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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

UCSF Orders Their Doctors to Ignore COVID Vaccine Injuries

UCSF Orders Their Doctors to Ignore COVID Vaccine Injuries

By Steve Kirsch

They don’t file VAERS reports either. That’s a violation of federal law. I had a bunch of questions for their media relations department, but they ghosted me. Here’s what I wanted to know.

Dr. Josh Adler is executive vice president and chief clinical officer at UCSF Health as well as vice dean for clinical affairs at the UCSF School of Medicine. I wondered if he would like to see these questions answered as well. So I asked him.

Executive summary

I sent a list of questions to UCSF media relations on March 20 at 10am PST. I also emailed and called the head of media relations at UCSF to let her know about my questions.

Their response: silence.

You know what that means, don’t you?

The questions I sent them

  1. The UCSF Chief Medical Officer has issued a verbal directive that medical staff (doctors, nurses, techs, etc.) are specifically instructed NOT to associate the COVID vaccine to any injuries. So even if they believe the vaccine caused the injury they are NOT allowed to talk to the patient about it. Can you explain how this is in a patient’s best interest? World health authorities such as Karl Lauterbach, Federal Minister of Germany for Health, have publicly admitted that the rate of severe vaccine injury is 1 in 10,000 and the V-safe data in the US shows the rate of severe injury (requiring medical care) is actually 100X higher: 8 SEVERE INJURIES per 100 fully vaccinated people. So why is the UCSF medical staff forbidden to make an association??
  2. I’ve been told that the staff are told not to ask if the person was recently vaccinated with the COVID vaccine because that would suggest to the patient that the COVID vaccine might have caused their medical condition. Is this true? So the patient must offer it to the doctor because the doctor isn’t allowed to ask? How does that improve clinical outcomes?
  3. I’ve been told that 70% of the Radiology Department (in Marin specifically) requested and were granted religious exemptions after seeing what happened to people who received the COVID vaccine. If it wasn’t 70%, what is the number?
  4. I’ve been told that the placentas of a majority of vaccinated women who give birth are not normal (calcified, blood clots, etc.). This started happening after the shots rolled out. Can you tell me what percentage was observed and why nobody at the hospital is speaking out to the press about this situation?
  5. Most troubling to me is that I was not able to find anyone who currently works at UCSF (including doctors, nurses, and lab techs) who would talk to me on the record for fear of being fired. Why would these doctors and nurses have such a fear? Will you guarantee in writing that any staff member who speaks out about any of the points above will be protected and not be fired just for speaking out? Have you fired anyone for speaking the truth? Who?
  6. With all the chatter about fear and intimidation tactics, have you issued WRITTEN assurances to the staff that 1) it is OK to ask about COVID vaccine status, 2) that it is OK to write vaccine exemptions when warranted such as allergic reactions, 3) that if they believe the vaccine caused an injury that they are free to talk about it with the patient and 4) that staff members who talk publicly about what they are seeing in the clinic with respect to vaccine-associated injuries/deaths and don’t violate any confidentiality/HIPAA rules will be protected from being fired? I want to know whether TRUE speech is protected and whether UCSF has notified staff of this in WRITING. If not, why not? Do fear and intimidation tactics yield better health outcomes?
  7. My friend Tim Damroth told me he suffered a cardiac arrest 2 minutes after getting his first COVID shot. He was in such pain since the shot that his UCSF doctors prescribed a nerve block shot. But in order to get the nerve block shot, UCSF required him to be fully vaccinated (i.e., 2 shots)! He asked for a vaccine exemption, but the UCSF doctors told him that UCSF doesn’t allow them to write any vaccine exemptions, even for people who almost died after getting the shot. So Tim got another shot in order to get the medical care he needed but this made his pain much worse. Can you confirm whether COVID vaccination is still required to get certain medical care at UCSF? If it isn’t still required, when did the requirement end? Can you explain the rationale for requiring vaccination to give a shot? Do you deny treatment to people with life threatening conditions if they are not fully vaccinated? How vaccinated must they be to be treated? 2 shots? 3 shots? I just talked to Tim and he will be delighted to sign a HIPAA consent to allow UCSF to talk about his case and all his medical records publicly so everyone can learn what happened to him. Are you proud of the way he was treated? Do you have any regrets?
  8. If you believe that COVID vaccine and masks are effective, why would you subject a patient to have to be vaccinated before receiving medical care? This is nonsensical in light of the Cleveland Clinic study which clearly showed that vaccines increase risk of getting COVID which would seem to put the staff at higher risk. You are clearly ignoring that study. On what basis? Nobody has been able to debunk the study. The precautionary principle of medicine requires that you hold off your vaccine requirement until you can resolve the ambiguity.
  9. How many UCSF staff have died within 6 months of receiving a COVID vaccine shot? Were autopsies done? Did they do the histopathology studies to rule out the COVID vaccine as a cause of death? Can we see the slides?
  10. How many UCSF staff have been seriously injured from the COVID vaccine?
  11. Why didn’t any doctor at UCSF file a VAERS report on the vaccine injuries of <redacted>, Jan Maisel, and Angela Wulbrecht. This is required by law. <redacted> was a former Chief Medical Officer at UCSF. Maisel is Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF. Wulbrecht was a top UCSF nurse. All of their injuries were required by law to be reported, yet no VAERS reports were filed. Why not? What are you doing to correct the problem?
  12. UCSF ultrasound technicians with decades of experience have seen an unprecedented number of menstrual irregularities in women who have been vaccinated. Why aren’t any of them warning the public about this? Is the public better off if nobody knows about this?
  13. I talked to one of the funeral homes used by UCSF. They are seeing a 20X higher rate of perinatal deaths after the COVID vaccines rolled out. This is a disaster. Why isn’t anyone saying anything about this? Why did the funeral director decline to be named for fear of being fired? Why isn’t UCSF just publishing the numbers to warn the community? How does keeping this information secret result in superior clinical outcomes?
  14. Nearly all of the UCSF neurologists know that the COVID vaccines have caused serious injuries to huge numbers of UCSF patients. Can you explain why none of them are speaking out publicly about what they are observing in the clinic?
  15. Why not make public health information from the hospital public? The information can be easily anonymized to protect privacy. Wouldn’t making medical records such as age/admission date/COVID vaccine dates/reason for admission be a huge public service? If the vaccine really works, everyone would know it. If the vaccine doesn’t work, everyone would know it. Why don’t we have data transparency?
  16. Is anyone at UCSF calling for data transparency from the CDC? If the death-vax records were public, we could instantly know whether the shots are beneficial or harmful. Is there a reason these records are not public and nobody at UCSF is calling for these records to be made public? Do we get better health outcomes when the CDC keeps the data from public view? The data can be easily anonymized to satisfy any HIPAA requirements. I personally released a subset of the death-vax records from Medicare. So I know it can be done. Oh, and it showed the vaccine were causing an enormous amount of excess deaths.
  17. How long do you think you can get away with hiding all these vaccine injuries from public view?
  18. Is this really in the public interest to keep all this stuff secret and engage in fear and intimidation tactics? Is there a paper in a peer-reviewed medical journal showing superior patient outcomes when the public is kept in the dark about vaccine injuries?

Additional actions

On March 20 at 9:50pm I sent this email to Dr. Adler and cc’ed his assistant:


These should be easy questions for UCSF to answer, but they are ducking my questions for some reason. I just can’t figure it out. I don’t want to spread misinformation, and I’ve offered to correct any questions if they will supply evidence that I’m wrong, but all I hear is silence.

