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COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Sofia Benharira, 16-Years-Old, Died From Pfizer Vaxxine

Sofia Benharira, 16-Years-Old, Died From Pfizer Vaxxine

By No More Silence

Sofia Benharira

Sofia died on 21st September 2021 after suffering two Cardiac Arrests and a massive post-vaccination Thrombosis.

She suffered her heart attacks at her High School in Valabre, Gardanne, in the Bouches-du-Rhône. Sofia was then transported to Aix Hospital and she died on the Tuesday morning at 6:00 am. The family were told it was a Thrombosis.

Sofia had no medical history and was in perfect health.

Testimony given by Sofia’s Aunt and Godmother.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

At Least 69 Athletes Collapsed in One Month From Sudden Heart Problems; Many Passed Away

At Least 69 Athletes Collapsed in One Month From Sudden Heart Problems; Many Passed Away

By USA Drama Alert

There’s an epidemic in sports around the world, and mainstream media continues to ignore it.

Dozens of athletes continue to collapse on the playing surface due to sudden cardiac problems.

Sadly, some of these athletes have passed away or had their careers prematurely ended due to their injuries.

According to a recent report, 75 fully vaccinated athletes have suffered unexpected heart attacks since June 2021.

And this video montage visually highlights the vast number of athletes to experience these sudden cardiac conditions.

Just last week, I reported on multiple European footballers who collapsed on the pitch.

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And a brief look at the Wikipedia list of footballers who have died while playing shows an unprecedented number of players in 2021.

Yet, the “experts” tell the public COVID-19 is likely the leading cause of the surge in cardiac events.

If COVID-19 was the source, why didn’t we experience the dramatic increase in cardiac events in 2020?

Mainstream media continues to ignore the obvious, and nobody wants to investigate the question on everybody’s mind.

How many of the players who collapsed on the playing surface took the experimental COVID-19 injections?

“Fact-checkers” went into overdrive to squash those questions from individuals who lack critical thinking skills.

But the real facts paint a different picture.

In October alone, at least 69 athletes collapsed and many of those players died due to their injuries.

Below is a shockingly long list of athletes who collapsed last month from heart problems or circulatory disorders such as strokes. Unfortunately, some of these incidents were fatal for the often very young athletes. The numbers are alarming, especially in view of mandatory Covid shots.

(1) At the encounter between PGS E Bosico and Romeo Menti (Allerona Scalo) in Umbria/Italy on October 2, 2021 , a “young player” from the visiting team collapses without any external influence and is transported to the hospital.

(2) Martin Lefèvre (16) from FC Agneaux collapses without any previous illnesses with a stroke during the game against FC Saint-Lô Manche on October 2, 2021. He is paralyzed on one side and has no ability to speak.

(3) Niels de Wolf, 27, from the Belgian football club White Star Sombeke, suffered a cardiac arrest immediately after the game against Verrebroek on October 3, 2021, was resuscitated with a defibrillator, but died in hospital on October 6, 2021 .

(4) Arcisate, Province of Varese, Italy: The amateur match between Valceresio and Tradate (Prima Categoria, Girone A) is canceled after 20 minutes after the referee suffers a medical emergency . Message from October 3, 2021.

(5) Timucin Sen from Germania Großkrotzenburg will be substituted on October 3, 2021 in the game against Spvgg. Oberrad. He collapsed after ten minutes into the game and was taken to a clinic in Gelnhausen.

(6) On October 3, 2021, referee Öner Calik, in his mid-30s, canceled the game between VfB Waltrop II and Vinnum II due to his own health problems and was taken to the hospital by the emergency doctor.

(7) On October 4 , 2021, a person in charge of SV SW Frömern collapsed on the field before the game against Kamener SC.

(8) Cleveland, Ohio, USA: Elias Abou Nassif (44) suffers cardiac arrest in the gym and can be saved by using a defibrillator. Message from October 5, 2021

(9) Lecco (Italy), October 7, 2021: 17-year-old athlete from Colverde collapses during training with cardiac arrest. Defibrillator insert. He is now fighting for his life in the intensive care unit at Lecco Hospital.

