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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Should We have Sympathy for those Who Promoted the Deadly Vaccines, As Nathan Templeton Did, Who Then Died Suddenly, Most Likely from those “ Vaccines”?

Should We have Sympathy for those Who Promoted the Deadly Vaccines, As Nathan Templeton Did, Who Then Died Suddenly, Most Likely from those “ Vaccines”?

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Should we have sympathy for those who promoted the deadly vaccines, as Nathan Templeton did, who then died suddenly, most likely from those “ vaccines”?

Or do they deserve what they got?

Is it karma?

From Dave Oneegs

So these were the tweets and comments from Nathan Templeton.

It is very disappointing to see some of the comments and insensitivity from the anti-VAX community.

There is no sense in being mad at the naive people who were deceived.

There are millions of them in this country alone!

Shouldn’t we be blaming the deceivers that deceived people and not those that they trapped and mislead?!?

Nathan leaves behind a beautiful family and a huge network of friends.

At the end of the day, he was just another decent Australian tricked into promoting the agenda.

Staying focused on the criminals and not the victims is my suggestion.

Once again, sincere condolences to his friends and family.

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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Pfizer Post PARTIAL Results of Their “COVID Vaccine in Pregnancy” Trial

Pfizer Post PARTIAL Results of Their “COVID Vaccine in Pregnancy” Trial

By Steve Kirsch

They were only able to enroll 349 patients into the trial so all the adverse event signals were NOT statistically significant. So now they can claim that there were no safety signals!


I originally wrote this article when the Pfizer trial results were first announced in July 2023. It has been sitting in my drafts because I wanted to make it perfect. I’m publishing it now because it is relevant to the article I just published on my survey results. The tl;dr of this article is that they are still withholding data and not being transparent. If it was safe, there would be a paper on this. There is no paper.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what that means.

Executive summary

Pfizer quietly posted the results of their pregnancy trial and didn’t tell anyone.

I found out about it by accident.

The trial results are here.

Since they enrolled only 349 women, none of the safety signals were statistically significant.

There were a number of things in the filing that should cause a great deal of concern:

  1. some outcomes. 3 of 8 primary and 6 of 8 of secondary lacked data Why? July 2024 mentioned
  2. 2x of defects
  3. 3x of xxxx thorp AE
  4. No detail given in the effects (e.g., sec 6). Lumped into 1
  5. Inconsistencies confuses critical thinkers like me (billiruben from thorp)
  6. Never mentioned birth defects, pregnancy losses, miscarriages, spontaneous abortions omitted neonatal deaths
  7. the word miscarriage, abortion never mentioned. How is that possible?
  8. This was all done quietly with no press release.

I will detail all of these defects in this article.

It appears I was the first journalist to notice these results were posted and point out these problems.



The trial, which began in Feb 2021, originally intended to enroll 4,000 women, but enrollment stopped in late 2021 with just 349 participants.

Why? They claimed it was because all women wanted to get the vaccine so they were unable to recruit any more subjects. Details in this excellent Substack article: EXCLUSIVE: Whatever happened to Pfizer’s covid vaccine trial in pregnant women?

So they changed the description in to match what they had enrolled: “in approximately 350 healthy pregnant women 18 years of age or older vaccinated at 24 to 34 weeks’ gestation.”

The official trial completion date was July 15, 2022. By law, they have 1 year from that data to post their results on

And in compliance with the law, they filed the outcomes on the very last day possible to still be in compliance with the law: July 14, 2023. See proof here.

The government reviewed their filing, found it deficient, and published it with their commentary on August 4, 2023 that they didn’t comply with the law and withheld information. The government then updated this on August 7, 2023 according to the record

What they posted

You can read it here.

There was a lot of detail for things that nobody cares about like injection site issues:

For injection site reactions, they DID publish the comparison!

But when it came to the really “interesting” data (Primary Outcome #6), they provided no detail whatsoever!!! Just the overall event rates in the two groups. They did NOT list which events happened. This is nuts. This is a HUGE RED FLAG. But nobody is questioning this except me. You always list the serious AEs by type and number. For example, if there were 10 cardiac arrests in the treatment group, and 1 event of 6 different types in the placebo group, that would be huge. But they provided no detail!

Many outcomes lacked data entirely

How could Pfizer possibly not know what the outcomes were by now in ever? This is impossible that they don’t know.

The most likely reason: the results are really bad so they are keeping the results secret forever.

Statistically significant

Outcome #19:

4X more likely to get an SAE in the child

No detail!

What this means

This whole report is extremely suspicious.