It’s not just me who wants answers to these questions. Pretty much all my readers want to know the answer too.

More importantly, I’d guess that most of the people who work at UCSF would want to know the answer to these questions as well.

But apparently UCSF management and the mainstream media don’t think any of these questions are important.

I wonder if any members of the UCSF Health Leadership Team are curious about the answer to any of these questions. And if not, why not? Do all of them think secrecy is the best way to go? Which questions do they not want to have answered and why? I’ve emailed Dr. Adler and I hope he will respond.

They can’t keep running from the truth. The longer they avoid answering these questions, the worse they look.

Some day there will be accountability. You can bank on that.

Original source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

How to Remove the Graphene Being Transmitted From the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated From Your Body

How to Remove the Graphene Being Transmitted From the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated From Your Body

Graphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans, has been found in the Covid 19 “vaccines”, in the water supply, in the air we breathe through chemtrails, and even in our food supply. Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G, which can cause even more damage to our health.

The symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning and EMF radiation sickness are similar to those symptoms described as Covid. The good news is, now that graphene oxide has been identified as a contaminant, there are ways to remove graphene oxide from your body and restore your health.

This is a holistic approach of using several different methods simultaneously for the best effect. Including, specific supplements to degrade the graphene oxide in the body, and controlling EMFs in the environment to minimize graphene oxide activation.

This information comes from several sources and is based on scientific studies. Links are referenced below.

Understanding Glutathione

Glutathione is a substance made from the amino acids: glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. It is produced naturally by the liver and involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system.  We have a natural glutathione reserve in our bodies. This is what gives us a strong immune system.

When glutathione levels are high in the body, we have no problems and our immune system functions well. But when the amount of graphene oxide in the body exceeds the amount of glutathione, it causes the collapse of the immune system and triggers a cytokine storm. The way that graphene oxide can rapidly grow to exceed glutathione in the body is by electronic excitation.  Meaning, EMF’s that bombard the graphene to oxidise it, which rapidly triggers the disease.

At the age of 65 glutathione levels fall drastically in the body. This can explain why the population most affected by Covid-19 are the elderly. Glutathione levels are also very low in people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, obesity, etc.  Likewise, glutathione levels are very high in infants, children and athletes. This can explain why Covid-19 has not affected these people.

Graphene oxide when oxidised or activated by specific EMF frequencies overruns the body’s ability to create enough glutathione, which destroys the immune system and causes the illness.  In events of illness (such as Covid symptoms and all the “variants”) it is necessary to raise glutathione levels in the body in order to cope with the toxin (graphene oxide) that has been introduced or electrically activated.

ICU Intubated Covid Patients Healed Within Hours When Treated with Glutathione And NAC, Example from Ricardo Delgado

“We have seen clinical trials with hundreds of patients who were in the ICU, on a respirator and intubated, practically on the verge of death. With bilateral pneumonias caused by the spread of graphene oxide and subsequent 5G radiation in the lung plaques. Well, this diffuse stain in these patients is symmetrical, which would not happen with a biological agent since it would be rather asymmetrical, as for example when there is a pneumococcal infection, right? Well, in that case a diffuse stain usually appears in one part of the lung, but not in another, not in both symmetrically. So, when treated with glutathione via direct intravenous —or even orally as well— or with N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 600 mg or higher doses, people within hours began to recover their oxygen saturation” – Ricardo Delgado,  La Quinta Colmuna

N-acetylcysteine (“NAC”) is a supplement that causes the body to produce glutathione, it is known as the precursor to glutathione and causes the body to secrete glutathione endogenously, just as it does when you do sports intensely.  NAC comes from the amino acid L-cysteine and is used by the body to build antioxidants. Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that protect and repair cells from damage. You can get NAC as a supplement or a prescription drug.

Zinc in combination with NAC are essential antioxidants used to degrade graphene oxide. Ricardo Delgado states that with these two antioxidants he has personally helped people affected by magnetism after inoculation.  This is in people with two doses of Pfizer who have become magnetic and after these supplements they no longer have this symptom.

Other supplements that can be taken to assist in the removal of graphene oxide are:

  • Astaxanthin
  • Melatonin
  • Milk Thistle
  • Quercetin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3

For more information on these supplements for graphene oxide removal please see this LINK.

Understanding The Connection Between EMF, 5G, Graphene Oxide, Hydrogels and Covid

Graphene oxide is activated by EMF, specifically the frequencies that are part of the 5G spectrum. All materials have what is known as an electronic absorption band. An absorption band is a range of wavelengths, frequencies or energies in the electromagnetic spectrum which are characteristic of a particular transition from initial to final state in a substance. This is a specific frequency above which a substance is excited and oxidises very quickly. Frequencies beamed at human beings that have a build-up of graphene oxide in their body can cause the graphene oxide to multiply very rapidly, breaking the balance of glutathione and causing a cytokine storm in a matter of hours.

Graphene oxide is the main ingredient in DARPA patented hydrogels. It is these hydrogels that are in the Covid injections, the PCR test swabs and the masks. A conductive hydrogel is a polymer like material that has substantial qualities and applications. They are developing different kinds of conductive hydrogels that are being used in many things, in our food, our water, and injected into our bodies in vaccines. Conductive hydrogels contain nanotech that locks on to your DNA and can be controlled by 5G sensors. They allow for DNA collection and manipulation. Conductive hydrogels allow for tracking and tracing of human beings. There are thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies and articles discussing conductive hydrogels. We’ve put together a short list of some relative studies as backup documentation.

Summary of Hydrogel & Quantum Dot Nanotechnology Characteristics – Click to Download

It is from these studies that we can summarise some of the characteristics of conductive hydrogels.

Characteristics of conductive hydrogels: self-recoverability, electrical conductivity, transparency, freezing resistance, stretching, self-healing, stimuli responsiveness which means it does certain things when 5G hits it (or other frequencies for that matter).

We are surrounded in EMF radiation from cell phones (or mobile phones), TV’s and Wi-Fi. Many areas are also turning on 5G and there have been investigations done showing the correlation between the 5G networks and the Covid outbreaks in an area. To best protect yourself from graphene oxide poisoning and the activation of graphene oxide in your body it is necessary to do several things to limit your EMF exposure.

Some suggestions on how to do this include: do not live in a city with a lot of towers if you can help it, turn off your Wi-Fi at night and stay away from smart meters and other smart devices if at all possible. Another option is to use EMF protection products such as orgone energy devices to help transform the EMF radiation to mitigate the harmful effects.

Orgone Energy, EMF Protection and Graphene Oxide

Since graphene oxide is activated by EMF, you want to create a protective barrier in your immediate environment that mitigates the EMF so that it does not activate the graphene oxide. In the 1930’s a discovery was made that can be applied today to help with EMF protection. During a series of experiments, the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered that living samples placed within containers made from alternating layers of steel and non-conductive organic material were able to harness healthy “cosmic energy” from the environment. He called this energy “orgone.” These orgone accumulators and had the ability to: preserve blood samples for longer periods of time; sprout healthier plant seedlings; and, provide pain relief for his patients who sat inside them.

Today, instead of using sheets of steel and plastic we use a composite made from a blend of iron oxide, steel, brass, shungite and crystal powders encased in epoxy resin. The end result is a harmoniser that is able to transform the harmful wireless fields from cell towers, smart meters, smartphones, internet router and your television, into more beneficial energy for you and your plants and pets. The effects of this scientific phenomenon were replicated and well documented in studies done by the University of Pennsylvania and the Heraclitus Microscopic research laboratory.

