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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Ronald Babb: 57-Years-Old Syracuse Man Mocks “Anti-Vaxxers,” Dead Seven Days After Johnson & Johnson Shot

Ronald Babb: 57-Years-Old Syracuse Man Mocks “Anti-Vaxxers,” Dead Seven Days After Johnson & Johnson Shot

By The COVID Blog

Ronald Babb, Sr.

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK — A 57-year-old husband, father and grandfather is dead, in what is fast becoming a trend of death after social media virtue signaling.

Mr. Ronald Babb, Sr. and his wife Rose, received the experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot on April 12, according to his Facebook page. They received the shot at a Walmart on Genessee Street in Camillus, New York, about 14 miles west of Syracuse. Mr. Babb posted he and his wife’s “vaccine cards” on Facebook with a caption saying they are now waiting to “turn into robots.”

Walmart, trusted by millions who get these shots at their stores, mixed up the day and year on Mr. Babb’s card. Thus it says he received the shot in 2012. Walmart also spelled Janssen incorrectly. Further, the “turn into robots” mock is apparently in reference to the nanotechnology associated with both PCR testing and the experimental shots. Tiny theragripper devices (robots) carry and release drugs into your body when commanded to do so, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Mainstream media refer to the foregoing as “conspiracy theory” and “disinformation.” Mr. Babb joked further about the clerical error on his card. But Mr. Babb’s niece was the voice of reason and brought genuine concern and an adult presence to the discussion among all the virtue signaling.

Family members further discussed the dangers of J&J shots the next day.

Mr. Babb died seven days after the shot, Monday, April 19.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

CDC Scientists Admit They Did Manipulate Study Data To Show the C0V-19 Vaxxines Are Safe for Pregnant Women As Researchers Discover 91% of Pregnancies Resulted in Miscarriage Following C0V-19 Vaxxination

CDC Scientists Admit They Did Manipulate Study Data To Show the C0V-19 Vaxxines Are Safe for Pregnant Women As Researchers Discover 91% of Pregnancies Resulted in Miscarriage Following C0V-19 Vaxxination

By The Exposé

In July 2021, The Exposé exclusively revealed how data had been manipulated by scientists carrying out a real world study for the CDC to show that Covid-19 vaccines were safe for use during pregnancy.

The authors claimed that the number of people to suffer a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) during the study was 104 out of 827 completed pregnancies, equating the risk of miscarriage at 12.6%; 7 – 12% lower than the risk of miscarriage in the general population.

However, our analysis proved that these numbers were extremely misleading due to the fact that of the 827 completed pregnancies, 700 / 86% of the women had received a dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine during the third trimester of pregnancy, meaning it was impossible for them to suffer a miscarriage due to the fact they can only occur prior to week 20 of a pregnancy.This meant that just 127 women received either the Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine during the first / second trimester, with 104 of the woman sadly losing their baby.Therefore the rate of incidence of miscarriage was 82%, not 12.6% as presented in the findings of the study, and the authors of the study have since admitted that they made a mistake, issuing a correction six months too late, because the study has been used to justify Covid-19 vaccination of pregnant women and new mothers around the world.

But now two researchers from New Zealand have re-analysed the study and called for countries to halt the administration of Covid-19 vaccines to pregnant and breastfeeding women immediately due to extremely concerning findings.

The correction resolved some of the issues, but there are still more, according to Dr. Simon Thornley, a senior lecturer in the University of Auckland’s Section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and Dr. Aleisha Brock, another researcher in New Zealand.

According to Dr Thronley “The article’s conclusions haven’t changed substantially as we believe is warranted from our re-analysis of the association related to early exposure to the vaccine in pregnancy, which indicates a substantially increased risk from background.”

Thornley and Brock re-analysed the data and calculated the incidence of miscarriages in the first trimester was actually 82 percent (as concluded previously by The Exposé) to 91 percent in a paper published in Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law.