I only found out about it because a “fact checker” (John Gregory, the health editor at is writing a hit piece on my Substack to discredit me, so I decided to check if the trial results were published yet in formulating a response to one of his questions designed to discredit me. So it was a stroke of dumb luck that I stumbled upon the publication of these results.

More importantly, how is there zero coverage in the mainstream media anywhere in the entire world on this?

Don’t people want to know whether the drug is safe in pregnancy or not?

The CDC has been claiming it was safe, but they had no evidence for those claims because the study had never even started when they made those claims.

Apparently, Congress doesn’t care about this either. I seriously doubt any representative from Pfizer will be called to answer questions like, “Why were no results published?”

And of course, nobody in the mainstream media wants to know the answer to this either. Nor will anyone ask the FDA, “How will you sanction Pfizer for not complying with the federal regulation?”

About the federal regulation

The requirement to post clinical trial results on within one year of trial completion is not a federal law itself, but it is mandated by federal regulations. The requirement comes from the Final Rule of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act (FDAAA) of 2007. It stipulates that certain clinical trials must submit summary results, including outcomes and adverse events, to the database within one year of the trial’s completion date. This rule aims to improve transparency and public access to clinical trial data.

There can be consequences if you don’t follow the federal regulation and fail to post clinical trial results on as required. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can take enforcement actions against sponsors of applicable clinical trials who do not comply with the reporting requirements. This can include warning letters, fines, and other regulatory actions. Non-compliance with these regulations can also impact the reputation of the sponsor and their ability to conduct future clinical trials. It’s important to adhere to these regulations to ensure transparency, accountability, and the integrity of clinical research.

But… since it is Pfizer, the FDA won’t do anything. Clearly, Pfizer is allowed to violate the regulations without being punished or reprimanded at all; that’s just the way science works.

Also, their vaccine can kill as many people as they want including unborn babies, and there will NEVER be any criminal liability for any of this.

That’s just the way it goes.

For more information

Please see my tweet which I published at 2:30am this morning and it already has nearly 500K views:

See also my other post where I questioned why the mainstream media isn’t demanding answers from Pfizer or the FDA. They are basically silent and do not care at all how many pregnancies were affected by these vaccines:

Another action you can take to make a difference

If you want a change in how things are done in the US government, the only way that is going to happen is if RFK Jr. wins the Presidency in 2024. Otherwise, the corruption will continue since Biden won’t fix it and Trump had 4 years to fix it and made no progress.


There is no reason for Pfizer withholding the key outcomes of this important study. The only reason they would do this is if the study results were bad.

By not filing their outcomes as required by law, Pfizer is basically saying, “We can violate federal regulations with impunity. We will not be held accountable.”

And they are right. Nobody is holding them accountable. The mainstream media, mainstream medical community, and lawmakers in Congress are all giving them a pass to do whatever they want.

People are being harmed.

But none of these people will hold the drug companies accountable. They are not committed to exposing the truth. They are, in fact, committed to suppressing the truth.

History will not look kindly on any of these people.

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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

New Survey Confirms that Vaccines are, by Far, the #1 Cause of Chronic Disease in America

New Survey Confirms that Vaccines are, by Far, the #1 Cause of Chronic Disease in America


Nobody should be vaccinated. Ever. Especially not during pregnancy. And vaccines are also the #1 cause of sexual orientation issues. The numbers are consistent with other published studies.

Executive summary

I recently asked my readers to tell me about their chronic health conditions.

The single most important conclusion is this

In all 58 conditions we asked about where we had sufficient data to compute an odds ratio, the vaccine always made the condition worse.

In other words, the medical community has gotten it backwards for decades. When you combine this with the realization that vaccines provide a benefit that is too small to measure as described here for the highly acclaimed COVID and flu vaccines, it’s clear that we should be stopping most, if not all, vaccines.

In fact, for the COVID vaccines, we have FOIA data showing that the vaccines make things worse and over a dozen attempts to ask the Santa Clara County of Public Health for comment have been ignored.

This is fundamentally why the NIH will never do a study comparing the highly vaccinated to the completely unvaccinated: it would blow the narrative and destroy their credibility.

Other important results of the survey include:

  1. 3.3X higher likelihood you’ll have 1 or more chronic diseases (OR 3.45 [95% CI: 3.02-3.96]). The one-sided p-value was 1.6e-78, something you don’t see very often. It basically means that this was not caused by random chance.
  2. 7X higher likelihood you’ll have 5 or more chronic conditions requiring treatment (drugs or therapies) (OR 7.03 [95% CI: 4.24-12.32]).
  3. 4X higher likelihood of a birth defect if the mother was vaccinated during the pregnancy (OR 4.31 [95% CI: 2.39-7.51]). That’s a huge effect. Nearly 80% of the birth defects are caused by the mother being vaccinated during pregnancy (actual value is 76.8%).
  4. 14.5X higher likelihood of sexual orientation/gender dysphoria issues in people under age 60 (OR 14.49 [95% CI: 2.33- 598.86]). This is a stunning result that isn’t discussed. Basically, 93% of the cases of sexual orientation issues are caused by vaccines.