Striking Resemblance of Reich Blood Test to Recent Graphene Oxide EMF Blood Samples

The most striking study in light of recent discoveries of graphene oxide can be found in the “Reich Blood Test” performed by the Heraclitus Microscopic Research Laboratory. In this test, they show the effectiveness that orgone energy has on the blood. They took two blood samples and put one in a control box and the other in an orgone energy box. Over time they took microscopic photos of the blood samples and witnessed that the orgone energy sample was able to maintain its life force for a longer period of time (it was like the fountain of youth for blood).

When a red blood cell has defects and starts to die, they can develop something called Acanthocyte formation, where multiple spiky like projections of varying lengths protrude from the cell. The pictures below show what it looks like when a blood cell dies.

Reich Experimental Blood Test – Blood Disintegration

Decaying blood cells forming into what Dr. Reich called “bions” from the Reich Blood Test work done by Hericlitus Labs.

Orgone Energy Blood Test, 30 September 2020 (23 mins)

These slides above are showing the bionic disintegration of living and non-living matter. The healthier cell has a more solid membrane with a blue light around it. This blue light is actually the lifeforce or “Aura” of the cell. It is what Dr. Reich called “orgone” energy.  As the cell dies and disintegrates, the membrane wall forms spikey protrusions coming out of it.

The graphene oxide-based nanoparticles used in the Covid injections is designed to penetrate the membrane of the cells in order to get the mRNA into them. This constant penetration of the cell membrane wall could be what is causing these membrane deformities. According to A Laboratory Guide to Clinical Haematology at the Open Education of Alberta:

“Acanthocyte formation occurs as a result of either hereditary or acquired membrane defects. Defects that cause an imbalance between the membrane cholesterol and lipid content affect the RBC’s ability to deform resulting in more rigid plasma membrane”

Now shown below are three photos taken from recent [updated 1 October 2021] blood work from Dr. Robert Young.

His conclusion is that what we are seeing in these blood cells is from the effect of EMF radiation poisoning, graphene oxide poisoning. He calls the formation of the blood cell membranes the “corona effect” and the “spike protein effect”.

Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines

This looks identical to the behaviour of the dying blood cells in the Reich Blood Test experiment. What we are seeing here are cells that have been poisoned and are dying. We also see the formation of the spike protein in the last slide.

A striking discovery is found in the Reich Blood Test that shows how the orgone energy devices slows down, and stops this decay of blood cells.   This is showing, at a cellular level, how the orgone energy devices protect the human body from harmful EMF.

The slide below shows the results of the Reich Blood Test. The sample on the left is the one that was inside the orgone accumulator box. The rate of cell death and decay is 5%.  The sample on the right is the one that was not in the orgone accumulator box. The rate of decay is 50%. Clearly, the orgone energy is doing something to help preserve the life force and health of the blood.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Report 60: 449 Patients Suffer Bell’s Palsy Following Pfizer mRNA COVID Vaccination in Initial Three Months of Rollout. A One-Year-Old Endured Bell’s Palsy After Unauthorized Injection

Report 60: 449 Patients Suffer Bell’s Palsy Following Pfizer mRNA COVID Vaccination in Initial Three Months of Rollout. A One-Year-Old Endured Bell’s Palsy After Unauthorized Injection

Pfizer Report #60: Facial Paralysis

Within the first 90 days of vax rollout:

• 449 people suffered Bell’s Palsy, 88% of whom had serious cases.

• half of the cases occurred within 48 hours.

Pfizer concluded: “This cumulative review does not raise new safety issues.”

The War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project Post-Marketing Group (Team 1) – Joseph Gehrett, MD; Barbara Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt – produced a disturbing review of the Facial Paralysis System Organ Class (SOC) adverse events found in Pfizer document 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-FEB-2021 (a.k.a., “5.3.6“). This SOC includes facial paralysis and facial paresis, commonly known as Bell’s palsy.

It is important to note that the adverse events (AEs) in the 5.3.6 document were reported to Pfizer for only a 90-day period starting on December 1, 2020, the date of the United Kingdom’s public rollout of Pfizer’s COVID-19 experimental mRNA “vaccine” product.

Key points in this report include:

  • Facial paralysis and facial paresis diagnoses made up 1.07%of the total patient post-marketing population, or 449 total persons, reporting adverse events from December 1, 2020, to February 28, 2021.
  • one-year-old infant developed a Bell’s palsy one day after vaccination. It was unresolved at the time of the 5.3.6 report. The vaccine was not approved for use in children or infants at the time.
  • 399 cases (88%) were classified as serious.
  • Cases included: 295 (66%) female, 133 male (30%), and 21 (5%) not reported.
  • Of events where time of onset was recorded, the time from vaccination to the adverse event becoming apparent ranged from within the first 24 hours to 46 days, with half of the facial events observed within two days.
  • Only one clinical finding in these cases: damage to the 7th cranial nerve resulting in weakness or paralysis of the side of the face that is supplied by that nerve.
  • Consequences of that nerve damage can include eye damage from inability to close the eyelid, impaired speech, impaired mouth closure (drooling) when eating.
  • Pfizer identified that “…noninterventional post-authorisation safety studies, C4591011 and C4591012 are expected to capture data on a sufficiently large vaccinated population to detect an increased risk of Bell’s palsy in vaccinated individuals. The timeline for conducting these analyses will be established based on the size of the vaccinated population captured in the study data sources by the first interim reports (due 30 June 2021).”

Pfizer concluded: “This cumulative review does not raise new safety issues. Surveillance will continue.” However, since finalizing the 5.3.6 report at the end of February 2021, there has been no further summary data released for outside review. Furthermore, a search on for the cited studies (C4591011 and C4591012) yielded no studies found (accessed February 23, 2023).

Please read this important report below.


COVID 19 deaths and injuries

What Killed Over 24 People at the BSL-Clifton Hill Facility in Melbourne, Australia in <12 Months?

What Killed Over 24 People at the BSL-Clifton Hill Facility in Melbourne, Australia in <12 Months?

By Steve Kirsch

Over 24 people died in less than a year after the vaccines rolled out at this 114 room elderly care facility. Only 1 person died from COVID. What did the others die from? Nobody would return my calls.

Valerie Anderson was one of over 24 who died at BSL Clifton Hill in less than 12 months. Is this normal? Nope. NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT. Don’t worry though. I’m sure there will not be any investigations.

Executive summary

BSL Clifton Hill is a elderly care facility located in Melbourne, Australia with 114 rooms. This is a new facility that opened February 2020. They went from 43 residents to 73 residents when the new building opened In February 2020.

Over 24 people died there in less than a year after the vaccines rolled out which is higher than I expected to see over a 12 month period. And only one person died from COVID. Did the others die from natural causes?

It all depends on the age mix of the facility. That’s something I wasn’t able to find out because nobody would talk to me. That makes me very suspicious.

But we can look at the ages of the people who died to estimate the expected death percentage. And when we do that, we find that it’s a younger than we would have expected based on the people who died.

So something is killing these people.

I want to find out what killed these people. Was it the vaccine? Or something else?

I want to know:

  1. What killed all these people?
  2. Why don’t they want to talk to me about it?

Simple. Is that too much to ask?

I have the names, birth dates and death dates for each of these people listed below.

If you can help me find out what killed these people, please use the Contact me link.

Without knowing the age mix and number of residents of the facility, I don’t know what to think. It’s troubling that nobody will talk to me.