Of the 827 pregnancies reported through the V-Safe registry, operated by the CDC, 712 resulted in a live birth. Nearly all of them were among women who were vaccinated in the third trimester. Of the other pregnancies, 104 resulted in miscarriage. Most of those occurred before 13 weeks of gestation.

Using data from the study and several estimates, the New Zealand researchers calculated that spontaneous abortions occurred in 81.9 percent to 91.2 percent of the women who were vaccinated before 20 weeks of gestation.

Thornley and Brock conclude in their analysis that they ‘question the conclusions of the Shimabukuro et al. study to support the use of the mRNA vaccine in early pregnancy, which has now been hastily incorporated into many international guidelines for vaccine use, including in New Zealand.’

‘The assumption that exposure in the third trimester cohort is representative of the effect of exposure throughout pregnancy is questionable and ignores past experience with drugs such as thalidomide. Evidence of safety of the product when used in the first and second trimesters cannot be established until these cohorts have been followed to at least the perinatal period or long-term safety determined for any of the babies born to mothers inoculated during pregnancy,” they added.

Pfizer, it was noted, says on its vaccine’s label that the available data on the vaccine “administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.”

The CDC researchers concluded their findings didn’t show any obvious safety signals among pregnant women who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. They said their findings did not necessarily represent the position of the CDC, but the agency links to the study on its website and used it to promote vaccination in pregnant women.

Dr Brock and Dr Thornley strongly disagree and state that considering the evidence presented in their analysis, that they suggest the ‘immediate withdrawal of mRNA vaccine use in pregnancy (Category X)[41] and those breastfeeding, alongside the withdrawal of mRNA vaccines to children or those of child-bearing age in the general population, until more convincing data relating to the safety and long-term impacts on fertility, pregnancy and reproduction are established in these groups.’

As per the latest MHRA Yellow Card data which includes reports of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines (estimated between 1 – 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported) submitted up to October 28th 2021, a total of 623 women have reported suffering a miscarriage as an adverse reaction to a Covid-19 injection.

This includes 369 reports made against the Pfizer mRNA injection.

Page 73

Two-hundred-and-fifteen reports made against the AstraZeneca viral vector injection.

Page 90

Thirty-seven against the Moderna mRNA injection.

Page 35

And 2 where the brand of Covid-19 vaccine was no specified in the report.

Page 26

The question is, how many of these spontaneous abortions were suffered following the use of a study in which CDC scientists manipulated the data to justify the safety of administering a Covid-19 vaccine during pregnancy?

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Alan Sporn: 75-Years-Old Chicago Cancer Survivor Dies, Two Months After Second Pfizer Shot

Alan Sporn: 75-Years-Old Chicago Cancer Survivor Dies, Two Months After Second Pfizer Shot

By The COVID Blog

Alan Sporn

FLOSSMOOR, ILLINOIS — A 75-year-old business man is dead in yet another example that these alleged “vaccines” do nothing to mitigate COVID-19.

Mr. Alan Sporn received the first dose of experimental Pfizer mRNA in early January, according to NBC 5 Chicago. He received the second shot in the first week of February. Mr. Sporn began experiencing severe headaches and a perpetual fever beginning the second week of March.

He checked into an emergency room for treatment on March 19. Doctors diagnosed him with COVID-19, five weeks after the “vaccine.” Mr. Sporn was admitted to Glenbrook Hospital on March 22 when his condition worsened. Glenbrook doctors found that his body had built up little to no resistance to the novel coronavirus despite receiving two experimental mRNA shots.

Faith in the shots

Mr. Sporn was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 2019 and had been taking extra precautions during these COVID times. He went out to dinner with friends he hadn’t seen “in ages” right before his COVID-19 diagnosis. Mr. Sporn rarely left the house during the so-called pandemic. But Laurie Sporn, Alan’s daughter, told the Chicago Tribune that her father felt safe after getting the shots.