The good news is that we can reduce chronic diseases in America by 70% with one simple change: tell people to stop taking the vaccines that are making them sick. That’s it. No new medications are needed. Just one policy change communicated from the CDC. It could literally happen tomorrow. It costs nothing.

And there needs to be full data transparency about all these vaccines so people can see how badly they were fooled.

The efficacy data for all vaccines is easy to gather, but we aren’t allowed to access the data to do the studies. This article shows how easy it is to expose the fraud. This research can be replicated for every disease if the government made the data available.

Survey demographics

  1. Over 13,000 responses, average age=55
  2. Breakdown of the two comparison groups I used in the analysis:
    1. Fully unvaccinated: 2,355 responses, average age=55
    2. Highly vaccinated: 2,260, average age = 49
  3. 63 conditions tested
  4. 44 conditions had odds ratio (OR) >=2 which means vaccines are the single largest cause of that condition
  5. 14 conditions had OR of 1.3-2.0 which means vaccines are a significant cause of that condition (23% of the cases or more are attributable to vaccination)
  6. The remaining 5 conditions had insufficient data to compute an odds ratio (p-value >.05).

List of symptoms and odds ratio table

Here is the list of symptoms and the odds ratios and p-values. Values >1 mean the vaccines made people less healthy. p-values of >.05 mean the result is not statistically significant.

Lines 61 and below have a p-value >.05 and are NOT statistically significant (because the effect is too small or the number of samples are too small or both).

Earlier work

I did a similar survey of 10,000 kids of my readers. You can compare the effect sizes in that survey vs. this survey.

But basically, the results there were the same as here: vaccines made things worse.

Downloading the data

Unlike papers in the peer reviewed literature, my data and analysis is available for public inspection. This is a novel concept that is frowned on by the medical community which is why they rarely do it.

  1. Article announcing the survey March 29 at 6:52pm PST.
  2. Survey form
  3. Responses (these are updated live)
  4. Excel spreadsheet analysis with OR calculation, p-values, and 95% confidence intervals (note: when you click this link, it will silently download the spreadsheet to your Downloads folder).

Data cleanup

I blanked out the age field of 18 entries where age field >102 or more. This was likely user entry error.

Some of the wording was changed during the course of the survey to make things more clear.

Some new symptoms were added during the survey, but this doesn’t affect the odds calculations; the raw incidence rates would not be accurate for these. Raw incidence rates were not used in the analysis.

About the survey

I collected over 10,000 responses in < 24 hours from launch.

The average age of all respondents was 55 and was 49 for the fully vaccinated, so these adults reporting they are fully vaccinated are undervaccinated compared to kids nowadays.

This means that our kids will be negatively impacted more than the (mostly) adults in our survey.

So these odds ratios should be conservative.

Was the survey accurate?

  1. My results were consistent with numbers published in the peer-reviewed literature. There is a tab on the spreadsheet for you to verify for yourself. So you can gaslight me all you want, but you need to explain why the numbers were so consistent if my survey was not “scientific” or was biased.
  2. All surveys have bias. The question you have to ask is whether the bias was large enough to make a material difference in the results.
  3. The best way to assess bias is for someone to replicate this survey with their followers. But I’m having a tough time finding someone willing to do that. They don’t seem to be interested in validating or not my results. Perhaps they don’t want to embarrass me? Nah. They don’t want to validate that I got it right. That’s the real reason.
  4. People who took my survey didn’t lie; there was no incentive to do so. If you think my fully vaccinated people are not representative (arguing that they became my follower after they were vaccine injured), then you can compare the incidence rate of these diseases in the unvaxxed in my survey vs. the general population using other sources. This is the exact same technique used in the studies by The Control Group. When you do that, you find the disparities between the unvaccinated and the general population incidence rates are much larger than in my survey. Look at the “pilot survey data graphs.” Here’s one of the graphs:
    My results are similar to those found in The Control Group survey. To eliminate survey bias in the fully vaccinated, they simply compared incidence rates vs. publicly known incidence rates since nearly all people are vaccinated.

The OR values found in my study were consistently LOWER than those in the TCG study.

In other words, my findings are conservative. If the survey was unbiased, the results would be even worse for the vaccines.