These people likely did not die from COVID

According to the official records, only 1 person died from COVID from Clifton Hill. And since the rest were all vaccinated, they couldn’t have died from COVID, right? So how did all these people die?

This is from the official records. Only one COVID death.


Residential Services Manager, Milly Kuranage

BSL board members include:

  1. Stephen Newton AO
  2. Jane Freemantle OAM
  3. Michael Langhammer
  4. Dana Hlavacek
  5. Stephen Duckett AM

Staff members who resigned

Bernadette Wilkinson has resigned from her position as Admin Manager and Client Engagement. Her last day of employment was on 1st October 2021.

Helen Rodd has also resigned from her position as registered Nurse. Helen mostly worked as a registered nurse in-charge in the afternoon shifts.

Resident deaths in September 2021 (N=2)

From the October newsletter:

Prakash Samuel passed away in September. He was a devout Christian and has been resident of BSL since Sumner house days. He had 5 boys and worked as a journalist and an evangelist in his younger days. RIP Sam and you will be missed by all of us!

Mark Hodgeson also passed away in September at hospital. We remember him as a great Cello player, guitarist and actor. Mark worked in a circus with his father in his younger days. He was a renowned Athlete where he specialised in track and field. He was a loving father to his children and we will dearly miss him.

Resident deaths from Nov 2021-Aug 2022 (N=22)

People who died between Nov 4, 2021 and August 24, 2022 at BSL Clifton Hill. Most of the funerals were done by Jensen Funerals.
  1. Albert Coulter 06/11/2021
  2. Denise Dutton 17/11/2021
  3. Kenzie Messer 25/11/2021
  4. Adeel Soliman 21/12/2021
  5. Edward Gordon Walker 15.03.1966 – 31.12.2021
  6. Robert Ousley 4/1/2022
  7. Anka Kosovac 11/01/2022
  8. Roy Alan Lynch, 87, 04/02/2022
  9. Alan Prescott 09.12.1945 – 13.03.2022 Funeral by Jensen Funerals
  10. Rebecca Brandon 21/03/2022
  11. Michael Spencer 11/04/2022
  12. Marjorie Harrop 11/05/2022
  13. Thomas Walker 21/1/1937 – 12/5/2022. Funeral by Jensen Funerals.
  14. Marjorie McCormack 14/05/2022
  15. Edith Bula 31/05/2022
  16. Joyce Morgan 02/06/2022
  17. Elsa Di Zio 12.08.1944 – 05.08.2022
  18. Rosemary Combe ??/06/2022
  19. Joseph Vignjevic 20.9.1936 – 21/08/2022 aka Joso Vigejevic and Jose Vicnievic. Funeral by : Ern Jensen & Sons Funerals.
  20. Louis Tham 22/08/2022
  21. Valerie Anderson 05/05/1934 -24/08/2022. Funeral by : Ern Jensen & Sons Funerals.
  22. Presentacion Wiencke 24/08/2022

Here are the dates of death plotted out for the 22 above

Dates died plotted as points. If there is nothing going on, the dots will be evenly spaced. Do these dots look evenly spaced to you?

I spoke to a local funeral director

They service many nursing/rest homes and do hundreds of disposals a year. He said they had over a 20% increase in  disposals in 2022. Things are still very busy in the industry. He is also finding it difficult to hire staff.

Here’s an interesting observation. The number of excess deaths in Australia is 20% over normal in 2022 based on the article I wrote just 16 hours ago (see How are they ever going to explain the excess mortality data in Australia?).

So the numbers match up!

BSL’s reputation

BSL is one of the  better facilities in the area. So why are they not being transparent?

People are dying. There are lots of excess deaths in Australia. What are they dying from? This is a matter of great public interest.

Investigating a typical nursing home can give us insights since the public health authorities aren’t releasing the record-level death-vax data.

What we know so far

Her obituary claims Valerie Anderson passed away peacefully at BSL-Clifton Hill, formerly Sambell Lodge, after a short battle with Covid, aged 88.

Wait a second… The vaccine prevents you from dying from COVID, right?!?! Could it be that the vaccine made it more likely she died from COVID?

For all the rest I could find, nothing was said. This is normally how they do it. They don’t want anyone to know if they were killed by the vaccine.

What death rate should we expect to see?

A typical nursing home will average around 10% turnover a year.

More precisely, the number of people we’d expect to to see die a year at any facility is a function of the number of residents and the age mix of the residents.

The probability of death can be found in this table.

So if the residents are all 75 years old, we should expect to see 2.4% of them die a year. So if there are 100 residents, all age 75, we’d only expect to see 2 or 3 deaths a year. So over 24 would be a “surprise.”

If all the residents are 90 years old, it should be 12.8% per year, so 13 people.

If the residents are all 97 years old, it’s 24.9% a year, so 25 people.

I saw the pictures of the people who died. They didn’t average 97 years old. And none of the people who died were 97 or older. In fact, none of the people I looked up was over 90 years old.

That means that the estimated death rate we observed at this facility is 80% higher than normal.

This means we have a problem. Something is very wrong here.

Silence from BSL

I reached out to BSL for comment (both directly to the facility as well as Steph Jones, the media contact at the home office) and they ignored all my attempts.

Perhaps Steph was too busy with other media inquiries? Or they are hiding something. I don’t think they are busy.


For some reason, nobody at BSL Clifton Hill or the parent company wants to talk about what killed these people.

They are dying off at a rate that I estimate to be 80% above normal. So that might have something to do with the lack of communication.


Original source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

More Vaccines – Higher Infant Mortality

More Vaccines – Higher Infant Mortality

By Steve Kirsch

This has now been confirmed and published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. The medical community will ignore it because that’s how science works: they ignore everything counter-narrative.

Executive summary

Following a critique published on pre-print server by the Bailey Lab at BYU, whistleblower Gary Goldman and Neil Miller did a re-analysis of their original 2011 paper and find that their original conclusion was correct: “A positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses and infant mortality rates (IMRs) is detectable in the most highly developed nations.”

Whoops! Perhaps it is now time to re-think all those childhood vaccines?

The original, critique, reaffirmation papers

Original 2011 paper that showed higher numbers of vaccinations are associated with higher infant mortality: Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? (peer-reviewed)

Critique written by members of the Miller Lab at BYU: Infant Vaccination Does Not Predict Increased Infant Mortality Rate: Correcting Past Misinformation (NOT peer-reviewed and is now misinformation)

Reaffirmation of the original result: Reaffirming a Positive Correlation Between Number of Vaccine Doses and Infant Mortality Rates: A Response to Critics (peer-reviewed)

More evidence connecting vaccines and infant death

There is a century of evidence linking vaccines to sudden infant death (this has most clearly been shown with the DPT vaccine) and numerous activists have tried to force the federal government to investigate it for decades. It appears that the vaccines (especially TDP) cause micro strokes in the brain in the region that controls automatic respiration, so infants start having interrupted breath cycles, and unless they are at an ICU or somewhere else where they are monitored and can be resuscitated, once the breathing stops it is fatal.

A lot of vaccine activists immediately prior to the lockdowns predicted that the decline in infant vaccinations during the lockdowns would result in a decrease in SIDS and that ended up being exactly what happened.

For more on this:

About Gary Goldman

Gary Goldman was in charge of the CDCs largest vaccine monitoring program, but when he started reporting problems, they literally locked him out of his office. He was not fired, just not allowed in the building! He would come to work, sit on the bench outside, and do his work from a bench!

