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Facebook Just Shut Down Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Page With 375,000 Followers!

Facebook Just Shut Down Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Page With 375,000 Followers!

By Larry Cook

Unfortunately, Facebook has taken out another medical freedom activist, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

Dr. Tenpenny has been in this fight against medical tyranny for a long time, and has been sounding the alarm about vaccines being neither safe nor effective for a couple decades now. Her website is VAXXTER​ (bookmark her website). Feel free to join her email list.

So, to recap, my Stop Mandatory Vaccination​ Facebook Page was shut down, Sayer Ji’s GreenMedInfo Facebook Page was shut down, Del Bigtree’s Highwire Facebook Page was shut down, and Dr. Tenpenney’s VAXXTER Facebook Page was shut down right before Christmas. I know there are others, like Dr. Baker, Chiropractor, who had his Page shut down many months ago. Collectively, we had reached tens of millions of people per month with our messaging about vaccines and other related topics – now terminated by the Deep State.

We know more Facebook Pages, Groups and accounts will be deleted. I want to remind you that FACEBOOK is the INFORMATION BATTLEFIELD along with TWITTER because of the massive number of people who use those two platforms. We are CENSORED because THAT is where we make an IMPACT on those who still have common sense and who will come to our side if given the TRUTH.

This means individual users, like yourself (if you are still on Facebook), must continue our advocacy work ON FACEBOOK (and Twitter) by posting frequently on your own timeline, making and accepting friend requests, and posting PUBLICLY so that your efforts reach more people. Remember, they plan to force vaccinate you – one way or another.

Just consider: in New Zealand they are setting up COVID concentration camps and this is planned for every country​.

​So, do the work now, while you still can, before you wind up in a camp, force vaccinated, jailed, or simply killed for believing in freedom. Now you understand why we value the 2nd Amendment here in the USA. The Deep State wants you and your children either 1) as a slave, or 2) dead. That’s it. There is no in-between.

​So fight back while you can.

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