But nobody wants to challenge me on my statement by doing their own survey. It’s never going to happen. Hand-waving arguments are preferred by non-scientists who ignore data that doesn’t fit their belief system. Real scientists focus on data collection and would try to replicate the survey with different audiences.

Every single study comparing fully vaccinated vs. unvaccinated shows the unvaccinated are healthier. So even if my survey is “biased” it is clearly directionally correct. Society has a tough time dealing with the truth. That’s the fundamental problem.

Watch this video:


In the first 13,000 entries, I didn’t find any deliberately “gamed” entries.

Now that the survey is out, it’s a good bet that some people will take it upon themselves to game the entries. So keep that in mind.

Positive and negative controls

The survey incorporated both positive and negative controls.

The positive control was asking someone if they have a COVID vaccine injury. That OR “should” have been infinite because unvaccinated people can’t get a COVID vaccine injury! But it wasn’t because of vaccine shedding. And there were probably a few people who interpreted “fully unvaccinated” as “fully unvaccinated BEFORE the COVID vaccines rolled out. So that’s why the OR was “only” 26.

The negative controls were Lyme disease, Down syndrome (sorry for typo in the survey), birth defects, COPD. and glaucoma.

I also thought sexual orientation issues would be a negative control, but I was wrong. It ended up being one of the strongest signals (4th largest), comparable to smoking and lung cancer.

Birth defects was not a negative control because people who are fully unvaccinated had parents who didn’t believe in vaccination. These parents didn’t vaccinate the mom during pregnancy. That’s why the OR was so high. Vaccination didn’t cause birth defects, but it was correlated with the mom not being vaccinated during pregnancy.

I accidentally listed Lyme disease twice in the original survey before discovering the error. The results were consistent. This ended up being a nice additional control showing that the surveys were not filled out randomly. I’ve removed the duplicate when I discovered it (after 10,000 responses).

Replicating the results

Replication is key. Good science is all about replication.

If the survey results are replicated with a different set of respondents, the conclusions will be hard to ignore.

It took me about an hour to code the survey, under 24 hours to wait for results, and 2 hours to analyze the results.

It would be nice to repeat this survey with followers of someone more neutral, but I have not found anyone willing to take the reputational risk of promoting my survey to their followers.

But here’s the thing…

If vaccines are safe, why aren’t THEY showing us the “correct” data?

Or simply give us access to the VSD database and we’ll do all the work!

They won’t because it would destroy the credibility of the White House, the medical community, government agencies, health authorities, and the mainstream media.

That’s the real reason why the NIH will never do a study comparing health outcomes between fully vaccinated and fully unvaccinated and why no mainstream media organization will touch this issue (other than the “fact checkers”).

It’s the same reason a House bill requiring the NIH to do such a study was killed in committee: (see HR 3069): because it would be harmful to the American people if they learned the truth about vaccines.

Attributable fraction mini-tutorial

The formula for attributable fraction (AF) is (OR-1)/OR.

For example, an OR=2 would have an AF=50%.

What that means in our case is that if you have an OR of 2 or more, it means that half of the cases are caused by vaccines.

So for conditions where the OR>2, it means that vaccines are the LARGEST cause of the condition and if you eliminate the vaccine, the rate of the condition should drop by a factor of 2 or more. The larger the OR, the larger the drop.

Vaccines are the #1 cause of chronic disease

  1. Highly vaccinated people are 3.3X more likely to have 1 or more chronic diseases (OR 3.45 [95% CI: 3.02-3.96]).
  2. I asked about 63 different conditions. Vaccines didn’t reduce the risk of any chronic disease. Not a single one.
  3. 44 symptoms had an OR of 2 or more. 58 had an OR of 1.2 or more. The remaining 5 were not statistically significant.
  4. Highly vaccinated people are over 7X more likely to suffer from 5 or more chronic conditions requiring drugs or other therapy to treat (OR 7.03 [95% CI: 4.24-12.32]).

This effect is very well known among my followers as this poll demonstrates:

Still not convinced? Watch this excellent short video which talks about the scientific evidence that vaccines are causing the health problem, not reducing it:

And read this excellent post from A Midwestern Doctor: What Makes All Vaccines So Dangerous?

Vaccination during pregnancy

  1. No mother should ever take a vaccine during pregnancy. It creates nothing but bad news, including almost a 5X increase in the risk of birth defects among other things OR 4.31 [95% CI: 2.39-7.51].
  2. It is shameful that the CDC is promoting mothers to get the COVID vaccine while they are pregnant.

This effect has been known for years. Joy Garner of The Control Group pointed this out to me, so it was nice to confirm that the same effect was replicated in my survey.