Because that’s how science works at the CDC. If you go against the narrative, you are punished. That’s how they keep people in line with the narrative, no matter how absurd it is.

Watch this talk about the chickenpox vaccine:

Wouldn’t it be great if issues like this were unambiguous?

The reason we have debates on vaccines and deaths is because the health officials keep the association between vaccines and mortality a secret, hidden in databases few people have access to (and rarely look for counter-narrative hypotheses).

Wouldn’t it be great if public data were actually “public” as el gato malo has suggested in this excellent Substack article:

Washington State to make it illegal to question vaccines?

It might soon be illegal to question “vaccines” in WA state.

Check out this new proposed legislation.

During the January 24, 2023 working session and public hearing on HB 1333, the ADL representative defined “extremist views” as including those that challenge whether masks and vaccines work. However, this interpretation is NOT codified in the bill which does NOT define what is covered.

PBS Newshour already aired a 6 1/2 minute segment on this bill (when it hadn’t even gone through committee in the House yet) calling it “Model Legislation for the Nation.


So now we know: higher childhood vaccination is associated with higher infant mortality. Do you think that will cause anyone to re-think their views?

Do you think the same association might be true for the COVID vaccines? Is it possible that the more vaccines, the more deaths? That’s what the data says.

Isn’t it time we stop hiding the record-level data on mortality and vaccines for the COVID vaccines and release it publicly?

The CDC is keeping these vaccine-death records under wraps because they don’t want to create vaccine hesitancy. It makes sense; when everyone finds out that they were duped they are going to be pissed.

But sooner or later, one country is going to release the data and the cat will be out of the bag.

Any state in the US could publicly release their vax/death records. It could even be released in any county as well.

Why is every county, state, and world government HIDING this data? It’s even hidden in Florida. It’s public information. It doesn’t benefit the public when it is kept under lock and key.

Release the data! What is everyone afraid of? The truth?

Note that the “privacy” excuse is just that; an excuse. I point out that the data can be easily adjusted so that nobody can find even their own record without affecting any analysis.

Original source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

6 Injections, Always Masked, and Pronouns in Bio. Gets COVID

6 Injections, Always Masked, and Pronouns in Bio. Gets COVID

Gurdasani complains about her symptoms, calls doctors ignorant, and lashes out at Americans who are living normal lives.

Woke Doctor Who Was Vaxxed Several Times And Always Masked Up Has A Colossal Meltdown After Receiving Her COVID Diagnosis

As Alex Berenson often says, virus gonna virus. One female doctor found out the hard way despite “following the science” to the extreme.

Matt Vespa from reported Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, a clinical epidemiologist, contracted COVID-19. Guardsani had been vaccinated six times and always wore a mask even after the arrival of vaccines and treatments.

She represents the epitome of woke liberalism. Guardsani calls herself an intersectional feminist, uses pronouns in her Twitter bio, and considers herself an expert.

She is also the type of person who demanded healthy Americans surrender their freedoms to combat COVID rather than focusing on protecting the vulnerable.

After catching the virus, Gurdasani decided to write a lengthy Twitter thread. She expresses confusion over how she got sick and looks for scapegoats.

Gurdasani complains about her symptoms, calls doctors ignorant, and lashes out at Americans who are living normal lives.

THREAD (h/t Vespa):

While Gurdasani will almost certainly a complete recovery, do not count on her learning anything from this experience. Hopefully Americans will never again listen to individuals like her when the next pandemic hits.



COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Naomi Wolf: Autopsies Revealed Catastrophic Lesions on Many Organs Likely Caused by Covid Vaccine

Naomi Wolf: Autopsies Revealed Catastrophic Lesions on Many Organs Likely Caused by Covid Vaccine

By Bannons War Room


Naomi Wolf: Autopsies Revealed Catastrophic Lesions On Many Organs Likely Caused By The Covid Vaccine

Here’s what others had to say:

Naomi Wolf speaks the truth. Has been for a long while now. Well Done Ms Wolf.

I got the death certificates of both my brothers Jim and Pat and the police report about Patrick’s “Sudden Death” on the one year memorial of Patrick’s death on February 6 2022. No autopsies were done, my sisiter who works for HUSH MONEY PAYING FEMA handled the arrangements and they were cremated before I made it to Texas for their wakes in both cases. I already knew from my other sister Pat had the shot but she went to the cemetery with Pat’s son and she asked him which shot and Pat’s son confirmed it was Pfizer on the 1 year memorial of Pat’s death in front of his tombstone. On both death certificates it says “Natural Causes” Jim died November of 2021 right after I was called a murderer by the pedophile in chief for not taking the shots that killed both my brothers, and ARE KILLING the sister who works for FEMA with kidney failure and her husband with stroke, they will not stop taking the shots. My sister who works for FEMA’s son is a doctor, he told me the night before Jim’s funeral when I asked him his medical opinion of the pedophile in chief’s murder accusation levelled at everyone too smart to take the death shots that I was guilty of manslaughter as he looked at the ground. That doctor nephew has now seen the abnormal clots and examined them for himself right before his Dad had a stroke. I have informed him of so much I informed him of the ebola study where remdesivir was halted over mortality, I informed him of the clot shots causing sudden death and that the protocol is overdosing people to death with midazolam I informed him of so much, I continue to inform him he is silent. He is not responsible for what he did not know but he knows now and he has to speak out. I will forgive him if he speaks out and I will testify against him at his trial for crimes against humanity if he does not. The gravity of this worldwide genocmecide is beyond human comprehension. We must think the unthinkable and get past the denial of the horror if any of us are to survive this.

God Help Us All!!
These Criminals need to be brought to Justice, including ANY Nation that pulled this off INCLUDING China!!!

This report should scare the living CRAP out of everyone that got this “vaccination” !!!

It’s horrifying. Now I want a study being done for people whose loved ones husbands and wives who’ve been murdered by the hospitals with Remdesivir!!! They killed my husband they killed my brother they killed my best friends husband and almost killed my girlfriends husband.

We all knew at the time Covid had somewhere near 99% survival rate, that was really all you needed to know you didn’t need the vaccine.

I want an autopsy done on my husband but they told me at the time they do not do autopsies on Covid patients he was not a Covid patient he was a “shed up” on patient. !!! they brutalized him!!! I was not allowed to see him again after I brought him to the hospital!!!

MURDER! On a scale not even imaginable in Europe in the 1940’s MURDER!!! MURDER NEVER before seen in the history of humanity! MURDER – let us not sugar coat this.

Even conservatives are still telling the elderly to take these boosters!!!! They don’t want the young people to take these but it’s “ok” fOR the elderly??? I got severe shingles from the 2nd shot. My “doctor” said it’s not from that. So I reluctantly took the booster. WRONG!!!! 2 days later had a huge black spot blinding my left eye. Blood vessel broke. Thank God it was in my eye!! Do not give these shots to your babies PLEASE.

Why use the term likely caused by w he en we know it was the cause are we that afraid of telling the truth?

Sadly, so many are not capable of understanding this and refusing to believe it! SMH


Original Source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

GAME OVER: Medicare Data Shows the COVID Vaccines Increase Your Risk of Dying

GAME OVER: Medicare Data Shows the COVID Vaccines Increase Your Risk of Dying

It shows that these shots increase your risk of dying and once you get shot, your risk of dying remains elevated for an unknown amount of time.

This is why the CDC has NEVER used the Medicare data to prove the vaccines are safe. And this is why NOBODY in mainstream medicine wants you to see this data. EVER. They ALL want it hidden. FOREVER.