(10) AH player (49) from SC Massay in France suffers a fatal heart attack during a game on October 8, 2021.

(11) The golf caddy Alberto Olguín from Mexico collapses dead on the ninth hole of the tournament in Nuevo Vallarta (Mexico). Message from October 9, 2021.

(12) England: In the League One game between Ipswich Town and Shrewsbury on October 9, 2021, Shrewsbury professional striker Ryan Bowman (29) has to be taken off the field after a good half hour of play with extreme cardiac arrhythmias and a pulse of 250 and treated with a defibrillator.

(13) Pompeo Tretola, an 18-year-old soccer player from FC Matese, collapses during the game against Vastese Calcio on 10.10.2021 without any warning signs. He is later transported to the hospital.

(14) Normandy, France: After warming up before the match between Saint-James and Avranches on 10 October 2021, 40-year-old player from Saint-James suffers a heart attack and is saved by a fire-medic on the team of Avranches.

(15) 59-year-old long-distance runner from Biella dies of heart failure in a race in northern Italy. Message from 10/10/2021.

(16) In the match between Wacker Mecklenbeck and Fortuna Freudenberg in the Women’s Westphalia League on October 10, 2021, a player collapsed without any opposing influence and was transported to the Münster University Hospital.

(17) Argentina: Mayor Guillermo Mercado (50) died of cardiac arrest after participating in the long-distance run “Aventura de Cerezal” . Message from 10/11/2021.

(18) At the Boston Marathon on October 11, 2021, marathon star Megan Roth collapsed after eight miles of racing with cardiac arrest. She can be saved and is waiting for a defibrillator to be implanted.

(19) NBA player Brandon Godwin of the Atlanta Hawks explains that the Covid vaccination had caused severe side effects for him, which would mean that he not only had to end the season, but possibly his entire career. Message from October 12, 2021.

(20) Le Havre, France: A 27-year-old policeman suffers a fatal heart attack while jogging. News from October 12, 2021.

(21) Ferran Duran, player from the 4 Catalan League (27), suffered cardiac arrest five times during a game on October 12, 2021 and miraculously survived.

(22) France: The player Christophe Da Silva of Saint Avé collapses with cardiac arrest in the AH Cup match between the Locqueltas footballers and Saint Avé . Message from 10/13/2021

(23) Ensenada, Mexico: The 16-year-old student Héctor Manuel Mendoza dies of a “fulminant heart attack” while training in a sports club . Message from 10/13/2021.

(24) Brazil: Atletico Goianiense ‘s youth footballer Fellipe de Jesus Moreira suffers a heart attack in the training center and later another heart attack in the emergency room. Now he is fighting for his life in the intensive care unit. News from October 14, 2021.

(25) The next referee who breaks down and dies during a game : happened at the Kreisliga B game between SC Daisbach and FSV Taunusstein in Aarbergen on the evening of October 14, 2021 .

(26) The professional cyclist and multiple Italian time trial champion Gianni Moscon (27) is about to have a catheter ablation due to cardiac arrhythmia. News from October 14, 2021.

(27) Joe Plant from Whitby (Yorkshire, England) suffers in 2021 at a race walking competition of all the British Heart Foundation a cardiac arrest, at 14:10, he himself reported.

(28) Lars Schneider, trainer of TV Braach, retires due to lack of strength after he collapsed with cardiac arrhythmias during the game of the district league A Hersfeld / Rotenburg against SG Nentershausen-Weißenhasel-Solz in Solz and had to be transported to the clinic. Message from 10/14/2021.

(29) Treviso, Italy: 53-year-old AH player suffers a heart attack while training on October 14, 2021 . He could be kept alive by fellow players.

(30) Australia: 14-year-old student Ava Azzopardi suffers cardiac arrest during the game between Runaway Bay and Magic United at Surfers Paradise Apollo Soccer Club. She is resuscitated by nine rescue workers, put into an artificial coma and is now fighting for her life in the hospital. News from October 15, 2021.