There are a host of other conditions that are elevated by vaccinating while pregnant. Here are just a few and their odds ratios:

  1. ADHD 2.4
  2. Autism 2.3
  3. Autoimmune disorders 1.9
  4. Bipolar 4.6
  5. Birth defect 4.5
  6. Brain bleed 3.2
  7. Diabetes (type 2)
  8. Dyslexia 1.8
  9. Celiac disease 1.7
  10. CFS 1.7
  11. Crohn’s 3.7
  12. Depression 1.7
  13. Food allergies 1.7
  14. Learning disability 2.0
  15. POTS 3.0
  16. Speech disorder 3.6

And if that’s not enough, there is this

Here’s a screenshot of the unavailable post that was referenced pointing out the issues in the Pfizer trial studying this issue:

See also:

  1. CDC’s pregnancy advice is terrible
  2. Pfizer post PARTIAL results of their “COVID vaccine in pregnancy” trial. Truly stunning. It was NOT safe.
  3. And this comment:

    No, it isn’t a coincidence. Of course this was caused by the vaccines. But people are being gaslit by doctors and convinced it is not related. Give me a break. This is not normal or random. If you are “stonewalled” in research it means someone has a reason for hiding the truth from you.

Sexual orientation issues

Sexual orientation is about who you’re attracted to and who you feel drawn to romantically, emotionally, and sexually. It’s different than gender identity.

Gender identity isn’t about who you’re attracted to, but about who you ARE — male, female, genderqueer, etc.

Gender dysphoria is clinically significant distress caused when a person’s assigned birth gender is not the same as the one with which they identify.

There was a stunning 14.5X higher likelihood of sexual orientation/gender dysphoria issues in people under age 60 (OR 14.49 [95% CI: 2.33- 598.86]). Basically, 93% of the cases of sexual orientation issues in those under 60 are caused by vaccines.

This is comparable to the association of smoking and lung cancer; generally, the odds ratio between smoking and lung cancer falls within the range of 15 to 30. There are few effects in the world that are stronger than this.

To be causal, you have to satisfy the Bradford-Hill criteria. The key thing to show is biological plausibility which helps you to determine causation vs. correlation.

We have biological plausibility in spades here because the vaccines get into your brain. People like Ben Tapper have been saying this for years.

As before, most of my followers have figured this out already:

One of my readers wrote:

Sexual orientation and gender dysphoria is the tail end of the autism spectrum … no one wants to hear that… because the LGBTQ community has done so much work to grow acceptance and normalize it… but it is what I personally strongly believe.

I have talked to many top researchers and they agree with this working theory… and they all also have said to me … THIS IS A THIRD RAIL issue… do not touch it! So.

There is a huge overlap between the diagnosis of gender dysphoria and autism … so if people wanted to get to the bottom of this ‘new phenomenon’ that’s the group to start with!!

A percent of boys with autism are feminized and a percent of girls with autism have hirsutism. There is a connection.

What’s next?

  1. Replication to prove that the numbers are independent of the audience. Good science should always be repeatable.
  2. Age stratified analysis to confirm that younger people who were fully vaccinated are less healthy than their older peers (this would be a shocking result since generally older people have more health issues).
  3. Publication in a scientific journal
  4. Paid promotion of the paper in mainstream media to get the word out.

Will the world come to an end if all vaccines are stopped?

It seems unlikely.

I know of a pediatric medical practice operating in the US over the past 25 years with thousands of kids, all unvaccinated, and they are uniformly healthier than their fully vaccinated peers. And there is ZERO autism for example.

Some might argue that that’s because 99% of their peers are vaccinated which protects the minority and that if everyone was unvaccinated, diseases would run unchecked and deaths from diseases that are treated with vaccines would skyrocket.

We have already seen that this is not the case as vaccination rates have decreased and no numbers have skyrocketed if you look at the 20 year history of each disease.

So we can start by simply giving people the ability to choose without the coercion we have now.

All we have to do to get started is stop the coercion and the censorship.

You shouldn’t have to be vaxxed to go to school, participate in a sport, go to work, etc. And the White House and the medical boards need to stop censoring doctors.

Tragic story of a vaccine injured child (MMR vaccine)

My son was vaccine injured 16 years ago. He went from a bright healthy beautiful child to sitting in a corner repetitively throwing things over his head and he was unable to focus. This occurred immediately after his 18 month appointment and the MMR vaccine. I didn’t want him to get it but my doctor assured me it was perfectly safe and there was nothing to worry about (her exact words). I thought he had adhd at first but he was ultimately diagnosed with autism, apraxia and Lyme disease. My mother received two doses of the Covid vaccine and died a year ago from Leukemia. She also came down with Parkinson’s.