Nota Bene

This may well be the most important article I’ll write in 2023.

In this article, I publicly reveal record-level vax-death data from the “gold standard” Medicare database that proves that:

  1. The vaccines are making it more likely that the elderly will die prematurely, not less likely
  2. The risk of death remains elevated for an unknown period of time after you get the shot (we didn’t see it return to normal)
  3. The CDC lied to the American people about the safety of these vaccines. They had access to this data the entire time and kept it hidden and said nothing.

If there is one article for you to share with your social network, this is the one.

Executive summary

Isn’t it a shame that none of the world’s governments make the vaccination-death records publicly available? My claim is that if they did that, it would end the debate instantly and prove to the world that the vaccines are unsafe. So that’s why they keep it locked up.

But apparently there is one whistleblower who is interested in data transparency.

Last night, I got a USB drive in my mailbox with the Medicare data that links deaths and vaccination dates. Finally! This is the data that nobody wants to talk or even ask about.

I was able to authenticate the data by matching it with records I already had. And the analysis that I did on the data I received matches up with other analyses I have received previously.

The nice thing about this Medicare data is that nobody can claim that it is “unreliable.” Medicare is the unassailable “gold-standard” database. It’s the database that the CDC never wants us to see for some reason. They never even mention it. They pretend it doesn’t exist. So you know it is important.

Do you want to know what it shows?

It shows that these shots increase your risk of dying and once you get shot, your risk of dying remains elevated for an unknown amount of time. And that’s in the very population it is supposed to help the most!

Now you know why the CDC, which has always had access to the Medicare records, has never made them publicly available for anyone to analyze to prove that the vaccines are safe. Because the records show the opposite. That’s why they keep the data hidden from view and it’s why they NEVER talk about it.

Today, in this article, you will finally get to see what nobody outside the HHS has ever seen before: the “gold standard” Medicare records, i.e., the truth. You can analyze it yourself.

The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it... - SermonQuotes

This is a great quote. Unfortunately, the “Truth is like a lion” quotation attributed to St Augustine was never penned by him, nor by any notable philosopher, sage or theologian before the twenty first century.

You’ll soon see for yourself why the CDC will never release this data and why the mainstream press is NEVER EVER going to ask to see the data: because it would reveal they lied to people and killed over 500,000 Americans by recommending they take an unsafe “vaccine.”

The bottom line is this:

When there is no data transparency, there is a high chance that the government is lying to you.

After all, if the data supported their narrative, they’d be tripping all over themselves to release the data. When it doesn’t support the narrative, they simply never talk about it and pretend it doesn’t exist and tell the press never to ask about it.

So you already know how this is going to end. Very badly. For Biden, the CDC, the FDA, the mainstream medical community, the mainstream press, and Congress. They all will have egg on their face because they never asked to see the data.

The “misinformation spreaders” will have been proven right with the government’s own “gold standard” database. It’s payback time.


I had Clare Craig of the HART Group look this over for any flaws. She liked it.

Professor Norman Fenton had a look as well and he didn’t find anything amiss either.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t any flaws, but it just means that there aren’t any obvious flaws. If you find a mistake, let me know in the comments.

Why this article is so important

If nobody can explain how the “slope goes the wrong way,” then this should be GAME OVER for the vaccination program because we are using their own “gold standard” database to prove that the vaccines are not safe and that they lied to us.

Unless I made a serious error, there is no rock big enough for them to hide under on this one. No excuses. No attacks. It’s basically bulletproof. The results simply cannot be explained if the vaccines are safe. And the numbers are huge. You don’t need a peer reviewed study on this one.

The Medicare data that I received

It’s in Excel, there are over 114,000 records, and you can download it here.

While I would have liked to receive the merge of all death records and vaccination records of everyone in the US, the data I did receive, when properly analyzed, is sufficient to prove the point that the vaccines are increasing your risk of death.


Be sure to read the About tab for caveats about the data. It will help if you read and understand this article before you look at the records.


Note that the scatter plots below were produced from a much larger set of Medicare records than the ones you can download. The plots from the records I received are included in the Excel spreadsheet and are consistent with the plots in this article which are the higher quality plots (and which contain dose 2 and 3 plots).

Overview of how to analyze the Medicare records

Because we only have vax-death records of people who have died (rather than the full set of records that any truly honest government would supply), we have to analyze the data in a certain way to understand what is going on.

This is a new way to look at the data so let me give you the bird’s eye overview first.

The main thing is that in Jan 2021 we have a double whammy of death: from COVID and seasonality (older people die more in winter).



COVID 19 deaths and injuries

New Zealand Government Data Shows that the COVID Vaccines Make You MORE Likely to Die from COVID (Not Less)

New Zealand Government Data Shows that the COVID Vaccines Make You MORE Likely to Die from COVID (Not Less)

By Steve Kirsch

Wow. Finally, crystal clear government data shows the more you vax, the more likely you are to die from COVID. This is the OPPOSITE of what the US health authorities and the medical community told us.

**** WARNING ****

The data in this article comes from the results of a New Zealand FOIA request combined with published numbers on the official website (see the entire thread here).

The FOIA request does NOT ask for COVID-related deaths and the results provided were not age-stratified.

Therefore, I am currently unable to replicate these results, even though the results are consistent with other data I have from other sources.

Clearly, the all-cause mortalities are up in New Zealand in 2022 vs. 2021 by 4,500 deaths. Yet there is a high vaccination rate (82% of the entire population of 5.123M people) which they claimed is why they only had 2,331 COVID deaths. So why so many all-cause deaths? Clearly there is something that is killing these people.

Stay tuned while I investigate how the age-stratified per capita numbers were derived. The sources were listed here in the lower left.

I’m writing this at 4am PST on 2/21/23. I have reached out to the author of the post and I’m waiting for a response.

In the meantime, from this data and other data, the vaccine is, at best, a “do nothing” as far as death rate goes and the UK numbers show it decreases all-cause mortality for all age groups, so the conclusion that it is a bad intervention remains true no matter what.

Executive summary

The government data from New Zealand shows that for each age group, the more you vax, the more likely you are to die from COVID.

The data shows that world governments are responsible for millions of excess deaths.

Now you know the truth.

I wasn’t lying. The New Zealand government stats aren’t lying.

The CDC and the health authorities and medical community were all lying to you about the safety of the vaccine. The vaccines are doing exactly the opposite of what they said.

The key chart is on the RIGHT. For each age group, the more you vax, the higher your risk of dying from COVID. The truth is exactly the OPPOSITE of what they told people.

That’s what happens when you give advice based upon belief instead of reality. Had they embraced full data transparency since the start of the pandemic, we could have avoided all of this. Instead, they hid the records that we needed and urged everyone, including pregnant women and kids, to get vaccinated.

Here’s a key graph in a larger size below. This is exactly the type of graph every country should be producing. But they aren’t for some reason. I wonder why?

This is the key chart. It shows that the risks are increased for every age group. The more you vax, the greater your risk of dying from COVID. It’s the opposite of what they were telling people. The “Boosted” columns are “supposed” to be the shortest in height.

Let’s dive into the data sources cited in the figure above

Here are the three links cited in the figure:
  1. Demographics
  2. Vaccine data
  3. Infoshare stats

On the Infoshare stats page, the graphic didn’t specify the stats. The interesting stats appear to be:

  • Population > Deaths – VSD > Deaths by age and sex (Annual-Dec)
  • Population > Death Rates – DMM > Age-specific death rates by sex, December years (total population) (Annual-Dec)

Key New Zealand data

Click each image for the data source.