(31) At the handball 3G Bundesliga game in Wuppertal between Bergisches HC and HSG Wetzlar on October 16 , 2021 , a spectator with cardiac arrest collapsed not only during the game (this led to the game being abandoned); after the game, a second spectator also suffered a cardiac arrest .

(32) A 16-year-old boy from Idaho collapses when lifting weights with cardiac arrest. He wakes up after two days in a coma, but is “extremely confused” and has no short-term memory. News from October 16, 2021.

(33) Camposampiero, Province of Padua, Italy: The 37-year-old doctor Filippo Morando dies while jogging. The ambulance flown in by helicopter can no longer do anything as it is too late. Message from 10/17/2021.

(34) The Premier League game between Newcastle United and Tottenham FC on October 17, 2021 was suspended due to a medical emergency in the stands.

(35) Haitem Jabeur Fathallah, 32, a Fortitudo Messina basketball player, suffers cardiac arrest during the game and dies in hospital. Message from 10/17/2021.

(36) Blumenau, Brazil: Former FC Brusque soccer player from the Brazilian second division, Adans Joao Santos Alencar (38) , suffers a fatal cardiac arrest in a footvolley tournament. Message from 10/17/2021.

(37) Lombardy, Italy: A 40-year-old cyclist stops because of “medical emergency” on , falls to the ground, is transported to the hospital by rescue helicopter Rho. Message from 10/17/2021.

(38) Waseem Aslam of Bradford (England) interrupts a game of football suffering from a cardiac arrest. He could be saved by friends. Message from October 18, 2021.

(39 ) A 26-year-old runner collapses from cardiac arrest in the Detroit Free Press Marathon . Two police officers rescue him with chest compressions. After that he was treated in the hospital. Message from October 19, 2021.

(40) Cardiac arrhythmias force soccer star Sabrina Soravilla to end her career on October 19 , 2021 after 68 international matches for Uruguay.

(41) Real Murcia’s Antonio López had to retire at the age of 32 due to a heart disease . Message from October 19, 2021.

(42) A 41-year-old amateur soccer player in Brazil dies of cardiac arrest in a game. It happened on October 19, 2021 in Nao-me-toque (Rio Grande do Sul).

(43) Henry, a teenager from Halifax, England, is recognized for saving the life of his 56-year-old father after a cardiac arrest while jogging in March. Message from October 20, 2021.

(44) At the first division match between Osasuna and Granada in Pamplona on October 22, 2021, a home team fan suffers cardiac arrest and dies in hospital.

(45) Dieppe, France: A jogger collapses while running with cardiac arrest. He is rescued by two police officers on the patrol. Message from 10/22/2021.

(46) Acerra (Italy): Remigio Gova. A basketball referee and nurse, in Italy inevitably “vaccinated” against Covid, at only 30 years of age “died in his sleep”. Message from October 23, 2021.

(47) A double medical emergency at an English stadium on 10/23/2021 during the Championship League game between West Brom and Bristol City. Defibrillator used, the game had to be postponed twice.

(48) Belgian soccer player (37) suffered cardiac arrest in the locker room after his club’s match on October 24th, 2021, was reanimated but died in hospital.

(49) France: 43-year-old US Montgascon goalkeeper dies of cardiac arrest at half-time. Happened on October 24, 2021 at the La Bâtie-Montgascon stadium.

(50) A 53-year-old suffers a triple cardiac arrest in Bilbao half-marathon and passes away as a result. Message from October 24, 2021.

(51) Tevita Brice, 28, of Montclair Rugby Football Club, US, collapsed on the pitch with a heart attack. In critical condition. Message from 10/25/2021.

(52) Fatal cardiac arrest at a mountain running event in the Italian Alps on October 24, 2021. The victim is Bruno Taffarel (56) from Cordenons.

(53) A cardiac arrest of a player overshadowed the top game of the A2 Dortmund regional soccer league. The player from SG Gahmen was hospitalized on 10/24/2021. The affected team had played against Eving Selimiye Spor.

(54) Nocera Umbra, Italy: Sports teacher and soccer coach Mario Mingarelli suffered fatal cardiac arrest during his team’s game on October 24, 2021 at the age of 69 .

