical career, initially defended the COVID-19 vaccine program.

In fact, he was among the first to get them.

But after spending countless hours researching the vaccines and carefully reviewing all the available scientific data, Malhotra no longer recommends them.

He now believes that these vaccines are causing “unprecedented harms,” as he explained in a recent interview.

Moreover, he has published several peer-reviewed articles explaining the data. “Re-analysis of randomized controlled trials using the messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology suggests a greater risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines than being hospitalized from COVID-19,” Malhotra wrote.

Australian Cardiologist Calls to Stop the Shots

Dr. Ross Walker, a cardiologist based in Sydney, Australia, has seen on the order of 70 cases of vaccine-induced heart problems following mRNA vaccines in his practice alone.

He now believes the mRNA vaccines are “very pro-inflammatory,” and that these vaccines should never have been mandated.

In his patients, the heart problems—which include palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath—have been lasting for up to half a year following vaccination, according to Walker.

“… we don’t need to use mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna,” Walker told Daily Mail Australia.

A Virologist and Immunologist Speaks Out

Yuhong Dong is a medical doctor with over twenty years of experience in virological and immunological research who writes for The Epoch Times.

For her doctorate, which she earned at Beijing University in China, Dong specialized in infectious diseases. From 2010 to 2017, she was the senior medical scientific expert and pharmacovigilance leader at Novartis Headquarters in Switzerland. During that time, she won four company awards.

“There is ample evidence, based on preclinical and clinical studies, demonstrating that these COVID-19 vaccines do not protect people against SARS-CoV-2 infection, but incur serious adverse events including abnormal blood clots, cardiovascular events, strokes, sudden death, immune disorders, neurological injuries, and reproductive events,” Dong told The Epoch Times via email.

“At the general population level, the risks weigh high over the benefits. We should take a decent but rational decision to stop the COVID-19 vaccine program immediately.”

The solution to building strong immunity to survive viral infections, Dong said, is not via mRNA technology.

Instead, she wrote, we need to teach people “how to preserve or booster their divine-endowed natural immunity [and] change their detrimental lifestyles and mindsets.”

‘Should Be Summarily Stopped’

“The COVID-19 vaccine program should be summarily stopped because signals for adverse effects, including death, are unprecedented,” Dr. Bose Ravenel, a retired pediatrician based in North Carolina who spent 31 years in private practice, 11 years as an academic pediatrician, and six years practicing integrative pediatric medicine, also insisted.

Ravenel told The Epoch Times that he has clocked over 4,500 hours studying SARS-CoV-2, including the vaccines.

“The risk of death or serious illness from current COVID strains is statistically low,” he continued, “effective ambulatory treatment is available, and the absolute risk reduction from the vaccines is 0.5 to 1.6 percent—that’s very low,” he said. “These mRNA vaccines fail to achieve the foundational function of a vaccine of stopping infection or transmission to others.”

‘Belongs in the Dustbin of History’

Dr. Thomas Redwood has been an emergency room physician for over 30 years. Currently practicing in Alabama, he was an ER physician within the Wellstar and Piedmont health care systems in Atlanta, Georgia, until his privileges were terminated for not complying with COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“We should end the COVID vaccine program, full stop,” Redwood told The Epoch Times. “What was touted as safe and effective is neither.”

Redwood also added that he’s surprised that the medical community is still defending—and even promoting—these vaccines.

“Any other vaccine with a similar adverse event profile has been pulled from the market,” he said. “The vaccine’s inability to prevent infection and therefore transmission further highlights why this experimental drug belongs in the dustbin of history.”


Dr. Kirk A. Milhoan, a pediatric cardiologist and the medical director of a non-profit called For Hearts and Souls, says the spike protein is a known cardio-toxin.

“It is now known to function as a cardio-toxin,” Milhoan wrote in an email to Jennifer.

According to Milhoan, knowingly having our bodies produce a cardio-toxin with the hope that this will help protect us against a respiratory virus with a very low infection-fatality rate makes no scientific sense.