FOIA request response: Total ACM deaths per month by vax status



Vaccine uptake by age

This is the distribution for the 4.3M people who are vaccinated in New Zealand.

Note that the 75-79 cohort is nearly 100% vaccinated and 90+ are 95% vaccinated.

Vaccination numbers

Note that 4.25M people are vaccinated by Feb 21, right before people started dying from COVID on Feb 22, 2022. The line below peaks at 4.3M. So in effect, everyone was vaccinated (who intended to be vaccinated) before the COVID deaths started.

Vaccine stage rollout

Note that the COVID cases started in New Zealand right after the boosters rolled out.

COVID Cases and deaths by day

COVID-19 deaths started Feb 22, 2022 but most people were vaccinated before COVID came. Note how smooth the death rate is… COVID didn’t come in waves! A total of 2,331-48= 2,283 people died from COVID in 2022 in New Zealand.

COVID deaths: vax status

This is for “assumed COVID deaths” over all-time (and note it is more than the number in the chart above), but it breaks it down by age and vaccine status (but not by month):

From this chart it appears that the vaccines might be slightly protective against dying from COVID.

All-cause death rates by age group

All-cause death rate per 1,000 people in recent years (from Group: Death Rates – DMM > Table: Age-specific death rates by sex, December years (total population) (Annual-Dec):

Absolute numbers of deaths each year.

Unlike the previous section, these are absolute numbers, not death rates.

This is 12 months ending in March of that year:

Annual ending in June:

Annual ending in Sept


The “unvaccinated” category includes partially vaccinated, not eligible for vaccination, and fully vaccinated up to 14 days after vaccination. Had it been truly “unvaccinated” it’s pretty clear that the numbers for the unvaccinated would be even better. But there is no “cheating” once you are boosted. And you can clearly see the difference there. The numbers were supposed to go down, not up.

It’s much worse than these charts indicate

These charts basically dump cold water on the claims that the vaccines and boosters keep you from dying from COVID. They do the opposite.

What they don’t show you (because they only look at the risk of dying from COVID) is the rise in all-cause mortality and the number of people disabled and/or permanently injured from the shots. And they don’t show you the pregnancies that never happened, the 20X increase in perinatal deaths, or the dramatic drop in birth rates. So the chart shows an incomplete picture.

It turns out that the mortality and morbidity effects dwarf the negative impact on COVID deaths. But we don’t even have to go there to reject the vaccine.

The key point is that their claimed “key benefit” is not a benefit at all, but an increased risk. This makes it unconscionable for any doctor to support the vaccine.

Latest data from the UK shows that the vaccines increase your risk of death

Check out Joel Smalley’s all-cause mortality graphs here: England Deaths by Vaccination Status. Skip to the latter half of the article and note that the black line is above the blue line for all age cohorts:
The black line is above the cyan line for all the age cohorts (this is just one example). That means the vaccine is causing people to die at a higher rate than normal.

Clare Craig found the same thing that the vaccine started off as having no effect, but then graduated to killing off the population at a higher rate as time progressed.

Excess deaths are happening all over Europe for some reason

In Germany, excess deaths are up by over 30% above baseline.


Whoops! The misinformation spreaders were right about the COVID vaccine!

The more you vax, the more likely you are to be infected with COVID and the more likely you are to die from COVID.

But it doesn’t stop there: these vaccines also increase all-cause mortality and morbidity.

The COVID vaccines are a disaster and should be immediately halted for all age groups.

Which is what I’ve been saying since May 25, 2021 when I published my first “anti-vax” article on TrialSiteNews.

But now you have crystal clear proof from the Cleveland Clinic (COVID infections increased) and the government of New Zealand (COVID deaths increased) that I was telling the truth.

How bad is the effect? Over 600,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines in America to date. I’ll be talking about 10 different ways to get to that number in an upcoming post.

Original source:

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Booster Shots May Trigger Stroke Incidents, According to CDC and FDA

Booster Shots May Trigger Stroke Incidents, According to CDC and FDA

By Dr. Yuhong Dong

An Overview of Risk and Prevention.

In addition to cardiac events, another life-threatening side effect has been associated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. When is the risk period? Does the flu shot play any role in these events? What actions should we take to better protect ourselves?

Summary of Key Facts

  • An increased risk of stroke events has been identified with the Pfizer COVID-19 bivalent vaccine, according to a joint statement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The onset time in people aged 65 years and older was 1–21 days after the booster, with a significant cluster of events observed 11–21 days after the booster.
  • Sixty-four percent had received the flu vaccine on the same day as the COVID-19 booster.
  • The bivalent booster contains the code of the spike protein, contributing to the increased risk of blood clots. High-risk people should avoid the boosters.
  • Solution: Remember the five “suddens” of stroke warning signs.
  • Advice on preventing other risk factors of stroke is also provided in this paper.

On Jan. 13, 2023, the FDA and CDC issued a joint statement that a new “safety signal” for ischemic stroke had been detected in one of the agency’s vaccine safety surveillance systems.

The statement read, in part: “CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), a near real-time surveillance system, met the statistical criteria to prompt additional investigation into whether there was a safety concern for ischemic stroke in people ages 65 and older who received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine bivalent.”

The VSD system monitors the electronic health records of 12.5 million Americans served by nine integrated health systems.

The CDC stated that no other safety databases had detected this signal (including the Medicare and Veterans Affairs data sets). Pfizer released a statement that it had not detected this signal in its databases, and no other countries have found a similar signal in their monitoring systems.

The clot risk appears to be greater on days 11–21 after receiving the booster, especially for those who received a high-dose or adjuvant flu vaccine on the same day.

A follow-up meeting was held on Jan. 26, 2023. Despite the identified risk, the CDC continues to recommend booster shots for all people over six months of age.

Increased Risk of Stroke Mostly Found 11 to 21 Days After Booster

The findings presented on Jan. 26, 2023, suggest that more stroke events occurred during days 1–21 post-vaccination than days 22–42 after receiving the shot.

People aged 65 or older who received the Pfizer bivalent booster experienced 130 events during the “risk interval” (1–21 days after the booster) and 92 events during the “comparison interval” (22–42 days after the booster). There was a 47 percent increased risk of ischemic stroke during 1-21 days post-booster, compared to those events occurring during 22-42 days post-booster, with a p = 0.005. In studies, when the P value is less than 0.05, it means the difference is statistically significant.

It is important to note that stroke events occurred throughout the entire 42-day follow-up period after the booster; a cluster of stroke events occurred between 11 and 21 days after receiving the booster.

Epoch Times Photo

Pfizer Bivalent Booster Stroke Data (US FDA)

In a preliminary review of 22 stroke cases in people 65 years or older on days 11–21 after receiving the booster, none of the individuals had a previous history of transient ischemic attack (TIA). Sixty-four percent received the flu vaccine on the same day as the COVID-19 booster (13 high-dose flu vaccines and one adjuvant flu vaccine).

Outcome data of these events shows that 59 percent of the people who experienced a TIA were discharged home, 18 percent were discharged with home health, nine percent were discharged to a skilled nursing facility, and 14 percent (three of the 22) died. The CDC notes that one death was likely related to a stroke.

No safety signal was detected in the VSD database for Moderna; however, the VAERS reported stroke cases related to the Moderna booster. The difference could be due to the number of booster doses administered for the two vaccines. Nearly twice as many Pfizer booster doses had been given as Moderna (549,943 vs. 285,706) as of Jan. 7, 2023.