I’m very grateful the truth is finally coming out about vaccines thanks to the tireless work of people like Steve. I’m sure many here understand how lonely it is when you understand the dangers but you are unable to convince others and typically you know its probably better just to keep your mouth shut because most people don’t want to know the truth. The truth is we’ve been lied to not just about vaccines but about so many things.

I couldn’t agree more.

How many stories like this will it take before the CDC stops these unsafe vaccines?

Will anyone challenge my work?

I doubt it.

It’s SO obvious. If vaccines led to better health outcomes, the CDC would have a dozen studies posted on their website. They have none.

The NIH has never funded such a study and they never will.

They tried to pass a bill (HR 3069) in Congress to force NIH to do such a study, but the bill was killed in committee. Why? Because Congress is working for the drug companies, not the people.

That tells you everything you need to know.

Here’s another datapoint on that… most everyone wants to end the liability protection for vaccine makers:

But few in Congress are talking about this. This is not a government of the people. It is a government of the drug companies.


The survey has identified that the single easiest, cheapest, safest, and most effective way to dramatically improve the health of people all over the world is to stop vaccinating them.

The simplest way to get started is to:

  1. End the liability protection for all drug manufacturers. This is a license to kill. If you can only do one thing, this is it. If Congress won’t do it, we should amend the US Constitution.
  2. Stop the coercion in schools, business, medical boards.
  3. Stop the censorship and intimidation tactics.
  4. Stop hiding the public health data from the public. Embrace data transparency, e.g., open the secret databases to allow us to query them
  5. Engage in dialog in public forums where both sides can meet to resolve our differences. The folks who agree with me will do this at any time. But for some reason, nobody on their side is willing to talk to us. We will never resolve our differences by refusing to engage in dialog with the other side.

The rest will take care of itself.

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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Top Virologist Issues Grave Warning to the COVID Vaccinated

Top Virologist Issues Grave Warning to the COVID-Vaccinate

By The Vigilant Fox

Top Virologist Issues Grave Warning to the COVID-Vaccinated.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who accurately predicted that the C19 injections would cause escape variants, now warns that a “huge, huge wave” of illness and deaths is now “imminent.”

He says, “What I am predicting is a massive, massive tsunami of illness and death among highly-vaccinated populations with compromised immune systems.”

Bossche added, “It is very, very clear that when this starts, our hospitals will collapse. And that means the chaos in all kinds of layers of society — financial, economic, social, you name it — will be complete.”

“And that is what I’m very clearly predicting … It’s very strange for me to make such statements, but I’m not hiding it because I’m 200% convinced that it will happen.”

Click Here To Play the Video


Original source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Whoops! FOIA Response From Santa Clara County Reveals that the COVID Shots INCREASED Your Risk of Getting COVID!

Whoops! FOIA Response From Santa Clara County Reveals that the COVID Shots INCREASED Your Risk of Getting COVID!


The COVID vaccines worked in reverse making people more susceptible. Attempts to contact Santa Clara County Public Health Department for comment were totally ignored.

They tell you to get the shot, but their own data shows that the shots make it more likely you’ll get COVID.

Executive summary

Based on new data I just got from a FOIA request, it appears that the public health epidemiologists in Santa Clara County knew in January 2022 that the vaccines made people more likely to get COVID, but they remained silent.

I predict that there will be further silence on this matter: no accountability and no opportunity for public challenges. They will continue to push the shots as if nothing had happened and the mainstream media will ignore this important data.

Here is the data for you to download yourself

Download it here. When you click the link, it will silently download the Excel file to your Downloads folder.

Summary of the data

The data in the spreadsheet is from January 2022 and contains a line for each person who was diagnosed with COVID in that month.

N means unvaccinated. Y means vaccinated. U means unknown. Blank means unknown.

Santa Clara County is highly vaccinated (95%), but it isn’t that highly vaccinated!

The rows are 10 year age groups.

So the percentage of people who were diagnosed with COVID (98% or more) was higher than the percentage of people who got the vaccine (under 95%).

In other words, the vaccine made you more likely to get COVID instead of 10X less likely that they claimed in the clinical trials.

This is consistent with the

The exact same thing is happening in Australia!

Stunning parallels in Australia:


  1. The COVID vaccine trials were fraudulent. There is no possible way they got 90% efficacy (a 10X reduction in infection risk). They did it through deception as described here. The vaccines actually made you more likely to get COVID as we learned from the Santa Clara data, the Cleveland Clinic study, and numerous other sources (see this article for example).
  2. The numbers here are highly statistically significant. It appears that the Santa Clara County Health epidemiologists knew something was wrong by January 2022, but instead of warning people, they kept their mouths shut about it. There was no public admission of this, no public warning. I predict that there will NEVER be any public accountability of what happened because public officials never like to admit they were responsible for killing people with these useless and deadly vaccines.
  3. The Santa Clara County Health Department ignored all my attempts (multiple phone calls and emails) to solicit a response to this article.