(55) The amateur match between Frugesport (Ravenna) and Vaccolino (Prima Categoria, Girone F) is canceled after 32 minutes because the “young” referee suffers a medical emergency . Message from 10/26/2021.

(56) 17-year-old Elly Böttcher from Rostocker FC collapsed unconscious during the away game in Hohen Neuendorf of the Frauen Regionalliga Nordost on October 24, 2021 without any interference and was transported to the hospital. The game was stopped after the incident.

(57) A 20-year-old Italian collapses when skateboarding with a cardiac arrest and is now fighting for his life in the hospital in Verona, where he was transported by helicopter. News from October 25, 2021.

(58) A fan of the Belgian second division team from Lier collapsed on October 27, 2021 in the stadium with heart problems and died in hospital.

(59) On the same day (27.10.2021) also in Belgium, the cup match against Dender of Eupen: A fan collapses with cardiac arrest and must be revived.

(60) Sassuolo, Italy: A 53-year-old mountain biker suffers fatal cardiac arrest on an off-road tour. Message from 10/27/2021.

(61) England: A fan collapses after the Cup game Stoke City against Brentford on October 27, 2021 in front of the stadium with cardiac arrest and dies.

(62) A player from Blau-Weiß Linz from Ghana (26) collapses during his club’s home game against Hartberg and is transported to the hospital. Happened on October 27, 2021 at the round of 16 for the ÖFB-Pokal. He is diagnosed with a congenital heart rhythm disorder and was helped with a defibrillator.

(63) Pakistan: The 30-year-old player Muhammad Islam from FC Raziq Chaman suffers a heart attack in the middle of the game against Millat Club and dies. Message from 10/28/2021.

(64) The Swedish-Iraqi player Aimar Sher from the Italian first division club Spezia Calcio collapses during training and is transported to the hospital. Message from 10/28/2021.

(65) Pennsylvania, USA: A 12-year-old student at Chartiers Valley Middle School collapses while playing basketball in physical education class without help and dies. Message from 10/28/2021.

(66) Barcelona star Sergio Aguero (33) suddenly gets breathless during the league game against Deportivo Alaves, grabs his chest and collapses. The Argentine national team player must now take a break of at least three months. A few months ago he was suffering from a severe Corona infection. Notification from 10/30/2021

(67) During the ICE ice hockey league game, Boris Sadecky (24) from the Bratislava Capitals collapses on the ice without any outside interference. He dies five days later. It later emerges that he suffered from “mild myocarditis” on match day. Message from 10/30/2021

(68) The student and soccer coach for the La Salle High School team in Pennsylvania, USA Blake Barklage died after a heart attack over the weekend. Message from 11/1/2021.

(69) Argentina: The soccer player Ronald Biglione dies after the 2nd vaccination due to thrombosis – a well-known side effect of the vaccinations against which the manufacturers themselves warned about. He was treated in Cordoba hospital for two weeks. Message from November 5, 2021.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Shocking Truth: More Children Dead From Vax Than C0VID

Shocking Truth: More Children Dead From Vax Than C0VID

By Red Voice Media


We live in a world where radical politicians and propagandists in the mainstream media shame Americans into getting a vaccine that’s not a vaccine that does not stop the transmission of, nor the onset of, a simple virus that has a near 99% survival rate. It’s a world where children are being forced to vax when the mortality rate from Covid-19 among kids is effectively zero. However, the mortality rate from the shots is higher than from the disease itself! In this edition of the Ledger Report, Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Paul Thomas of Oregon who, in the process of trying to protect children from needless injections, has had his medical license attacked by the Medical Board.

Covid 19|Steve Kirsch

IVF Clinics Say Miscarriages and Other Reproductive Abnormalities Skyrocketed Right After Cov “Vaxxines” Were Unleashed

IVF Clinics Say Miscarriages and Other Reproductive Abnormalities Skyrocketed Right After Cov “Vaxxines” Were Unleashed

By Ethan Huff

Ever since around March of this year, in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics have seen a massive surge in miscarriages and other serious problems, all apparently stemming from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

American entrepreneur Steve Kirsch says an “informant” told him that rates of miscarriage have basically doubled ever since the Operation Warp Speed injections were unleashed by Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump.