As of Jan. 8, 2023, 40 ischemic stroke/transient ischemic attack cases after the bivalent COVID-19 mRNA vaccination were detected in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). The median age was 74 years. Nineteen were males, and 21 were females. The median time to onset was four days. Twenty-five cases occurred after the Pfizer-BioNTech bivalent vaccine, and 15 occurred after the Moderna bivalent vaccine.

Receiving a Flu Shot on the Same Day as the Booster Increases Risk

VSD data analysis showed that three people experienced a stroke after receiving the Pfizer booster and a standard dose of flu vaccine on the same day. By contrast, 40 people who received the Pfizer booster and a high-dose or adjuvant flu vaccine on the same day experienced a stroke. Sixty older adults experienced a stroke after receiving only the COVID-19 booster.

Receiving a high dose or adjuvanted flu shot on the same day seemed to double the risk of stroke.

The spike protein in the SARS-CoV-2 virus can significantly increase the risk of arterial and venous clots. A database analysis of 48 million individuals in the United Kingdom found an increased risk of ischemic stroke, especially in the first weeks after COVID-19 infection.

The mRNA vaccine also produces the spike protein. The bivalent booster contains the code for two strains of the spike protein (original Wuhan strain and BA.4/BA.5).

Your blood contains platelets, which form clots to stop bleeding after an injury. The S1 unit of the spike protein hyperactivates these platelets. This can cause the blood to form tiny clots after infection or vaccination. These blockages in blood flow can cause problems throughout the body’s tissues and organs.

The flu shot increases the risk of stroke, possibly because the vaccine provokes an inflammatory response. This increases the risk of ischemic stroke, especially in people with pre-existing coagulation abnormalities. A report from Taiwan indicated that a 75-year-old male patient suffered posterior circulation ischemia after an influenza A/H1N1 vaccination.

Remember the ‘FAST’ Rule

Ischemic stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks or narrows an artery that leads to or is inside the brain. A blood clot often forms in arteries damaged by the buildup of plaques (atherosclerosis). It can occur in the carotid artery of the neck as well as in other arteries.

After vaccination—at a very rare rate—if an adverse stroke event does appear, what signs can alert you in time?

There are five “suddens” of stroke warning signs. If you observe one or more of these signs of a stroke, don’t wait; call a doctor or 911 immediately!

  • Sudden numbness, weakness, or tingling of the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body
  • Sudden confusion, drowsiness, or trouble talking or understanding speech
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes, or double vision
  • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, or loss of balance or coordination
  • Sudden severe headache, nausea, or vomiting with no known cause

Sometimes the signs may last only a few moments and then disappear. These episodes, known as transient ischemic attacks or TIAs, are called “mini-strokes.” Paying attention to them can be life-saving.

Remember the FAST (face, arm, speech, time) rule.

  • F ace drooping? Can’t smile
  • A rm weakness? Can’t raise above head
  • S peech difficulty? Can’t repeat simple nursery rhyme
  • T ime to call 911.

One or more of these signs—face weakness, arm weakness, and speech difficulty—are present in 88 percent of all strokes and TIAs. Getting to an emergency room quickly can save your life or the life of a loved one.

An intravenous injection of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) is the gold standard treatment for selected patients with ischemic stroke. An injection of TPA is usually given through a vein in the arm within the first three hours after a stroke.

Arriving at an emergency room as quickly as possible after noticing symptoms is critical to reducing the odds of disability. A successful rescue of stroke patients includes early identification of signs of stroke and medical care within the first hour of acute stroke.

Recommendations on Vaccinations

It may not be advisable for individuals vaccinated against COVID-19 and who experienced a stroke to take extra COVID-19 jabs such as boosters.

For now, this safety signal looks like a worrisome association with vaccination. Elderly individuals at high risk for severe COVID-19 should check with their physicians for the most appropriate guidance tailored to their risks, given that COVID-19 also increases the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular events for months after infection.

Carefully monitor individuals who received the COVID-19 vaccine or flu vaccine, especially those with high ischemic stroke risk.

A few sensible recommendations worth discussing with your physician include:

  • Consider separating the bivalent booster from other routine immunizations until more data has been collected; and
  • Wait several months after COVID-19 infection before getting a booster so that the increased risk of cardiovascular events following infection diminishes before introducing a new risk.

Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Stroke

There are many natural ways to support your body in breaking down the spike protein after vaccination or infection. It is vital to keep moving, drink plenty of fluids, and make deliberate dietary choices to increase antioxidant and antiplatelet nutrients.

Stroke as an adverse effect of vaccination won’t happen to everyone, and this means there are things we can do to reduce the risk.

Many of the risk factors of stroke are shared with cardiovascular diseases or heart attacks, as strokes and heart attacks are both associated with blood vessel problems. The risk of a stroke increases with age. Smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes also increase the risk of stroke.

Lifestyle modifications are recommended for everyone, not just those at a high risk of stroke. We hear these recommendations often because they are proven to help maintain good health. Regular physical activity is essential. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting good-quality sleep set the foundation for feeling well. Avoid nicotine (smoking or vaping) and limit alcohol consumption. These steps help control your blood pressure, glucose, and lipid levels.

There are a few tips that may help reduce the risk of stroke. Start them now and make improvements to your life:

1. Spend some time inside the comforter or quilt in the morning before getting out of bed. As blood circulation is slow during sleep, taking 20 minutes of warm-up time to activate the blood throughout the body would speed up blood circulation and reduce the risk of stroke.

2. Drink a glass of warm water after getting up. An eight-ounce glass of warm water helps hydrate your body and can dilute the blood to promote blood circulation. Warm water can lower the risk of myocardial and cerebral stroke. Avoid cold water, as it can make your vessels contract rather than dilate.

3. Eating a banana for breakfast will facilitate a bowel movement in the morning. Don’t push too hard in the effort to eliminate, as pushing can increase blood pressure. Healthy bowel movements can help expel toxins and waste. Of course, our bodies will appreciate it if we can do this daily.

4. Avoid eating irritating foods such as strong coffee, alcohol, chili, or pepper. They may induce the contraction of blood vessels and increase blood pressure.

5. Avoid high-salt, deep-fried foods and choose healthy, organic, whole food as much as possible. The latter type of food typically contains large quantities of antioxidants and is beneficial for blood vessels and metabolism.

6. Do regular gentle daily exercises, including slow walking, Qigong, Taiji, or sitting meditation if you can cross your legs. Many research studies demonstrate that once we have such long-term healthy habits, we can elevate our health level holistically.

Take Mind-body Approaches to Preventing Stroke

Humans are not just physical creatures. Human beings are holistic, i.e., we are made up of physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Try to identify and modify psychosocial and emotional stressors.

Researchers found that type A behavior has been associated with an increased risk of stroke. High conscientiousness was found to be protective against stroke-related mortality.

A cross-sectional study examined significant stroke risk factors of hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, as well as personality and emotions. Among personality traits, high agreeableness was associated with reduced systolic hypertension (p = 0.039) and diabetes (p = 0.010). Anger was associated with increased diabetes (p = 0.009), while fear was associated with increased obesity (p = 0.024).

A high level of agreeableness appears protective against hypertension and diabetes, whereas anger and fear may predispose individuals to diabetes and obesity. The same trends should apply to the association with stroke as well.

You have a great deal of influence over your health. Why not begin making positive changes today?

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