Mr. Sporn died at the hospital on March 29. Laurie said the biggest shock to her was the lack of antibodies in her father. “We never thought of the possibility the vaccine wouldn’t work,” she said. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center offered perhaps the most ominous, evil response on this situation. It concluded that people with suppressed immune systems should still get the experimental shots, wear masks and hope for the best.

Alan Sporn was the owner and president of Spornette International. The family business, founded by his father Walter Sporn, specializes in hair brushes and other beauty products. He lost his wife of 48 years, Barbara Sporn, in 2018. In lieu of flowers and donations, the family asks that you simply do something nice for someone else or reach out to an old friend you’ve not spoken to in a long time

Laurie Sporn had this final message for those considering experimental mRNA and viral vector shots:

The positive of this is other people are aware and can’t assume they are safe. Truly, if anything comes out of this it is awareness.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Stephanie Wasil: 50-Years-Old California Woman Develops Blood Clots, Died Eight Days After Second Experimental Moderna mRNA Shot

Stephanie Wasil: 50-Years-Old California Woman Develops Blood Clots, Died Eight Days After Second Experimental Moderna mRNA Shot

By The COVID Blog

Stephanie Wasil

ARROYO GRANDE, CALIFORNIA — A 50-year-old educator and mother of two is dead after being pressured by her employer to get injected with experimental biochemicals.

Ms. Stephanie Wasil received her first dose of Moderna experimental mRNA on March 5 at a local CVS pharmacy, Mr. Zach Wasil, her ex-husband and close friend, told The COVID Blog. She suffered no apparent adverse effects from the first shot.

Stephanie was against masks, social distancing and vaccines throughout the so-called pandemic. But her employer, Lucia Mar Unified School District, started pressuring and “strongly suggesting” that all personnel get the shots. Further, both of Stephanie’s daughters, ages 21 and 18, her parents and several friends received the shots and all seemed fine.

Despite being extremely hesitant to get the second shot, Stephanie caved and did so on April 2. The adverse effects were immediate and severe.

Battle for life begins

Ms. Wasil suffered from a 104 degree fever, extreme fatigue, debilitating headaches, nausea and loss of appetite within hours after the shot. All of the symptoms persisted for the next eight days. Stephanie called 911 on April 10 and sent Zach, who is also her business partner and the father of their two daughters, a one-word text message – “help.”

Zach arrived at Stephanie’s place within minutes. She was on the floor writhing in pain. By the time paramedics arrived, Stephanie was fighting for her life. She could not breathe and started panicking before losing consciousness. Medical personnel performed CPR in the ambulance and at the hospital for a total of three hours. But they could not keep her heart pumping. The continual chest compressions broke Stephanie’s ribs.

Doctors informed Zach that even if they did revive Stephanie at that point; she would have permanent brain damage. Doctors got her heart pumping momentarily and performed a CT scan. They found a “large lump” inside her stomach.

Stephanie’s last entry in her personal diary read:

I can’t seem to beat this [temperature], I have no energy and can barely walk 10 steps without having to rest, goddamn this [vaccine]!! Feel like I have COVID or the results of the vaccine. I don’t know but it feels like I’m dying. I hope I am ok.

Stephanie passed away Saturday morning, April 10, three hours after arriving in the ER.


Stephanie’s death certificate says she died from complications of thromboemboli. The family had a forensic autopsy done. The lump in Stephanie’s stomach was deemed to be gut-associated lymphoid tissue. It is part of the body’s immune system that protects against foreign pathogens and invaders.

Ms. Wasil had blood clots in her lungs that ultimately caused a heart attack. The San Luis Obispo County Coroner refused to list the Moderna shot at all on the death certificate. Zach said the first mortician refused them service due to the fact the Moderna shot was involved and the family is very adamant about making that clear. Now all Zach and the family can do is hope for justice and accountability.

“I have learned so much. It’s a bit much, like they are trying to kill us all for real,” he told The COVID Blog. “The lawyers just say there is nothing that can be done because the Big [pharmaceutical companies] covered their butts on this thing.”