A Ph.D. was brought into the clinic where the informant reportedly works, her job being to look at “every possible variable” that might have impacted this rapid spike – all possible variables except for one, it turns out.

The Operation Warp Speed jabs were completely excluded from the investigation, which led the Ph.D. to claim that “nothing was common” to all of these women. She basically concluded that the phenomenon is a “fluke” without explanation.

There is a big elephant in the room, though, and that is the vaccines. The IVF clinic problems really ramped up right at the same time that the shots started getting pushed by fake “president” Joe Biden.

A 42-page report produced by the Health Independence Alliance explains that due to the vaccine, the miscarriage rate jumped from 28 percent to 40 percent, a 43 percent increase.

The report also contains detailed stories about disabilities, deaths and a wide range of other adverse events clearly stemming from the injections.

“Conclusion: The vaccines should be immediately stopped,” Kirsch writes about the report’s findings.

IVF workers are now spotting “unknown contaminants” in embryo wells

From March through May, the miscarriage rate actually jumped by over 50 percent. Clinic workers say they have never seen anything like this before, and it all occurred right after the jabs were released.

Keep in mind that IVF clinics do not track anyone’s vaccination status. It is their perspective that the jabs are completely “safe and effective,” so they are not even a consideration when it comes to tracking changes in reproductive patterns.

Even so, there were some very abrupt changes that occurred immediately as millions of Americans were rolling up their sleeves in order to “Build Back Better” (6uild 6ack 6etter), as Biden’s post-plandemic agenda is called.

“One woman had very reliably donated 30 or more eggs each time she came in which yielded 5 to 8 embryos,” Kirsch writes about one specific case. “In May, she got her second shot of the vaccine and then came in to donate a couple of weeks later.”

“The clinic was shocked: All of the embryos had all arrested when they checked them on day 5. None of them reached the stage where the trophectoderm forms. I’m told this sort of thing is exactly what you’d expect from the vaccine.”

There are also “unknown contaminants” reportedly being spotted in the wells with the embryos. The presence of these contaminants really started ramping up around August, Kirsch reports.

Despite all this, IVF clinics are not reporting these problems publicly. Instead, internal whistleblowers are having to come forward to spill the beans because their superiors and the companies that employ them apparently want to keep the truth under wraps.

“What kind of medical practitioners would allow anyone to use an IVF clinic with no safety data on the gene altering injections,” asked one reader at Kirsch’s Substack. “Surely this is malpractice.”

“This just happened to me and my wife last week,” wrote another.

“Had 12 good embryos at day 3 – everything looked great. Then development stopped. At day 5, none had progressed to a satisfactory point. We’re both young, healthy, etc. I’m a dirty unvaxxed. She had 2 shots of Pfizer this spring.”

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Marlyn Collins Died Three Weeks After Her Second Pfizer Jab

Marlyn Collins Died Three Weeks After Her Second Jab of Pfizer Biontech Vaxxine mRNA

By Covid Vaccine Injuries

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

C0VID Vaxxine Injuries Real Stories: Megan Fathers

C0VID Vaxxine Injuries Real Stories: Megan Fathers

By Real Not Rare

Megan Fathers

First Dose of AstraZeneca on 03/14/2021 Lot # 4120z003

Lowestoft, England / United Kingdom

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Before I had the vaccine I was a customer contact representative, working from home because of the pandemic, spending time growing vegetables in my garden and looking after my chickens. My favorite thing was spending time with my two children taking them for daily walks and adventures as they’re one and two. I enjoyed going on daily walks with the dog & my two children, and going out to our local pub every weekend to see friends & family.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I had just the one dose. I started to get some speech loss, confusion and migraines, followed by the worst chest pain I’d ever experienced, like someone was ripping my heart out and playing the accordion with my lungs. Then the confusion turned into memory loss (not like I’d forgotten something in the next room – more like I didn’t know where I was, sometimes who I was and even in one case my own children).