Original Source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Know Anyone Thinking of Getting Another COVID Shot? Urge Them to Watch This Short Video on Vaccine Injuries First!

Know Anyone Thinking of Getting Another COVID Shot? Urge Them to Watch This Short Video on Vaccine Injuries First!


If you know anyone who is considering getting more jabs, please urge them to watch this short video. It was created nearly 1 year ago and has over 1M views. The end is tragic.

The video ends with the compelling testimony of Stephanie de Garay describing her daughter Maddie’s participation in the Pfizer 12-15 year old trial.

Maddie de Garay, who was 12 years old at the time of the trial, was permanently disabled less than 24 hours after her second Pfizer shot in the clinical trial with 1,131 kids (aged 12-15) getting the shot. 1 in 1,000 kids being permanently disabled due to the shot should have stopped the trial. But Pfizer covered it up and never reported the actual injury; they deliberately misreported it as abdominal pain, including in their paper published in the NEJM. No complaints from the mainstream medical community about scientific fraud have surfaced.

The fraudulent paper is still published in the NEJM. The paper says: “there were no vaccine-related serious adverse events and few overall severe adverse events.” That’s a blatant lie.

But the NEJM isn’t going to retract the paper despite the clear proof of scientific fraud. And doctors will believe what is in the literature, not what is obvious in plain sight. Because that’s the way science works.

FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock promised me that the FDA would investigate, but no investigation has ever taken place; not from the FDA, CDC, Pfizer, or anyone else.

America should be told why there was never an investigation, but the mainstream media will never ask that question.

I hope you enjoy the video and Stephanie’s testimony at the end.

How many people were seriously injured by the COVID vaccines?

From the V-safe data, we can estimate that around 8% of vaccine recipients had a serious injury due to the COVID vaccine. Since over 270M Americans got the shot, this means that over 20M Americans were seriously injured.

Check out these disability graphs compiled by the St. Louis Fed:

Here’s the 3rd graph in detail:

Population - With a Disability, 16 Years and over ...

A rise like this is not random; it is caused by something that is disabling over 1 million of Americans.

Yet, NOBODY is asking any questions as to why the disability rates rose to new highs right after the COVID vaccines rolled out.

If it wasn’t the COVID vaccine, what was it?

And why is nobody talking about this?

Until this is resolved, don’t you think that getting another COVID shot is premature?


Watch the video and keep in mind that this is a small sampling of the millions of people who have been injured by the COVID vaccines.

If you know anyone thinking about getting another jab, show them the video or forward this article.


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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

New Thailand Randomized Clinical Trial Shows Early Treatment With Just 2 Drugs was 100% Effective in Eliminating Risk of Hospitalization from COVID

New Thailand Randomized Clinical Trial Shows Early Treatment With Just 2 Drugs was 100% Effective in Eliminating Risk of Hospitalization from COVID


Fluvoxamine in combination with one other drug was 100% successful in preventing hospitalization for COVID in this multi-drug trial in Thailand. Those on standard of care: 37.5% hospitalized!

Executive summary

A new trial out of Thailand recently published in the medical peer-reviewed literature with 995 participants showed that treatment with fluvoxamine and at least one other drug was 100% successful in preventing hospitalization from COVID. For those receiving standard of care, 37.5% required hospitalization.

We presented evidence from multiple trials of the efficacy of fluvoxamine in early 2021 to the FDA in our EUA application, but they said that the benefits didn’t outweigh the risks and denied our EUA.

Their decision made no sense as the scientific evidence couldn’t have been more clear at the time.

Now, with this new trial result published, the FDA, CDC, NIH will continue to ignore this data, just as they have in the past. They will continue to recommend the unsafe and ineffective COVID vaccine as the only recommended treatment for COVID.

I predict that the CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, and Gates Foundation will never inform doctors or recommend any of these highly effective and safe early treatment combination drugs; it simply doesn’t matter how strong the evidence is.

What the paper said

Among 1900 recruited, a total of 995 participants completed the trial. No participants had clinical deterioration by day 9, 14, or 28 days among those treated with fluvoxamine plus bromhexine (0%), fluvoxamine plus cyproheptadine (0%), or niclosamide plus bromhexine (0%).

Nine participants (5.6%) in the fluvoxamine arm had clinical deterioration by day 28, requiring low-flow oxygen.