Stephanie was a free-spirited, big kid at heart. She loved Halloween and would have been just fine if the holiday was a 24/7/365 event.

Stephanie and Zach were not the typical divorced couple. They were close friends, business partners and parents. Zach even posted about Stephanie’s Moderna death on his business website. He also created another web page dedicated solely to telling Stephanie’s story. Zach said he cannot help to wonder if something bad may happen to his daughters after witnessing Stephanie’s death.

“I worry about it a lot,” Zach said, “It’s very stressful waiting for another call of emergency either from latent effects of the vaccine or just full-blown breakdown, I don’t know.”

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

If You Live in Florida or Pennsylvania, Please Read ASAP

If You Live in Florida or Pennsylvania, Please Read ASAP

By Steve Kirsch

If you live in Florida, Gov. DeSantis needs your help to pass an important bill. It will take a minute of your time. If you live in PA, I’ll be speaking on March 3 and 4 in State College and Hershey.

Florida residents only

An important bill in Florida that will protect doctors who speak the truth needs your help.

If you live in Florida, we need as many people as possible to email the House Speaker and the House Health and human services committee.

Please do it now! It has to be done today to be effective. Be sure to include your address or they won’t count it. Florida residents only.

For Pennsylvania residents

I’ll be speaking at two events in Pennsylvania on March 3 and March 4. Click the image for details.

The venues for both won’t be cancelled.

Both events will be livestreamed and those links will be posted on the website right before the event.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Jordan Hayes: 33-Years-Old New York Man Died 14 Weeks After of Two Experimental Injections, Pfizer and Moderna, C0VID-19 Vaxxine

Jordan Hayes: 33-Years-Old New York Man Died 14 Weeks After of Two Experimental Injections, Pfizer and Moderna, C0VID-19 Vaxxine

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Jordan Hayes

NEW YORK — A 33-year-old New York husband and apparent dog lover is dead in another case of death after virtue signaling.

Mr. Jordan Hayes received his first dose of experimental mRNA on or around February 23, according to his Facebook page. It’s unclear which shot he received. But Pfizer and Moderna were the only two experimental injections available for emergency use in the United States at the time.

The since-deleted Facebook post appears to show a photo of a vaccine clinic. Mr. Hayes not only said that the non-vaccinated are failing society, but also called them “idiots” and “morons.” He emphasized that his message was being spoken “with all of my heart.”

Mr. Hayes apparently received his second mRNA injection on March 24. He celebrated being “[fully] vaccinated” and now being able to “kiss everyone on the lips again.”

Mr. Hayes went to the emergency room at Mount Sinai Hospital on or around July 1 complaining of chest pains. His health quickly deteriorated from there. Chest pains devolved into a heart attack that required two open heart surgeries. Mr. Hayes suffered multiple strokes during the surgeries. He passed away on July 6, according to a GoFundMe page. He is survived by his widow.

Mr. Hayes was a writer and dog lover. Several photos of himself with dogs are all that remain on his posthumously-edited or privatized Facebook page.

Covid 19|Steve Kirsch

VSRF Call Today: Fighting University C0VID Mandates

VSRF Call Today: Fighting University C0VID Mandates

By Steve Kirsch

This one highlights five people who are fighting for sanity and science to prevail. We’ll find out how things are going.

Of all the absurd lockdown and mandate policies in the US over the past two years, none outshine what American colleges and universities are doing to their students.

18-21 year olds remain one of the least at-risk demographic groups for severe Covid impacts, including hospitalization and death…

CDC COVID Data Tracker

…yet have to live under the most restrictive and authoritarian policies (on and off campus) in the country. Enforced by a growing mandate bureaucracy entrenching itself within university administration.

On this week’s VSRF call, Thursday, February 24 at 7pm Eastern, we’re going to speak with 4 leaders in the movement to get rid of these expensive, useless and anti-social mandates.

  • Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD.  Chief Medical Ethicist at the Unity Project and former UC Irvine Professor who was fired for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Farewell, University of California – by Aaron Kheriaty, MD (

  • Peter Ireland, PhD, the Murray and Monti Professor in the Department of Economics at Boston College.