That’s how it all started…. And then came the passing out, which caused uncontrollable spasms, in my legs, arms and hands. And then in April the passing out got worse and little did I know this year would never be the same again. I’d begin to pass out every day or every other day. As a result of the syncope, I now have sciatica and a slipped disk. I’d called 111 countless times as I couldn’t get through to my doctors. I had my fair share of ambulances turn up and some lovely long trips to A&E. They all had different theories – some said it was my heart, and some said it was my head. All the meanwhile, still trying to get a doctors appointment in the middle of a pandemic.

There was a lovely team of paramedics that had come to my rescue a few times, after months of feeling tired and alone. I finally got an appointment with them and I was told it was my asthma playing up, followed by my anxiety getting worse because of the pandemic. For 3 whole months that’s what they kept saying – “anxiety”. I would ring most days to get a doctors appointment in between passing out. I never knew what kind of person I’d be when I woke up again… if I’d remember my kids, if I’d be able to speak or walk, or what kind of pain I’d be in from dropping to the floor like a sack of spuds. Until finally after 3 months of calling 111, I finally saw my GP who sent me for some tests.

Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

No independence. Had to quit my job before I got fired from it. I’m no longer allowed to drive or be alone with my children. I can’t even walk 5 m unassisted.

My life now consists of tests & doctor’s appointments, ringing 111 because I can never get a doctor’s appointment as there are so many others who need the help too. I can’t be alone with my own children, I have a 1-year-old & 2-year-old that I haven’t picked up in 6 months. I can’t even take my child to nursery or to see Santa.

I now have a slipped disk & multiple other problems from the seizures. I forget who I am, who my kids are & my surroundings. I can barely stand, let alone walk, so I use a walker or wheelchair.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

I’ve had:

72 hour heart monitor

A week-long heart monitor

CT on my brain

MRI on my whole body

Countless blood tests

An echo EEG

Nerve test

Needle test

Multiple referrals to cardiology and neurology, which are still going on to this day, and god knows what other tests every time I’ve got to A&E.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

Yellow card system GP – no response apart from various tests

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

Physiotherapy – spasms and syncope

Medication – migraines

CBD oil

Hyperbaric chamber

Vitamin IVs

None have improved or stopped the symptoms because I have only had one session of each, but I can’t afford the treatment & the journey is too long for me to take to get said treatment.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I wish everyone had all the information before going through with getting vaxxinated and I wish the government would do more for the people injured by it. The side effects can change your life if you have a reaction to it. I wish people knew the crippling pain, insanity & loneliness that comes with being vaccine injured.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

Ian Matos: 32-Year-Old, Olympic Diver, Dead 19 Weeks After C0VID-19 Vaxxine

Ian Matos: 32-Year-Old, Olympic Diver, Dead 19 Weeks After C0VID-19 Vaxxine

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Ian Carlos Gonçalves de Matos

RIO DE JANEIRO — A 32-year-old Brazilian competitive diver is dead, as near-term antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) deaths and maimings continue claiming lives across the globe.

Mr. Ian Matos, full name Ian Carlos Gonçalves de Matos, received one of the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” on August 4, according to his Instagram page. “Moment of pure joy” is the caption translation.

It’s unclear which injection he received or if it was the first or second (or third) injection. AstraZeneca and Sinovac are the two most common injections in Brazil as of July, according to The Brazilian Report. But the government suspended use of 12 million Sinovac injections in September due to the shots being manufactured in an unauthorized plant.

Mr. Matos typically posted something on Instagram once or twice a week through September 2021. But his last Instagram post came on September 30. He posted only three more times on Facebook after September 30, a platform which he also engaged once or twice a week prior to that.

Mr. Matos checked into a hospital sometime in late October. He developed some sort of throat infection that eventually spread to his lungs and stomach. He’d been in the hospital ever since. Mr. Matos’ condition worsened on Wednesday, to the point that doctors could do nothing else for him. He passed away on December 22.