In contrast, most standard care arm participants had clinical deterioration by 9, 14, and 28 days. By day 9, 32.7% (110) of patients in the standard care arm had been hospitalized without requiring supplemental oxygen but needing ongoing medical care. By day 28, this percentage increased to 37.5% (21).

Additionally, 20.8% (70) of patients in the standard care arm required low-flow oxygen by day 9, and 12.5% (16) needed non-invasive or mechanical ventilation by day 28. All treated groups significantly differed from the standard care group by days 9, 14, and 28 (p < 0.0001).

Also, by day 28, the three 2-drug treatments were significantly better than the fluvoxamine [only] arm (p < 0.0001).

No deaths occurred in any study group. Compared to standard care, participants treated with the combination agents had significantly decreased viral loads as early as day 3 of treatment (p < 0.0001), decreased levels of serum cytokines interleukin-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), and interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β) as early as day 5 of treatment, and interleukin-8 (IL-8) by day 7 of treatment (p < 0.0001) and lower incidence of post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) symptoms (p < 0.0001).

23 serious adverse events occurred in the standard care arm, while only 1 serious adverse event was reported in the fluvoxamine arm, and zero serious adverse events occurred in the other arms.


Unlike COVID vaccines, the early treatments used in this study are safe and effective.

We’ve known about the efficacy of multi-drug treatments since early 2020. For example, George Fareed and Brian Tyson treated over 10,000 COVID patients with multi-drug therapies and rarely had any hospitalizations (and those were only when treatment was delayed). The CDC and FDA ignored every one of these real-world examples.

It seems obvious that no matter how strong the evidence is for multi-drug treatments, they will never become standard of care among physicians because none of the world’s health authorities will ever admit they were wrong.

The mainstream media, medical community, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, GAVI, and the Gates Foundation should all be informing people of this new result which is consistent with many earlier studies. But they will all remain silent about it. Protecting your health is not consistent with their mission.

They will all continue to support the censorship, intimidation, and silencing of anyone who claims that any early treatments work for COVID. We will never have a public debate on any of these issues because they are all corrupt and they know it.

100% prevention of hospitalization with a 2-drug combination. 37.5% hospitalization rate for those treated with the standard of care.

Original source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

The New Rise of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”

The New Rise of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”


I’m getting reports of parents who had their child vaccinated subsequently being accused of “shaken baby syndrome” and had their child taken from them. Their crime? Following their doctors’ advice.

Parents who follow their physician’s advice to vaccinate their kids can find that their child subsequently develops encephalitis soon after vaccination (more likely when multiple vaccines are given at once and even more likely if the child has an infection at the time of vaccination) which then becomes a permanent brain injury.

Their doctor then reports the parents to Child Protective Services for “shaken baby syndrome” and their child is taken away.

Physicians are never to blame of course, because vaccines are safe and effective.

While this is unlikely to happen to any of my readers who know better than to ever vaccinate their kids, it is happening to parents who are not aware that vaccine risks outweigh the benefits because they rely on their doctors for medical advice.

Also, DPT vaccine injuries were also often attributed to shaken baby syndrome. And SIDS was partially created to cover up vaccine deaths.

This is becoming more prevalent now with COVID vaccines being part of the mix.

Original source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Dr. Pierre Kory: Big Pharma is ‘TERRIFIED’ of Vitamin D

Dr. Pierre Kory: Big Pharma is ‘TERRIFIED’ of vitamin D


Because “It threatens the DISEASE MODEL.”

A new meta-analysis out of Italy, published in the journal, Nutrients, has unearthed some shocking data about Vitamin D.

Looking at data from 16 different studies and 1.26 million individuals, the meta-analysis revealed:

• Vitamin D showed about 60% effectiveness against the incidence of COVID-19 in randomized control trials.

• Vitamin D showed about 40-50% effectiveness in reducing the incidence of COVID-19 in observational studies.

• For preventing severe COVID-19 cases requiring ICU care, vitamin D supplementation was about 70% effective.

So, we didn’t need to lock ourselves inside for years, be afraid, and vilify our neighbors for not wearing a mask.

All we needed to do was to go outside, get sunshine, and increase our vitamin D levels, and everything would have been fine.

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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

How Many People Died From the COVID Shot? Do Vaccines Actually Cause Autism? Steve Kirsch has Looked at the Data

How Many People Died From the COVID Shot? Do Vaccines Actually Cause Autism? Steve Kirsch has Looked at the Data

By Tucker Carlson

How many people died from the COVID shot? Do vaccines actually cause autism? Steve Kirsch has looked at the data.

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