Peter Ireland – Economics – Morrissey College of Arts & Science – Boston College (

  • Joni McGary & Luci Sinatra, Founders of No College Mandates
  • And Eden Negussie, UChicago sophomore and Chicago Thinker senior opinion editor. I’m hoping she can put me in touch with Daniel Schmidt who was fired from the “mainstream” student newspaper (The Chicago Maroon) for challenging another student to debate the science of mask wearing.

We’ll take your questions in what should be a vigorous discussion.

All of these people are fighting for sanity and need our support

State Of Affairs|Steve Kirsch

Short Takes: Truckers, Clinical Trial Fraud, Scotland Data, CDC Admits Negative Vaxxine Efficacy, …

Short Takes: Truckers, Clinical Trial Fraud, Scotland Data, CDC Admits Negative Vaxxine Efficacy, …

By Steve Kirsch

vials analysis, PolitiFact fact check, DMED data analysis, DoD reply to Johnson, negative efficacy, Murthy gets COVID, Congress and pharma, Truth Social, and more…

The original post had the wrong hyperlink to the CDC study showing the vaccines have negative efficacy. I’ve corrected it.

Some short takes on hot topics right now.

  1. Truckers: Canada is using force to clear the truckers out of Ottawa. People who help the truckers have had their bank accounts frozen. Watch this video and look at the sidebar for more videos. They’ve arrested the organizers. This isn’t over. We’re next. The support for the trucker is 59% in America. They are way more popular than our leaders in Washington. Imagine what the support is in Canada!
  2. CDC paper admits to negative vaccine efficacy. This is big. Finally, a paper by nine CDC authors published in JAMA in January 2022 (Association Between 3 Doses of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine and Symptomatic Infection Caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron and Delta Variants) shows in Fig. 3 that the vaccines create negative efficacy for Omicron at month 7, just like the Denmark study showed too (in Denmark it was after 3 months). In other words, the CDC authors admit that the vaccines make you more likely to get Omicron starting in month 7. A stunning admission. Mainstream media ignored it. Will not affect mandates anywhere since it isn’t about the science. It is about injecting people and making them more likely to get Omicron.
  3. Clinical trial fraud: I’ll be posting my interview with Brook Jackson, the Pfizer whistleblower, shortly. Stay tuned.
  4. Scotland: They are no longer going to release death data because the government says it could be misrepresented. So now you have to guess what the numbers are. Wow. This is stunning. [ Note: You really can’t make this stuff up. ]
  5. PolitiFact fact checker gets an earful: I got a call from Gabrielle Settles of PolitiFact. She was doing a “fact check” on my favorite VAERS interface, I explained to her everything she needed to know to show how VAERS shows the vaccines were unsafe. I said I knew the VAERS data was reliable because I got the same death counts 12 other ways that did not use VAERS. She NEVER, at any time, asks to see the other methods. Are you kidding me?!?!? The most important part of her assignment is to assess the credibility of VAERS. I told her I showed it 12 other ways and she had NO interest in looking at any of the methods. You’ll love this call. It exposes first hand how they operate. They have an agenda and they ignore what you say. Everyone LOVED this call. More on PolitiFact corruption. Perhaps they should fact check themselves? Be sure to check out the comments at Rumble on the video:


  1. No word back from the DoD on Senator Johnson’s letter: The DoD is ignoring Senator Johnson’s letter. The #1 rule of holes is when you find yourself in one, stop digging. Did you know that since the vaccines rolled out that there is a sudden spike in the number of members of the military who are disqualified from working (e.g., flying a plane)? Memos have been sent that the vaccine is causing harm to our readiness, but the top brass ignores it saying they have to enforce the vaccine policy no matter how badly it affects the troops. Readiness isn’t important. It’s important to follow orders from the Commander-In-Chief. They do what they are told, no matter how many soldiers are harmed. I’ve heard from a reliable source in the military that the myocarditis rate in the military is over 1 in 100. Nobody’s talking. Mainstream media is never going to cover that story I assure you.
  2. Investor Ed Dowd blows the whistle on clinical trial fraud: Ed’s a friend of mine. He got a lot of coverage for predicting the collapse of Moderna stock. He’s been on Steve Bannon and Alex Jones talking about the fraud in the Pfizer trial. His point is that all the data is confirmatory: the whistleblower data, Maddie de Garay’s case, the VAERS data, the DMED data, the OneAmerica data, data from other insurance companies confirmed the OneAmerica dramatic 40% rise in deaths, and funeral homes are booming too. Couple that with the embalmer stories and more. He thinks Moderna will go to zero. He is not short any of these stocks so he has no conflict of interest. Note: He has no smoking gun on fraud in the Moderna trial, but the last time I looked, the VAERS data shows it is more deadly than Pfizer. Check out Ed’s GETTR tweets for more info.
    Ed Dowd on Bannon regarding clinical trial fraud
  3. Truth Social: Has entered private beta with around 3,000 people so far. I’m at @stkirsch and already have followers. Mobile app only for now. Twitter clone without the censorship. I have accounts at Truth Social, GETTR, Gab, and Telegram. Sign up at TruthSocial.
  4. Still looking for a debate: Nobody will debate any of us on camera. Are you surprised?
  5. Free education seminar on vaccine safety and efficacy for lawmakers: Know a lawmaker who is open to be educated? We are lonelier than the Maytag repairman.
  6. Silence: This beautiful song by vaccine-injured Julie Elizabeth is available for a free download at Check it out. Read some of the stories while you are there.
  7. The hospitalization paradox: Chris Masterjohn explains how the lack of data transparency makes it impossible to know whether the vaccines work or not. A long read, but thorough. Basically, they don’t disclose the stats everyone needs, so they can hide vaccine safety issues. Who would have thought they would do that?
  8. Everyone has COVID in the Murthy family: US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, his wife, 5-year-old, and 4-year-old daughter all have COVID. Ten of Murthy’s family members have died from COVID to date. So what do we do? We blindly follow whatever he says, of course! We do not listen to Fareed and Tyson who have had 0 deaths in 10,000 cases. (<sarcasm off>). Links:
  9. Looking at the blood of the vaccinated under a microscope: If you have accessed to a dark field microscope, if you can get a blood sample (e.g., using a diabetic lance) from a newly vaccinated person or a vaccine injured person, have a look and let me know what you find. Lots of videos about the blood not looking right, so would like to get confirmation.
  10. Vials update: We got 7 vials and sent them off to a lab in Europe. Silence. This wasn’t my idea to send all the vials to one lab I assure you. If you can get vials and get them analyzed, I’ll happily publish the results. I’ve suggested this to Joe Ladapo since he can do it legally, but he hasn’t done anything. Just one simple action like this from Ladapo would make him a world hero. No dice. Can anyone else be a hero here?
  11. Don’t expect Congress to bail us out: They’ve all been vaccinated (unless they already had COVID). In other words, they all took the blue pill except for Senator Ron Johnson who apparently got the wrong color pill. In general, nobody wants to oppose big pharma and take the heat for it, so they will all be cheerleading for the vaccines. I got this from a former US Senator.
  12. DMED data analysis: Mathew Crawford is looking at the data that Tom Renz got from the military. He should be writing a substack on it soon. Note that a lot of people misinterpret the data. For example, there is a 5X increase in Type 1 diabetes, but the rates in the database are office visits, not the number of unique people who got Type 1 diabetes. More later.