Health|Vaxxine Detox

Bill Gates Ruthless Vaxxine Billionaire Documentary

Bill Gates Ruthless Vaxxine Billionaire Documentary

By KanekoaTheGreat

Bill Gates Ruthless Vaccine Billionaire Documentary


Here’s what others had to say:

Gates and Epstein were both into trans humanism! This didn’t even touch the surface of his evilness as Gates now owns more farmland as the one who controls the food controls the people! If he can’t get you with the jab you will have to come out for food! I expect he will be looking at controlling our water too! I would not be surprised if he is the Antichrist but I know for sure he is demon possessed! He and Soros own all the cv tests now so he gets you any way with cv! The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil! I think he wants to be god of this world and we know who the Bible says that is!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out “FallCabal” channel on Bitchute and watch the 17 part series “The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal” by Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter. Part 1 was released in Oct 2020 and Part 17 just a couple days ago and, and the series delves pretty deep into Bill Gates’ evil undertakings, especially the earlier parts. The series was initially intended to be a 17 part series, but Janet said there was so much more of the story to tell, so who knows how many more parts they’ll end up releasing.

What’s nice to know is according to he is having his Tribunal now day one didn’t go so well Melinda Gates verified what they already knew. It’s evilness (Crimes Against Humanity ) will send him to his death. Rightfully So.

Whoever you are KaneKoaTheGreat I love you! As a mom of a vaccine injured child… I cannot begin to explain my rage at how THIS MAN and this system that aids and abets him should all be hung for Crimes Against Humanity. They LIE! From day 1. They circumvent the awesome bodies made by God Almighty. This weasel of a man deserves
Deaths of millions of cuts. He can never repay the damage, sorrow, pain and well of sadness so many parents have felt as we watched our children be harmed, die, and suffer form countless ailments from
His evil vaccines. Thank you for sharing a pinch of truth here. I say a pinch bc we HOOD people cannot imagine the levels of evil involved in this.

The crimes of the CDC, FAUCI, NIH, FDA, NIAID with Big farm I have done so much harm to the United States making our country suffer with an explosion of cancers, autoimmune disease, CIFDS, and autism.
The vaccine injuries affect every age group. But they are the most profound in the very very young.
2011 if it’s discovered that 10% of the US blood supply was contaminated with retroviruses that came from vaccines. These retroviruses are linked to various cancers, leukemia, prostate, breast, and autoimmune diseases as well as autism.
They use various animal tissues cell lines to grow cultures in the lab. Those animals carry their own inmate retroviruses that are very dangerous for human beings. This contamination of the blood supply was covered up by the CDC and FAUCI except for one loan senior scientist who was involved saved copies of the destroyed documents and disseminated those to a investigative journalist.
Though a difficult long road the work of Amy yasco has have been very beneficial for the families that have been affected by autism to help restore gut health and various trace mineral imbalances to help children slowly gently over period of several months and a couple years to detoxify and get their metabolic and detoxification pathways restored to a more efficient and better quality of life where they can resume some of their speech, and cognitive connections with the environment.. God bless you and may God’s hand be on your family and your child all the days of your life in Jesus name amen

And I will NEVER stop fighting back for what they’ve done. You cannot imagine the deep sadness as you hold your New baby a half hour after a DTP shot and see her scream without ceasing for over 7 hours. Brain swelling is the most horrific torturous thing you can do to a baby. Imagine being that evil. People of the world… stop vaXXing your children, selves, and parents.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries|Steve Kirsch

Study: At Least 400,000 People in America Have Died From BS 19 “Vaxxines”

Study: At Least 400,000 People in America Have Died From BS 19 “Vaxxines”

By Ethan Huff

Columbia University researchers have found that the true death count from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” is substantially higher than the official figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC claims that only 20,000 people have died from Fauci Flu injections, but Columbia’s underreporting factor estimates that 20 times that number, or around 400,000 deaths, is far more accurate.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a government-run database of vaccine injuries, currently shows around 20,000 deaths and nearly 103,000 hospitalizations from Chinese Virus shots. In total, as of December 3, there are nearly 1,000,000 adverse events logged in conjunction with the jabs.