Cammy Benton, M.D.: After This Health Assault, We All Need to Heal

Dr. Cammy Benton, a family physician in private practice in Huntersville, North Carolina, said she was skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine program from early on.

“The science from the beginning simply did not meet criteria for approval for use,” Benton told The Epoch Times.

“Ongoing data confirms that the vaccine failed on its promises and has caused significant harms, not only on a physical level but on a psychosocial level on a global scale,” she said. “We need to heal on all levels after this assault on our freedoms and our health.”

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Jamie McIntyre Speaks at the 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference

Jamie McIntyre Speaks at the 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference

By Freedom of Choice Event

Jamie Mcintyre speaks at The 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference -THE CENSORSHIP OF THE VACCINATION DEBATE IN AUSTRALIA TODAY! Co-Founder of 21st Century Education

Jamie McIntyre is the founder of over 12 companies that have turned over in excess of $60 million dollars annually. With reach in industries such as Education, Trading, Accounting, Land Development, US Property, Media, Publishing, TV and in the past Finance Broking, Stock Broking and Recruitment. The 21st Century Group grew to be one of the largest financial education resources in Australia.

Today Jamie focuses on mostly not for profit projects to help make a positive difference to the less fortunate and to help society evolve.

Jamie is also the founder of one of Australia’s growing political parties, “21st Century Australia” and was one of the original founder’s of the “Australian National Review” newspaper.

20 years ago Jamie realised the world needed a 21st Century Modern day education rather than the current out-dated education system created in the industrialisation era of the 19th Century. A “21st Century” education that was better than school or university and taught by those with a PhD in Results, not just theory. An Education – For Life!

After producing such outstanding results in so many areas of his life, Jamie decided to fulfill a promise he made to one of his personal mentors and pass on what he had learnt to others. From this, the 21st Century Education and the 21st Century Group was born.

Today, Jamie has educated more than 550,000 people worldwide from over 17 different countries and helped thousands achieve financial abundance and long-term success.

Nominated for ‘Young Australian of the Year’ in 1999 for his achievements, Jamie is a successful entrepreneur, investor, sought after success coach, internationally renowned speaker and world-leading educator, hosting on his stage some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs (such as Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and Arnold Schwarzenegger).

He is also the author of numerous globally applauded publications such as the best-selling books ‘What I Didn’t Learn At School But I Had’ and “ Think and Grow Rich in the 21st Century ‘

His latest and most controversial book is ” The Great Vaccine Con ” which he wrote after studying the Vaccine Industry for many years and as a result of many doctors and Scientists pleading for him and ANR to expose the industry.

Jamie decided 12 months ago to challenge a Put up or shut up for those falsely stating “Vaccines are safe and effective “ by offering $1 million to any one who can independently prove vaccines are safe and effective on the basis they put up a $1million also. So far there has been no takers.

Before the Vaccine industry he exposed the Australian Financial Planning Industry for its deceptive conduct which saw him targeted by industry regulators for his stance although this did not sway him from warning and educating mum and dad investors about the industry. The conference was organised by volunteer group Australia Let’s Talk About Vaccines.

Here’s what others had to say:

Eddie Piecart
Jamie! I am gob smacked mate!
I would NEVER have thought you would “expose” yourself this way, as a prominent business person and conduct yourself with such honesty and humility.
I thought you were a good and decent bloke at a conference you had in Melbourne back in 2006.
Turns out you are a decent and honest human who is not frightened by the big end of town.
Go for it mate, the little people depend on people like yourself.

Piera B
BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! We are waking up and I applaud your courage and bravery. This message is long overdue and will help others awaken to the truth. Thank you for being a maverick in every respect of the word.

Great talk!
Just a small question. The link to The Great Vaccine Con is not active and I can’t find it online anymore. There used to be a book available to download there. Any chances to find out if this was taken down by Jamie or censored? Luckily Amazon still sells it in a kindle version. I wish I’ve downloaded it before. Thanks

Wow. Very much looking forward to reading Jaime’s book – The Great Vaccine Con.


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