COVID 19 deaths and injuries

‘Stroke’ Is 11,361% More Likely To Be Suffered as an Adverse Reaction to the C0V-19 Vaxxines Than the Flu Vaxxines per Number of Doses Administered

‘Stroke’ Is 11,361% More Likely To Be Suffered as an Adverse Reaction to the C0V-19 Vaxxines Than the Flu Vaxxines per Number of Doses Administered

By The Exposé

Stroke is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. It is the No. 5 cause of death and a leading cause of disability in the United States. But it looks as if the disease may be on the rise thanks to the experimental Covid-19 injections, because an investigation of VAERS data has revealed that per number of doses administered, ‘stroke’ is 115 times more likely to be suffered as an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines than the Flu vaccines.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) hosted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) contains historical data on adverse reactions reported against every vaccine that has been administered in the United States of America.

A quick search of the CDC VAERS database on the number of strokes reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 injections since they were first rolled out in the USA, reveals that between December 2020 and 11th Feb 2022, a total of 4,532 adverse event reports involving a stroke were made in just 1 year and 2 months.

But performing a similar search of the VAERS database on the number of strokes suffered as an adverse reaction to the Flu vaccines, reveals that between 2008 and 2020 there were a total of just 122 adverse events reports involving stroke were made in a period of 13 years.

Taking these numbers at face value, you could assume that the Covid-19 injections have proven to be 37 times more likely to cause a stroke than the Flu vaccines. However, if you did make this claim you would probably be told that this is normal because many more people have received a Covid-19 injection. But unfortunately, both of these claims are wrong.

The following chart shows the total number of flu vaccine doses administered in 13 full flu seasons all the way from the 2008/2009 flu season to the 2019-2020 flu season. The data has been extracted from the CDC info found here.

The following chart shows the total number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in the USA since the start of the vaccination campaign and up to 11th February 2022.

In all between the 08/09 flu season and the 19/20 flu season there were a total of 1,720,400,000 (1.7204 billion) doses of the flu jab administered in the USA.

Whereas from the start of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign up to 11th Feb 22 there were a total of 557,637,223 (557.6 million) doses of the Covid-19 vaccine administered in the USA.

Therefore, over three times as many Flu vaccines have been administered in the USA over 13 years than Covid-19 injections administered in the USA since the end of 2020.

The following chart shows the number of adverse event reports made to VAERS against the Covid-19 vaccines that resulted in a person suffering a type of stroke up to 11th Feb 22 in the USA, and the number of adverse event reports made to VAERS against the flu vaccines that resulted in a person suffering a type of stroke between 2008 and 2020 in the USA.

The raw numbers alone show that in the space of 14 months there were 37 times as many adverse event reports made against the Covid-19 vaccines that resulted in a stroke than were made against the Flu vaccines in 13 years.

But when we actually work out the rate of strokes suffered per number of doses administered, we find that the Covid-19 vaccines have proven to be even more harmful than they first appear.

The following chart shows the number of doses of vaccine administered per stroke suffered as an adverse reaction in the USA for both the Flu vaccines and the Covid-19 vaccines.

Between 2008 and 2020, the rate of adverse event reports to the flu vaccine resulting in a stroke equates to 1 stroke per 14,101,639 doses administered.

But the rate of adverse event reports to the Covid-19 vaccines resulting in stroke equates to 1 stroke per 121,340 doses administered.

This means the Covid-19 injections are 115 times / 11,361% more likely to cause the recipient to suffer a stroke than the flu vaccines.

These numbers absolutely destroy any statement made by the authorities that the Covid-19 injections are completely safe, just like official UK Government data destroys any statement made by the authorities that the Covid-19 injections are extremely effective.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Dr Ryan Cole “The Corona Vaxxines Are Not Only Ineffective, but Also Responsible for an Increase in the Number of Cancer Cases”

Dr Ryan Cole “The Corona Vaxxines Are Not Only Ineffective, but Also Responsible for an Increase in the Number of Cancer Cases”

By LauraAboli


Dr Ryan Cole
“The corona vaccines are not only ineffective, but also responsible for an increase in the number of cancer cases.”

Data from his vaccinated patients and data sent to him by oncologists show that the vaccines disrupt the immune system.

“Mortality is higher among vaccinees“.

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