The problem with VAERS is that it only captures a very small percentage – as little as one percent – of vaccine injuries and deaths. Because of this, scientists often use multipliers to estimate the true count. (RELATED: Many covid vaccine-related deaths are never even autopsied.)

An abstract of this latest study on covid injection deaths explains that “accurate estimates of COVID vaccine-induced severe adverse event and death rates are critical for risk-benefit ratio analyses of vaccination and boosters against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in different age groups.”

For the research, the Columbia scientists used the regional variation in vaccination rates to predict all-cause mortality and non-covid deaths in subsequent time periods. This was based on two independent, publicly available datasets from the United States and Europe.

They found that more than six weeks after injection, covid jabs had a negative correlation with mortality. Within five weeks, however, the jabs predicted all-cause mortality in nearly every age group with an “age-related temporal pattern consistent with the U.S. vaccine rollout.”

“Comparing the study’s estimated vaccine fatality rate with the CDC-reported rate, the researchers concluded VAERS deaths are underreported by a factor of 20, which is ‘consistent with known VAERS under-ascertainment bias,’” reported WND.

Based on these findings, the Columbia team declared that the risks associated with Chinese Virus injections, including the boosters, “outweigh the benefits in children, young adults and older adults with low occupational risk or previous coronavirus exposure.”

They further emphasized that there is an “urgent need to identify, develop and disseminate diagnostics and treatments for life-altering vaccine injuries.”

True covid vaccine death count could actually be more than 820,000

It turns out that the findings of the Columbia study might still represent a major undercount. The true death count from Chinese Virus injections could be more than double even the 400,000 figure.

Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), recently conducted an analysis comparing anaphylaxis rates published in a study to the rate found in VAERS. Based on this, Kirsch estimates that the true death toll from the shots is more like 41 times higher, or around 820,000.

Using whistleblower data from the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), Kirsch’s analysis arrived at an underreporting factor of 44.64, which suggests the death toll could be even higher than 820,000.

This number is higher than the official number attributed just to “covid,” by the way – and we all know that number if highly inflated because everything these days is counted as a “covid death.”

In other words, the number of deaths from the “vaccines” is far higher than the number of deaths from the actual virus (assuming there even is one).

“Probably because an actual autopsy would reveal the spike protein is a synthetic version of HIV, XMRV’s, SIV, Hepatitis C, with an unusually large collection of graphene oxide in the brains and clotting points,” wrote one commenter at Natural News about why few, if any, autopsies are being conducted.

COVID 19 deaths and injuries

New York Times Editor Who Won Pulitzer For C0VID-19 Coverage Dead Of Heart Attack One Day After Booster Shot

New York Times Editor Who Won Pulitzer For C0VID-19 Coverage Dead Of Heart Attack One Day After Booster Shot

By Robert Walker

Carlos Tejada, 49-Years-Old

Carlos Tejada, a foreign editor for the New York Times has died at the age of 49, one day after receiving his COVID-19 booster shot and daring omicron to come for him. Tejada.

“Carlos Tejada, the deputy Asia editor of The New York Times, who helped shape coverage of the global Covid-19 crisis in 2021 that won a Pulitzer Prize, died on Friday at a hospital in Seoul,” the New York Times reported.

Tejada’s wife broke the news to the world on the editor’s Twitter page, “This is Carlos’s wife, Nora. It’s with deepest sorrow that I have to share with you that Carlos passed away last night of a heart attack. I’ve lost my best friend and our kids lost a truly great dad. I will be off social media for awhile.”

That was on December 18th. Hours earlier, on December 17th, Tejada boasted on Instagram that he had received his booster shot and challenged omicron to come at him.

“Double-vaxxed. Janssen-fueled, Moderna-boosted. Hey, Omicron: Hit me with your wet snot,” he posted on December 17th. hours earlier. Tejeda’s cause of death has been ruled a heart attack.

Tejada reported that he had received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine back in July, but chose to mix vaccines and opted for the Moderna booster shot last Thursday.

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